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  1. Exactly. There’s no denying that Soto’s absence leaves a huge void in the lineup, but the overreactions I’m seeing have me convinced that Yankees fans collectively are among the most immature people in baseball.
  2. I’ve been avoiding anything Yankees related on social media today, mainly because 97% of the fanbase is losing its mind over Juan Soto’s forearm inflammation, while the remaining 3% is mocking Soto for not being in the lineup this evening. I love being a Yankees fan, but I would, with no hesitation whatsoever, launch a sizable portion of the fanbase into the sun had I the ability to do so.
  3. I’ve similar feelings. There are so many stretches during games where nothing happens, and although some of the rule changes have improved the quality of play, it’s still far worse than it was even 15-20 years ago.
  4. Even worse, only 13/30 teams have a record of .500 or better. There’s a lot of bad baseball going on.
  5. I can’t stand those two. I generally enjoyed Moose and Maggie and am still sorry that they’ve moved on to other shows, but Tierney and Licata are insufferable. Kay, La Greca, and Rosenberg are tolerable, and La Greca’s rants can be entertaining, but Kay himself is too much of a YES corporate stooge to be likable on his own.
  6. I saw that a fan was hit in the head by Marte’s second home run.
  7. With his two home runs tonight, Aaron Judge is now on pace for 55 home runs this season.
  8. No idea, but it would seem to be necessary for umpires to understand the rule they’re supposed to enforce. How is interference even applicable in the context of an infield fly, where the batter has already been called out? What exactly is being interfered with if the ball doesn’t need to be caught?
  9. Angel Hernandez is gone, but his incompetence lives on. The umpires for tonight’s Yankees-Angels game screwed this up in the following ways: 1. There was no interference, as Soto was clearly trying avoid a collision. 2. An infield fly had been called, so Stanton was already out. The pop-up didn’t need to be caught.
  10. I was just reading about this. What is the matter with him?
  11. Joe West has chimed in re: Angel and tried to convince everyone that he was actually good at his job. Even in retirement, “Cowboy Joe” has to make everything about him. I’d have been happy to never hear from him again.
  12. CB Bucknor, Dan Iassogna, and Hunter Wendelstedt (whom we’ve already talked about this year).
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