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  1. Listen to this sped coming at me. Buddy, you got nothing. You're a bum. Not that it matters, but I got more cash and game than your whole damn hick town. Go to sleep in your 1991 Honda. You got to stay sharp to flip those burgers.
  2. Smartest thing you've ever said. I hope Marty finds a new team. A team that actually gives their heart from the start. Or just retire. Either way he's going out on top. The Devils are done. Without Brodeur, you'll be lucky to make the Playoffs in the next 50 years.
  4. To all the Devs fans my posts are annoying, sorry. But from my first post, I've been taking high heat for being right. All these arse clowns do is disagree with me on everything - when I've been right all along. You'd think fellow fans would appreciate the insight and passion, but instead all I get are weak counter arguments that always seem to miss the point. And as for me saying there's an NJ in the Devils' logo. The guy who said he didn't see it sounded like he really didn't see it. Nowhere did he say LOL or indicate he was joking. And not everybody knows there's an NJ in the Devils' logo. That's like saying everybody has good grammar. It's false. Well, I'm not posting anymore until after Game 6. And if we lose, I'll just point to my locked thread Quicksand, which has told you so written all over it.
  5. Why would it get ugly? All I did was share my opinions on the Devils and provide supporting facts as to why they're correct. But sorry for being right.
  6. First, I joined to show my support. Second, they started it. Third, while true, I don't live a lie. I am brutally honest. If I say I am this or did that, it's true. Not that you'd know. You don't know what it's like to be the best. It's lonely and no fun at the top. The only competition I have is myself. I'm incapable of feeling happiness and suffer severe depression. I'm a perfectionist and the world isn't. The worst feeling in the world is being right almost all the time, but because the people around you are lesser minds, they can't understand what you're saying and just write you off as crazy. Sometimes I wish I were generic and normal. Then I think about all the dumb things people say and do, and I'm okay with being different again a little longer.
  7. Better yet, how 'bout I just keep my comments to myself and stop posting? No matter how right I am I'm wrong here.
  8. I don't like you. I think you're stupid and smelly. Okay, just stupid, but that's enough for me. I've always been the black sheep, and I love it. Keep drinking that Haterade. I know who I am.
  9. Funny thing is those guys are lonely liars and I'm not.
  10. That hurt. Just because I know more than anybody else and am cocky about it, doesn't mean I'm a con. That's what the other losers in my business do. I take great pride in maintaining a business of integrity and first-rate service. Just ask all my happy customers. Reinstalling Windows is always the last option, not first. I actually know the computer from A-Z, all the way down to the semiconductor level. I enjoy using my unmatched knowledge to FIX the problem.
  11. Not to mention the most talented man there was, is, and ever will be. And I know you think we're just playing, but the truth is I've been completely honest about my skill-sets. So I guess what I'm trying to say is...you suck and I rule. Joke's on you. You should see how many messages I get from hot chicks in my inboxes. I'll share one with you now: WOW! Can I just say you have the best profile I've ever read on here. I can't believe you are all those things. But if you really are who you say you are then you are going to make a woman very very happy. I wish I lived closer. Last I checked this morning it was at 128 stalkers. I like to make women work for me. I love me.
  12. You should send this post to Lamoriello, since you are such a genius you will be immediately added to the coaching staff! Do it quick, they will get you on the next plane to LA to ensure your brain power is behind the bench for Game 6! I guarantee you if I applied for a job with the Devs, they'd happily hire me.
  13. Actually, I am a computer genius. All I do is win. I've amassed over a million dollars in sports gambling over the last 5 years, thanks to huge futures bonuses. I've correctly called the Super Bowl champion 4/5 times (I was wrong about the Pats last year; guess they really were spies) and the Stanley Cup champion 5/5. And what's most amazing, I called the Saints, Packers and Bruins at the start of the season. All the rest I called at either the middle or end of the season, or beginning of the playoffs. Also, I won 4 golds and 1 silver in all five of my fantasy hockey leagues. But I don't play anymore. It's too time consuming. And I won plenty of medals and trophies from my goalie years. I also have an IQ of 188. So yeah, I am a genius, and when I talk, smart people listen. I'm the best at whatever I choose to be. Kovy is the best shooter right now when all the guy does is turn the puck over? Buddy, go watch cartoons. I kind of feel bad correcting you all the time.
  14. PhillyDev

    LA Kings "Fans"

    Dumb post. They didn't claim to be hardcore passionate Kings or hockey fans, mister I think I know hockey but am a telemarketer whose life's purpose is to try and sound forum cool.
  15. Not really. All you do is shoot high. After much practice, it's like second nature. I used to do this when I played. I was a sniper who averaged 7 goals a game in roller hockey--and I was a goalie. And I was an even better goalie. I only played skater for fun. I was so good, when I was just 14, I played in men's leagues. At first they didn't take me seriously and just gave me the net. Two minutes and two perfectly placed wristers under the crossbar in the right corner later, and it's 2-0. After that they had to double-team me, but I still scored a few goals a game. So if I was so good, why'd I stop playing? Money. Goalie equipment is expensive; and you can't go to school, work, and play hockey. Coach doesn't wanna hear his star goalie can't play 'cause he has to bag groceries tonight. These are professional hockey players, not Peewees. Watch Games 1-3 and you'll see all the shots are low, mid-level, or just wide. I know when the banner is raised, but it sounded good.
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