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  1. This is how you monday night. LGD!!!
  2. Do you know what bar in Manville? I live in Hillsborough
  3. "Jean-Sebastien Giguere of the Colorado Avalanche," Haha uhh the Ducks. But other than that awesome article, great to see Marty getting some love
  4. Well I do agree the selection isn't fantastic, I would love to see some NJ beers like Flying Fish or Riverhorse. Maybe even bring in some Brooklyn Lager, Magic Hat, Harpoon. That would be great
  5. I don't know how you compare Goose Island to Budweiser? If anything it's a company like Sam Adams. It's not even sold in every liquor store around by me, only a couple stores have it. I've also seen Beck's, Bass and Newcastle which are great beers
  6. I miss Chico Eats

    1. aylbert


      He needs more macho... errr, mucho two hander nachos.

    2. giodude


      haha that is a great one

  7. Yea I hate to say it but Barch is actually playing decently, better than JJ IMO
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