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  1. We just don't have any puck luck. A couple of those shots on the powerplay were close to being goals. I'm not neccesarily upset with our performance, there. Kovalchuk is definetly trying to force things, I think its because hes been getting so much flack for not shooting, and now hes gone from one "extreme" to another.
  2. Am I the only one that noticed the kings player was about 3-4 feet offsides on one of those breakaways a few minutes ago? Kings continously enter the zone offsides, I wonder when the refs are gonna stop blowing the calls.
  3. We seemed pretty evenly matched tonight if you ask me, they just buried their chance at the end, and we didn't bury ours with the kova-henrique-poni scramble near their net in OT. The devils didn't have their legs in the early goings of the game, I don't expect that to happen again. And when we got our game going, they were struggling to deal with us. I expect us to come out flying next game, just like most games this playoffs. If we win, is another story, this is the most evenly matched we've been all playoffs.
  4. And that is game, where was the call on del zoto covering the puck up in his own end?
  5. Other than the bs reffing as always, devils looks much better than the rangers out there tonight. It's gonna be really fvcking hard to put one past "matt"qvist unfortunetly.
  6. officiating is mighty suspect tonight. Dont know what just happened to give a power play, but the zubrus call was weak. And there have been some suspect plays of the icing variety this game. One where it should have been icing against the rangers and some how it wasn't, and one where a tired del zotto couldnt get to the puck and just took out zajac and no penalty was called. Kinda frustrating when they seem pretty liberal with the calls that go against the rags.
  7. First time poster ;D Don't know if its been said yet, but we aren't the same team from the regular season. If we were, I would have to say rangers take this series in 5-6, but as I said, we aren't the same team. The real difference right now is the 4th line that isn't made up of goons, but rather guys who can score and in some ways have the best looking forecheck and cycling on the team right now. The other difference is the defense. Our defense is really contributing to the offense right now, zidlicky and salvador in paticular. Given those 2 things, I think we have a real edge on the rangers now. The only advantage they really have is goal tending. I know some people will call it blashpemy, but right now lunqvist is better than broduer. He isn't more "skilled" but the league says its ok to wear a mattress on your chest, and he has just had the devils number all year. Broduer in my honest opinion didn't face many quality chances in the flyers series, and he actually let in alot of softies, if he can tighten up I think we got this series in 6. Just my lil rant about the current situation, I have full faith in the devils atm after the flyers series.
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