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  1. ok im going to ask the silly question i know. I've been waiting to see if any posted about it. every one said they are not going for the marty jersey but did anyone get one from the devils and was it sent out yet.
  2. my new one Wedgewood pre season backup goalie stick as well kinkaid 1st win ken alumni game worn Zajac meigray grab bag pulled blank HHOF Patch
  3. Not sure how to post Pic but I just pick up my 2 new Jersey 1st one was Keith jersey Red set 2 2nd was Ken jersey from the alumni game
  4. how much did you pay and what number did you get
  5. Gio jersey are hard to come by if you look at Meigray they are never for sale. they are sold long befor the post it on the web.
  6. they do not want any telling becasuse the people that mail order them would like a not to know whatr happend yet
  7. i got Edmonton Oilers as my free bee i got a scott wedgewood Trenton Titans and 2 grab bag none devils but the one jersey i got i was able to photo match it was Dallas Stars
  8. thank you i have some great photo match pic but the are not letting me post them. on getty i was able to photo match some string
  9. that he played in or eveyback up they said all but 3 game he had this one on
  10. ok i just pick up my jersey Thank Meigray im totel in love with my new jersey.
  11. i have it photo match but i not sure what jersry im getting. i photo match the one he had on the most. i think i got a pic with him in my jersey. at A STH event as well.
  12. i would of loved to have set one,but i got set 2 but i piss off alittle their was 4 game he had a different jersey on. but im hope to have a photo match of the jersey
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