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  1. Wednesday won 5-2 today....so....Devils to win 5-2!!! LGD
  2. LGD!! Get those first points on the board.
  3. The lad Lokti. Think (hope) he will have a massive season.
  4. iceowl14


    Anything for a bit more money. Hopefully the 'independent' breweries will be able to hold on in the years to come. I'm finding many of the larger beer companies (Carling, Fosters, Stella Artois) have started moving into the cider business now too. Slowly turning into 1984-George Orwell situation haha.
  5. If it doesn't affect the divisions, or if there is an easy way of re-configuring the divisions involving two teams or so, then relocation is all good. Again with expansion, if the league plans on keeping the 4 divisions for the time being then fair play, make it an even number for both conferences to maintain equality. My only hope is it doesn't exceed more than 32. Don't get me wrong, I love the English tiered system for soccer because of the excitement in April (Sheffield Wednesday usually in the mix of it!) but NHL should keep the league status by keeping an eye on the amount of teams playi
  6. iceowl14


    You can bet when you walk into a pub in the UK it's either going to be a John Smiths/Carling pub or a Tetleys/Carlsberg pub. Seems to be the only choices you get sometimes unfortunately unless you walk into a real ale pub.
  7. Would only take some dodgy franchise move to do this though, e.g. a current east team moves to the west. The NHL could have kept the old format with a reshuffle of two teams but decided to change it loads more for some reason; what's to stop this from happening again? I hope it doesn't expand too much more than what it is at the moment, I feel the exclusivity would be lost slightly.
  8. iceowl14


    It wouldn't be worth controlling older breweries, might as well keep them mildly independent. There was an article on the BBC website (I think) last month or so which showed how pubs are being controlled more and more by mass breweries nowadays, limiting drinkers to certain brands of beer. Real shame if you ask me. Is this the same in the States? Do you find the same beers in every single bar?
  9. Would make sense having two expansion teams to equate the conferences (Seattle/Las Vegas/Portland/Kansas City all good). BUT What is going to happen in another 5/10 years when the divisions are more than likely going to be re-aligned (again). Will the league decide to expand again? Would this devalue the league in anyway? I may be counting chickens before they hatch, but constant realignment and expansion is just going to create an overcrowded league/tiered system (as per European soccer) which IMO would not be the best way for NHL to go.
  10. iceowl14


    Haha. Just remembered the Italian restaurant does it on tap near where I live too. Think I'll have to have a pint next time I'm there. To be fair, probably the best brand to come out of SABMiller. Pilsner Urquell is nice as well...has a bit more of a bitter taste but again...refreshing. Never been bothered about Miller Lite/Genuine or anything. Looks a bit 'watery'.
  11. iceowl14


    Do you guys get Peroni in the States? Really nice, refreshing Italian lager. Quite expensive in the shops but worth it, especially in big 660ml bottles. You can also get it in Rome in little 'coke cans' on the side of the roads which is cool.
  12. After the shameless plug for the New York Owls supporters groupf for Sheffield Wednesday, the first game of the season is looking at being shown at the Football Factory this Saturday. https://www.facebook.com/events/473738349383785/ Sheffield Wednesday play in the Championship (second tier) of English football, and have a good worldwide following who are friendly and always love to see new supporters. Check out www.facebook.com/nyswfc The Football Factory @ Legends bar 6 West 33rd Street, New York 10am EDT
  13. Been a good day at the office as far as I'm concerned. Just to echo some of the other posts, replacing/upgrading clarkson was an inevitability all summer so pretty chuffed with Clowe. So excited about the Schneider deal and is nice to have a great goalie in to ease the transition post-brodeur. I agree that trading a d-man away would be handy, but that yet to be seen. LGD!
  14. I always liked hockey from watching the mighty ducks as a young boy, however never fully followed it because hockey does not have as big a-following in the UK. I picked hockey back up by joining my university hockey team as a beginner and needed a jersey and a team to support so checked on ebay for hockey jerseys, the top result (and IMO best logo design) was NJD. As soon as I clicked the buy button, I was straight onto the Devils website, wikipedia, anything to do with them and learnt as much histoy as possible. So I guess, I loved the design and then love the history of the organisation
  15. We may not be in the premiership, but fans from other clubs and journalists still regard us as a big club. Just been unforunate the last 15 years or so. I know Wednesdayites would make you feel really welcome if you were to join them for a match!
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