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  1. I’ll settle for him fvcking up Matt Rempe.
  2. In hindsight, I think I agree with what you and @jagknife were saying about Lindy’s faith in his job security, as the same clearly applies to Fitz. With his new extension in-hand, he knows he’s not going anywhere, so he’s doing what he wants with the roster, long-term consequences be damned.
  3. “Why wouldn’t you extend Tyler Toffoli?” Darren Dreger asks. Because he doesn’t have the speed or versatility to play with any of the team’s top forwards, and his presence is keeping at least one of them from his natural position. Fitz is looking more and more like a dumbass.
  4. The last stop sign was actually Holtz wearing his home uniform.
  5. GoLYTELY, which doubles as an appropriate descriptor for how the Devils’ season will end.
  6. The optics of the situation are extremely bad, but as Fitz was probably advised by other team officials not to discuss the matter, it’s unlikely we’ll hear from him.
  7. They’ve actually been worse, albeit in less ice time. Timo and Mercer each have 3 PP goals this season. The rest of the second unit has 3 goals combined.
  8. To signify that the Devils are a Mickey Mouse operation? I’m okay with that. LGD!
  9. While this article makes some good points, its assertions that Jack is present and Timo is healthy aren’t necessarily correct, as Jack isn’t himself, and Timo likely hasn’t been healthy all season.
  10. Nico is unquestionably my favorite player from the current group, but his lack of shot attempts this afternoon, and in other instances in which the offense has struggled, is why I’ve sometimes been critical of his offense, in particular. Although he’s generally productive in the attacking zone—the metrics cited by @Colorado Rockies 1976 and others show him averaging roughly one point per game over the past two seasons—he has also disappeared at times when the Devils can least afford it. Jack and Timo haven’t been themselves, and at least one of them is likely still injured. Bratt and Mercer are streaky, Toffoli is a one-trick pony, and Holtz is on too short a leash. For Nico not to assert himself despite all this, in a game that the Devils needed to win, is inexcusable. Were I in Novo’s place, I’d ask Nico why a player of his skill level—and to be sure, his skill level is exceptionally high—elected to defer to his teammates when none of them has been playing particularly well and he has actually been one of team’s bright spots since the start of the second half. What exactly was he waiting for?
  11. The way the season has played out should illustrate the paucity of quality goaltenders available, as Fitz has almost certainly been searching for one but has as yet been unable to find a player who doesn’t impose a huge cap hit and/or won’t cost the Devils any of their young players. In any event, goaltending is but one problem facing this team, as their woes in other facets of their defense and the disappearance of their PP—something that largely coincides with Dougie being sidelined—are equally daunting issues with no immediate solution.
  12. If anyone needs a reason to smile, Matt Rempe just got beaten up by someone six inches smaller than he is.
  13. Speaking only for myself, I think this is worse. If the Devils were merely a bad team, I could accept the mediocrity to which we’ve been subjected this season, but knowing that the team has the right pieces—minus whatever a competent GM would’ve added by now—makes this entire experience a most bitter pill to swallow.
  14. The days when the Devils were the class of the NHL have never seemed farther away.
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