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  1. Awesome Kovalchuk t shirt

    I have that t-shirt. I got it off of sportsauthority.com and its really sick!
  2. 30 in 30: Devils

    sadly, your right, but I didn't even come close to thinking that we were gonna go to the stanley cup last year and look what happened
  3. 30 in 30: Devils

    "Devils: maybe a playoff team and definitely not a cup contender." - What everyone says every year, yet we always prove them wrong. No worries, we'll find a way to replace Zach's production. We always find a way to get into the playoffs, no matter what it takes
  4. 30 in 30: Devils

    ya, plus, when he's actually healthy, he never performs the way he is expected to perform
  5. 30 in 30: Devils

    I'm sorry, I feel really dumb but what do you mean by Yayo???
  6. 30 in 30: Devils

    Who is going to take Parise's spot? Now I know lots of players can't replace him when it comes to his work ethic and leadership, but we still need to make up those points that we lost because of his absence. We need to trade for someone.
  7. Still watching Devils playoff run highlights?

    I wish they had one for the whole series against the Rangers. That'd be pretty funny...