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  1. Great read. New Jersey needs a TV network affiliation based in Newark. Jerseyans can watch news stories about themselves.
  2. Hades

    Screw the refs

    Should have been a double minor. Worst case is the Kings score two goals. Then we still have a game.
  3. The LA Kings will quickly go back to 5 fans next season.
  4. Because Bettman picked the Kings to go all the way.
  5. Would have been great to see another 60 minutes of hockey at the Rock. Great season for the Devils. It has been a heck of a ride.
  6. Ode to Gary Bettman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eChV7z0UtA
  7. Someone needs to jar Brown's teeth loose. What a dooshe. My guess is that Pheonix ends his career the first chance they get next season.
  8. Bitter anti-American Cannuck on the NHL being fixed...
  9. Think Peggy handles NHL officiating complaints?
  10. Hades


    If it was not him it would have been someone else. The NHL fix was in.
  11. This is because the NHL fix was in. People can blame Bernier but if it was not him it would have been someone else. The NHL wants this over tonight in LA on NBC.
  12. It might have been worth it if it were Stoll's blood all over the ice. He is a dooshe.
  13. Did the Kings put in brass poles behind the Devil's bench tonight?
  14. Hades

    LA Kings "Fans"

    There are a lot more Kings fans at the Rock then I would have imagined. Overall they are a just happy to be there bunch. For many, they are long suffering fans. For some, this hockey thing has been a fun couple of months.
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