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  1. What's the deal with jagr never shooting when he has a chance to.
  2. Damn cangi doesn't know his ass hole from his elbow now that Chico is gone Apparently Damien Brunner is wearing Ruutu jersey. Ruutu and yayo might have some chemistry forming here. I'm actually ok with that penalty, our young d men are to soft. Good on Damon to fvck up Backstrom.
  3. Somebody left the gaaaate open
  4. Sneax

    Wild @ Devils

    we miss ryan carter on the PK. it all makes sense now.
  5. Sneax

    Wild @ Devils

    part of me want's to be in the lottery sweepstakes this year. We could use a game changing forward. aka I kind of hope things get worse.
  6. He also has a crazy shot and a lot of offensive upside that sal doesn't have.
  7. Sneax

    Wild @ Devils

    Don't know if I can stomach this game.
  8. There was a time where this was true, like the last 2 years. This year though, no one is playing the system, at all. We look horrible, he makes questionable personnel decisions constantly. It is time for him to go. If this was a big market I don't think he'd still have a job, he just isn't doing enough to make up competitive anymore. I mean look at our Penalty Kill, maybe address that? We have the same problem players on the PK out there non stop, namely Salvador and gionta (while he isn't playing poorly, his reach is so tiny its so easy to move the puck by him). I just don't see any adjustments being made from game to game, and our lines aren't clicking.
  9. I think what people need to realize is goal tending is largely mental. Which means confidence goes a long way, cory has been bad, but the defense is constantly putting himself in positions where he's going to give up goals. The more he lets in, I'm sure the bigger the toll it takes on him, leading to performances like he's had the last couple of games. Give him some rest, get rid of Salvador and he can get back to the guy we know he can be.
  10. I got to think the new owners are going to start putting pressure on Lou soon. I mean no way I'm going to see this team live and I'm sure I'm not alone. When things effect your bottom line you start interfering.
  11. Hockey seasons are to long to watch the same sh!t 3 times a week. If a coaching change isn't made I think I might go into hibernation I'd almost prefer torts to PDB at this point.
  12. Just wow. Cory sucks, but suprise suprise whose on ice for that.
  13. I honestly don't know why we aren't trading one of these young defensemen for a young foward.
  14. Gelly looks composed today. So far this us the best he's look all season. I spoke to soon. Wow gelly.
  15. In future news, Larson will ride the pine for that penalty and Salvador will be rewarded with 35 minutes of ice time tonight.
  16. That was the sound of the last Salvador apologist. I mean that was so awful, great veteran play.
  17. oh well, looks like this guy is gonna get it right lol.
  18. Clear cut right there. This team looks like it's given up. That was such a sh!tty effort down 2 on the powerplay.
  19. I was impressed with how sneaky it was, don't know if you are being sarcastic about the rip, it was a pretty mild shot, but he sold the pass to the left and shot at the top right with the screen.To bad jake allen has robot eyes.
  20. What a shot by ryder.
  21. And over. This team is going to suck for many years to come with this foward core. Henrique is the only piece we really have.
  22. I want to see yayo on the Jagr line. What does Pete have to lose by doing that. We ain't going to score tonight anyway.
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