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  1. Im still in shocked. Utter shocked. I know some people said they saw this coming, but I honestly did not. When I saw the news, my heart dropped. It was racing. I felt like I was dumped. Such a shame. There has to be more to it, Just when I thought this off season was going great.
  2. I am SO excited. I'm really surprised that the Devils are doing this AND that they are the home team. This is awesome. Thought MetLife would be more suitable, but people are saying with the SUperbowl, yes, but there's a span of two, three weeks inbetween. Makes sense at Yankee Stadium since the Rags are playing there twice. Even though the seats will not be the greatest, just being there outside watching your team is good enough. Plus, the money I get back for the lockout and since the Devils will most likely not make it to the playoffs (oh my aching heart), there's the money for one ticket! Woohoo!!!!!
  3. I'm the same with my nail polish and what I wear to the games. It's driving me crazy that nothing is working!!!! For the Boston game, these two guys sitting in front of us was away when they scored to make it 4-3. My brother and I said they should stay away. Not too long after they came back, 5-3 Boston. It's weird how things work like that. Perhaps something new will be done and the luck will change. It has to at some point.
  4. Section 120 was ridiculous. They were talking about soccer and who was benched basically the entire 2nd period and saying we want Marty and Kinkaid, and booed Moose. Went to a different section. But don't know about any commotion. It was just ridiculous last night. The section I went to was soooo much more quieter.
  5. Booing Moose and chanting Kinkaid and We want Marty was disrespectful. As my brother said, Moose has done so much for this team. He has been stuggling, but so has the whole team. Like Moose can't score goals on the other goalies. Whatever was working for the Devils the last 6 minutes of the game, they need that for full 60.
  6. Really?! Fire the coach who took his team to the SCF in his first year. I think he is a phenomenal coach. The team is just going through a slump and not finishing off their chances.
  7. Was hoping this game would go into OT just for the point. How the Devils were not capitalizing and finishing on their chances, you could see how this game was going to go. Both goalies I thought kept the game close as the scores said. People on Twitter are saying how Moose sucks and how Kinkaid should've started, but I don't think it's all Moose's fault. His job is to keep the puck out of the net where the defense and offense are to put the puck in the net. Moose has been getting 0 help from offense. The one positive I saw today was that the Devils were getting chances at the net and that they didn't allow five goals in this time. We just need some puck luck. Also, I thought our PK did well. On to the next!
  8. Nothing has been confirmed about Carter having a concussion, but he is not practicing per TG on F&I. Matteau took his spot for practice. Then TG goes on twitter: "So, we've got Stefan, Stephen and Steve on the same line. Can we just call them the Steve Line?" Hopefully Carter does not have a concussion. I like how Bernier has been playing so far.
  9. Same here. My brother and I waited like 2 hours, and I honestly thought we weren't going to make it.
  10. Here's some which where said below plus some new ones!! I've been to Sports Minded Unlimited in Warren a few times, all autographs were $20. They also have pictures (big and small), pucks, interesting little knick knacks. Zajac, 2/25 http://www.allamericanfordinoldbridge.com/page/custom/en/Zajac_Signing_At_All_American_Ford/ Zubrus and Matteau, 3/18 http://www.jagsportsmarketing.com/store/index.php?crn=269&rn=750&action=show_detail Brodeur, 4/2 (but the ticket is like $90) http://www.jagsportsmarketing.com/store/index.php?crn=269&rn=747&action=show_detail Hedberg, Carter, Bernier 4/22 http://www.jagsportsmarketing.com/store/index.php?crn=269&rn=751&action=show_detail Faye and Greene, 3/11 Elias, 4/9 http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=10151418815762380&id=81451437379
  11. I agree. A point is a point. They didn't play to deserve two points, but if we would have dropped 4 points, I'd be more pissed. But like you said, this season is starting off great. We are tied for first in our division which I think is awesome. We are now fourth in the conference which is even more awesome because it's showing people that we can lose guys and not skip a beat. We are proving to the doubters. I'm glad the next game isn't until Thursday. Gives them time to rest, work on what needs to be worked and learn from previous mistakes.
  12. My Team by Mac Miller. At first, it's like ehhhhhh, but it grows on you after a few listens.
  13. huh, interesting. and on twitter, someone wrote the last time we lost 5-1, we won 5 straight. lets hope lets hope. but this wasnt the devils we are used to seeing. they just didnt seem right to me in some ways
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