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  1. We aren't very talented at all. I'm shocked people think that. We are beyond talent deficient, the only reason we win any games at all is we still have a culture of hard work, and we don't often quit. But to much talent? You sound like people on my Vikings forum.
  2. He is still shooting a whole heck of a lot though, and his shots get through which is good. I don't think anyone thought he was going to keep scoring goals every game. Still the most promising of all our young defensemen at this point.
  3. Last year he was churning out offense as such a consistent pace, this year not so much. If we could somehow trade gellinas for a decent forward, it'd be much better than trading Larson who is showing signs of playing better.
  4. welp that just makes the case for us coming away from this road trip looking horribly even stronger
  5. Well since Salvador is out, the PK has looked pretty fvcking great. I guess there is an alternative. And in a few more games you will most certainly be on board with me. We will be lucky to beat the bottom feeders that are Edmonton and Calgary on this road trip.
  6. we should be trading cammaleri, we wont be relevant any time soon and he is probably worth the most. Losing zajac wouldn't matter much. Everyone else we can keep.
  7. Mike Brown doesn't even believe that
  8. Time to rebuild. Let our young defensemen learn. And in the meantime focus on getting some youth at the foward position. Everyone but henrique should be expendable.
  9. when was the last time our top line scored a goal at even strength that wasn't an empty netter. Or our 2nd line. We have no top end talent what so ever. That is why winning is so hard, and losing comes often.
  10. He was going to the ground and fell on severson stick.
  11. Phatom hook to match the phantom offsides that denied us a break away What a joke that guy was falling already. Fall on an opponents stick get a tripping call. The refs have some make up calls to make.
  12. I'm shocked that yayo isn't in the line up. He plays the PK extremely well, he is a spark to our sluggish team and has been overall pretty good. Yet he's out of the lineup? For tootoo who has done nothing at this point but generate a penalty a game. PDB must have picked up Tootoo in fantasy hockey, you get points for PIM right?
  13. Is a smash burger smash a thing now? God. Oh boy. We will be lucky to come away from this tied still. What a great fvcking kill.
  14. I don't know man listen to that chick a bit more it's starting to drive me insane.
  15. No there was a play on the next shift where he looked really old and tired, which is what he looked like on that shift where we got scored on as well. And just because gelinas made a mistake, doesn't mean patty wasn't bad on that sequence, which he was. But that wasn't what I was referring to.
  16. Patty looking like dog sh!t in the D-zone
  17. Pete has made it clear that he basically wants the team to get a sh!t ton of wins before he starts playing the back up. He said something alogn the lines of riding a goalie for 15 solid games.
  18. At this point if Cory is playing well I think he can handle the work load. I didn't like when he was losing and getting back to back to back to back starts, but his confidence is pretty high right now, 2 really spectacular games in a row. I think riding him is the right move. He has been on the bench for most of his career, he has some excess energy to work off
  19. I was originally going to say best, but I think cammy is playing so well right now that it wouldn't be a given that McKinnon is the best.
  20. Jeez man, Nathon McKinnon is on their 3rd line. He'd instantly be one of our best fowards.
  21. I'm sure that's what they would rather do, they also would rather put Salvador in the lineup and have him out on the PK. I know this is blasphemous but elias might simply be done. He's old, he hasn't looked good this season at all really. Yayo and ruutu are starting to play really well though, wouldn't hurt to put together a line that can potentially dominate instead of trying to create 4 balanced lines all which cant score.
  22. I would really like to see what Henrique can do with yayo and ruutu when he comes back. Just seems like he would gel well with them and round them out. They were by far the most noticeable line tonight.
  23. This team looks so much better defensively without Salvador in the line up its crazy. Andy greene made a play with his stick on the PK that if Salvador was there we would be down 1-0 right now.
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