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  1. Bryce Salvador to NJ for Cam Janssen

    You Devils' fans are great - best of luck to the team the rest of the season. I am now a St. Louis Blues' fan! Too bad things didn't work out in NJ but the Janssen family is very happy with this trade!!
  2. Leafs announcers killing the Devils

    Sorry, I don't remember his exact words and wouldn't want to misquote him and upset any Leafs' fans! He did say something to the effect that there is a time and place for retribution and that he basically told the team they needed a win tonight to continue their attempt to gain a playoff spot, but that the time will come for payback.
  3. Leafs announcers killing the Devils

    Watching the game here in Guelph on Rogers Sportsnet, Cam has been called "Cementhead" and "Goofball" by former Leafs' employees Bill Watters and Gord Stellick. Joe Bowen and Harry Neale, announcing the game, really need to find something else to talk about. Cam DID NOT leave his feet, Kaberle was so busy admiring his pass he did not see Cam coming. Cam Janssen has NEVER intentionally hurt an opponent and never will. When Darcy Tucker and Cam fought in Toronto in December 2005 and Tucker hit Cam on the head with his helmet, not a word was spoken by any Leafs' fans or announcers. To me that is worse than what happened tonight. I certainly hope Kaberle is okay, I'm sure he'll be fine but again, Cam did not intend to hurt him. Before Leafs' fans freak out, I was a lifelong Leafs' fan but that all changed when Tucker used Cam's helmet in the fight. Having had the opportunity to watch Cam play junior for a few months in Guelph and knowing the type of person that he is off the ice converted me into a Devils' fan. Tucker can stand in the hallway and yell all he wants, Cam is not afraid of him or Belak or anyone else on that team and if Paul Maurice wants to make veiled threats about retribution, he can go right ahead too because the Devils will have the last laugh when they are playing hockey while the Leafs are out golfing. By the way, another channel here, The Score, timed the hit and it was 1.33 seconds after Kaberle passed the puck. And don't even bother mentioning Bertuzzi and Cam in the same breath because Cam does not and never will attack helpless opponents from behind, he has the balls to face them and follows the code of the NHL fighters.
  4. Janssen is Back

    Cam has been recalled! Pelley has been sent to Lowell.
  5. Game Thread: Devils and Leafs

    Very impressive game tonight, Brodeur was awesome. I'm betting Tucker wet his pants when he saw who slammed him into the boards; gotta laugh at the way he stayed down until Cam was on the bench, then Tucker started mouthing off. Tucker is the biggest wimp to ever play the game - I am embarrassed to admit I was a Leafs' fan (runs in the family) until Cam got drafted by the Devils!
  6. Cam Janssen

    Don't worry, his points will come eventually, but who really cares? He's not there to get points and you will never find another player who will bring to the team what Cam brings game in and game out. Enjoy every second you watch him play in NJ cuz back here in Guelph the games have never been the same since Cam left!! Anyone in Albany reading this please tell the River Rats fan who was wearing a "Foster" jersey in Hamilton last year (and who so kindly approached us to tell us their nickname for Cam in Albany was "psycho") that we hope better days are ahead for the Albany fans next year!! Oh yeah, maybe Cam will get his "off the butt" hat trick for the Devils one day!! Happy 22nd tomorrow Cammer....all your buds in Guelph miss you and are cheering for you!!!! Keep going man, you're doing great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Ex OHLers in Albany!

    paynerj, all I know is that Cam fought Josh Gratton in yesterday's game and he also got an assist! The "O" will never be the same without him and it's a given that he'll be a fan fave in Albany!