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  1. Congressional candidate, Lt. Colonel(retired)Allen West ...(1:40-12:39)
  2. Irony of ironies ... the NCAA is headquartered in the 'City of Indians' ~ aka, Indianapolis ...
  3. A couple of oldies, but well worth the time/$s ... Heaven & Hell In The NHL, by Punch Imlach Play The Man, by Brad Park
  4. I understand and can certainly appreciate the rhetorical nature of your question, but with more than enough silt to contend with, with our current Administration, who really has the time to dredge up muck from the previous Admin./trainwreck? Jerrydevil -- Congressional candidate West is a master at speaking metaphorically and as far him "being a little unbalanced", well, you just listened to the guy speak for the first time and for a mere five-plus minutes at that!! But then again and in your defense, I suppose an assertion like yours is directly influenced by just where you happen to be sitting on the teeter-totter, no? For the moment, what I find most intriguing about Allen West is the number of independents & libertarians that are bending an ear his way ...
  5. Eighty-plus views and no one's reared up on their hind legs yet ... hmmmm... Jimmy ... Allen West reflecting upon 9-11:
  6. ... and yet an entire covey of smart progressives ... say so long to violent crime, 'Jersey: http://www.philly.com/philly/news/local/20...egislature.html
  7. Appreciate your comprehensive review, nj' ... thanks For years, I couldn't listen to DMB, or 'Dave', as all the near-greats refer to him ... 'Dave' ... God, is that pretentious or what?! Anyway, I stumbled upon an article about Dave Matthew's uncle and sister's deaths, the effect it had upon him and well, I suppose I came into his music post-facto and through the back door -- as such, I escaped the tendency to dichotomize his music into pre & post-Lillywhite genres. Discounting Matthew's creativity, success and many talents, I find that my life has paralleled his in so very many ways and I suppose this correspondence provides the impetus for the affection I have for his music.
  8. Indeed you can ... everything from goat cheese to fertilizer! The Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Questions About Al Johnson's. http://www.aljohnsons.com/swedish_family_restaurant/faqs.asp 1. Do you have to be Swedish to work here? No. 2. How do the goats get up on the roof? There is a ramp in the back. 3. Are the goats on the roof all the time? No we put them up there at 8:30 am and take them down about 5 pm. 4. What is Lingonberry? It's a high mountain' berry with a taste between a cranberry and a currant. 5. What are Swedish Pancakes like? They're like a crepe, thin and flat only square. 6. What are those other log buildings in back? They are storage buildings. 7. Do the goats ever fall off the roof? No. 8. What is Limpa bread? It's like rye bread only sweeter and yes we sell it. 9. Do you have to mow the roof? Yes just like a lawn. 10. How many goats are up on the roof? Usually 4-6 goats. 11. Do you have to change the sod on the roof each year? No it grows back by itself. 12. Are the goats on the roof all year? No they stay at our farm in the winter and when it's raining or too windy.
  9. Below, is a link to the Dave Matthews Band's latest release, Big Whiskey and The GruGrux King, which is slated for release this coming Tuesday ... you will have to arrow-forward after each song, to listen to the successive track. 'GruGrux King' was saxaphonist's, LeRoi Moore's (DMB's founding member) nickname and as some might already know, Moore passed away last August ... the first track is a solo sax piece performed by Moore ... as was the case with DMB's, Under the Table & Dreaming, the cd that followed the (murder) death of Dave Matthew's sister, this Big Whiskey' cd is a provocative bit of music. Big Whiskey & The GruGrux King
  10. The same way they do it up in Sister Bay, Wisconsin, at Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant
  11. Good point, '26 ... after all, when it comes to broadcasting, McGuire is the moral equivalent to Brent Musburger
  12. But on the other hand ... http://unirel.fsu.edu/seminoles/pages/timeline.html 1999 James Billie, chairman of the Tribal Council of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, takes a firm stand in opposition of Resolution 1-98 of the Governor's Interstate Indian Council, which would denounce the use of Native American names and symbols by athletic teams. 2003 Max Osceola, acting chairman of the Tribal Council of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, voices support for the FSU football tradition of Osceola and Renegade during FSU Day at the Florida Legislature. "We don't look at it as a mascot, we look at it as a representation of the Seminole Tribe," he says in an Orlando Sentinel article dated April 3, 2003. 2005 On June 17, the Tribal Council of the Seminole Tribe of Florida unanimously approves a resolution supporting FSU's continued use of the Seminole name and associated images. The resolution reads in part: "The Tribal Council of the Seminole Tribe of Florida wishes to go on record that it has not opposed and, in fact, supports the continued use of the name 'Seminole' and any associated head logo as currently endorsed by Florida State University. Hats off to the PROUD Seminole Nation for moving above and beyond fixation upon victimization ...
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