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  1. Clowe out, we gonna be fielding an Albany team in a few more games.
  2. Where is fvcking cam, he hurt is jaw, wire it up and get back to playing. We need him so bad.
  3. Tarasenko is just to fvcking hot right now. Severson's fault on that one.
  4. blues came out really flat, we have played a good period so far. Waiting on that misfits dude to come out tell me how bad the devils have looked so far.
  5. We don't have one good line right now. Also I'm really surprised that the young kids never get more than a shift or 2 with the jagr line when he mixes things up, but zubrus will get countless games and that line will fail to produce. It is mind boggling. Pete expects immediate and constant results from rookies or they are gone, but If you have been in the NHL for 25 years and are slow and old, you get a pass.
  6. I mean just look at our PP, we were 2nd best in the league with cammie in the line up, hes gone and we can't buy a PP goal. We really need him back, havlat im not counting on. Without cammy this team is an older version of last years team.
  7. You are just going to insist you are right regardless of evidence, I mean you basically thought we were getting out shot when we have led in shots for most of this game. Can't reason with people like that.
  8. he literally did nothing, that whole sequence he barley moved an inch and has no stick handling skills. It's not his fault the penalty was taken, it is his fault he did nothing but stand still and watch. I mean it isn't a surprise that he is on for most goals against us this year. He is a traffic cone.
  9. how exactly are you judging that? I'll say it again, did you only watch a 4min cross section of this game where the blues were controlling play. They have been evenly matched all game, the stats show it. We have had our own quality scoring chances but you seem like you tuned into only the 3rd period, so I guess you wouldn't know that.
  10. They have had quite a few shots on goal did you start watching the game 4 min ago? Shots are about 22 to 22 right now. Spend less time putting emphasis on your condescending point and more time either watching the game or looking up stats. This is an evenly matched game outside of the blues leading one nothing.Or maybe you wanted them to be on pace for 40 shots tonight.
  11. What game are you watching. Yes Cory has kept us in it, their goal tender has played well also.Not sure about that call on zids, looked like both guys were doing alot they weren't supposed to be. The blue player held zids down behind the net. Bryce is garbage.
  12. He made a couple of soft plays getting the puck out of the dzone. Probably why he got benched. Was like 3 separate chances on the same shift and he couldn't get the puck out.
  13. The Devils still playing really well, listening to the casters you'd think the blues were the clear cut better team.
  14. This is by far the best we have looked this year. The elias ryder and henrique line is dominating.
  15. I'm sure he isnt, it's just when he's out there he is always so terrible that you notice him. He needs to be scratched for eternity
  16. Without them this is an older version of last years team, so yea
  17. This is getting to be like when hedberg got chain starts for like 10 games while playing horribly. I'm borderline about to stop watching the devils for a while until bryce is gone. Giving me fvcking ulcers.
  18. I love that shot by bryce, only missed by a mile.
  19. At this, point I'd rather Harrold be in the lineup every night than bryce
  20. What a team we have. What percentage of goals against has bryce been on for this year?
  21. I almost flipped a casket when he put Elias out there over boucher.
  22. It's not I don't think you remember it correctly. The whole middle of the game was quiet, we went up early and then we started getting a bit out played and you could feel the oh no here we go again lost lead. Only near the end did it pick up, and of course the you suck chant at the end was epic. But the middle part, was dead, at least on my side of the ice
  23. I remember during game 6 of the rags devils series myself and thousands of other people were depressed and quiet for like 90, percent of the game. Then henrique scored.
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