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    Gamecenter Devils

    If your in South Jersey you will receive all the msg channels on DirectTV. I'm not sure why. But you'll get all the Devils Games. That's all I was saying. No more expensive then comcast, but it's a much bigger move than getting Center Ice or Gamecenter.
  2. oat77

    Gamecenter Devils

    Another thing you can do, but it's a big step, is get DirectTV. You'll get all the Devils games plus everything else. Pre and post games, specials, and the rangers 94 celebration rerun once a week.
  3. Serious question. Growing up I always considered "prime sports years" as 28 to 32. But the last year or so I keep hearing like 24 to 28 for "prime hockey" years. Is this a new thing?
  4. http://www.njbiz.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20160309/NJBIZ01/160309751/newark-property-owners-reach-agreement-on-triangle-park-redevelopment-by-prudential-center&template=mobileart If the link doesnt work, you can read it at njbiz.com but it looks like they might actually start building the park. But can someone please explain to me how this bridge will work. I've seen this mentioned multiple times now. 1/2 mile is pretty long. What direction is it going? Into the Ironbound or along with the train tracks? Are they building something from scratch? I'm confused.
  5. http://www.brickcitylive.com/neighborhoods/downtown/andaiye/coming-soon-a-traditional-german-beer-garden-prepares-to-open-in-newark-this-spring/ Nice article on the soon to be opening of "Redds Biergarten". I am crazy excited about this place. I love german beer and food. Ive never been to the other Redds by the meadowlands, but this sounds like it will be pretty good. I feel the 2 bars next to it are lacking to say the least. They have the best locations but nothing special. Havent been to the new Market St side places, but they seem more like restaurants than bar oriented. I like Bellos, i ususlly go there, and Hells Kitchen seems cool, but i rarely get over there. But i hope Redds really embraces the hockey crowd on game days. The communal tables will be awesome to start a conversation with other fans. And a liter and a bavarian pretzel and sausage with pre-game on the tv. Im ready! I hope they can open before the season is over. P. S. Any chance we can get "The Rock" forum as a stickie over on the "Hell" side? Or even just this thread? I feel like it would get more action over there.
  6. I have Comcast internet too, and Direct TV also. So it's an option if you want it.
  7. I'm in Cherry Hill. Just incase you didn't know, if you get Direct TV, you will get Devils game. It has all the MSG channels. And in HD.
  8. I was only making a joke. Sorry. I think that was an amazing trade and was happy to have Salvador on the team. I am not so happy with the last deal he received, and not happy with him being named captain either. I feel like this has been a lost team in some ways since Stevens retired. They had some good point total years but never felt like a cup team to me, not even 2012. Not that they didn't break my heart every year since after 03. (ok, beating they flyers and rangers really really softened the blow in 12) But I do feel this team has played like their captains in a way. Niedermayer. I don't care what you say. He abandoned this team when it needed him. Then hockey abadoned us all, never to be the same. Elias is an amazing player, but just something seemed weird about him being captain (to me). Awesome on the ice, but not a take charge guy. But felt like the end of an era of dominance when he was stripped. Langenbrunner I liked a lot as long as you weren't counting on him to be the man. Great 2nd fiddle guy, not who I would of picked. And named captain very strangely too if I recall. No captatin at all until Sutter (?) had time to evaluate everyone. Then felt like he names Langs captain like an hour after he got healthy. Like he wanted him from day one for some reason. Strange captain, strange few years of the team Then Zach. Oh so close to being a superstar. Kinda like the team in 2012. And finally Salvador. I was just WTF. Really? I don't hate the guy, but his time was over. New contract, named captain. Much like this team the last 2 years. I don't know what the hell is going on anymore. Yes I read way too much into all this. P.S. did someone really put Greene in as captain on wiki?
  9. But how many future captains were ever traded for Cam Janssen?
  10. The pic in that article looks lower than the other one I saw, and not as 3d looking. So the cheap(er) seats might have a better view. Who says they don't care about the little guy? What exactly does this mean? Sounds like every jersey or shirt you could want, ready to go. Sounds good. Will definitely get some.And I will actually be going in early to get some pork roll and a beer and walk around to check everything out. Then get another beer and be in my seat for the pre game video.
  11. This is not a negative remark. Honestly just asking. I live 10 minutes from philly. So I'll use the flyers as an example. If they did this, it would have the news there and run on every news station that day. Covered in the paper, talked about on sports radio and maybe even a commercial for it. Not to mention showing clips all season during games during ticket advertisements. Was this event known buy anyone not a sth or following the Devils on the internet? This is the exact type of thing The Devils should be promoting. Sounds like it was really cool. I dont care about just meeting players, but i would of gone to this.
  12. Not attacking here. Just saying all you have to do is look at our 03 cup team. Nieuwendyk was out. Daneyko finishing his career and sitting a lot. And a concussed Stevens. Then look at that offense. Not what I would call an all star team. Plus Brodeurs 3 shut outs.
  13. oat77

    Moment of the day

    Sorry, I don't usually make posts like this, but it literally made me laugh out loud. Boomer just said this on his show: (paraphrasing) "St. Louis learned last night what every player that puts on the blue shirt learns. You get everyone's best shot." It's not a big deal, I just wasn't expecting that. All I could imagine is he thinks the Rangers are on par with the Yankees or something because their both in NY. I don't hate Boomer, but he just gets a little delusional about the Rangers sometimes. Don't take this post to seriously. It was just for a laugh.
  14. Has anyone been to The Monk Room? I posted this before the last home game, but this seems like a good spot too: Pizza and I get 2 Stone IPAs for $5. That's all I need to hear. And this place looks pretty cool. I hope we can get a crowd there Saturday. It's always more fun in a bar full of red.
  15. Just spreading the word from twitter to anyone going tonight: @themonkroom Headed to the #NJDevils game tonight? Come in wearing your jersey during pre-game and get 2 beers for $5. Choose from any of our 12 on tap! It's a new gourmet pizza place across the parking lot next to city hall. I haven't been yet, but that's an awesome deal. Had to edit. I tweeted them if they could do the deal Saturday since I'll be there. And they said: @TheMonkRoom: We'll be doing it for the month of March before every home game! I promise I don't work there. Just tired of 6 dollar lite beer at some places right there. So I will definitely check it out before the Carolina game. m.twitter.com/i/connect
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