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  1. I think I'm going to be in the minority here when I say I think Triumph is a little overrated. Don't get me wrong, I'd much rather go to Triumph than a lot of other places around because they do make an decent beer, but they usually only have 5 or so beers on tap and a limited (and somewhat overpriced) menu. As a fan of IPAs and pale ales I haven't been overly impressed with those styles from them. I think Iron Hill spoiled me. Can't wait until they open a central jersey location. All that being said I'd certainly be up for trying their pumpkin ale.
  2. Anyone else here a big fan of pumpkin beer? I've been building an autumn stockpile since mid-august. Mostly imperial pumpkins. Looking forward to breaking them out once the weather chills.
  3. I'm very pleased with the work they did. I know you wait forever but it's worth it. When I was younger I'd get a jersey every year for Christmas and/or my birthday. Usually ordered and customized by a local shop. A couple Devils but mostly other teams. And always, always the customizing was wrong. Always the wrong font (96ish Flames, Devils, Stars...) and even sometimes the wrong color combos! That mid-nineties Flames Fleury jersey still haunts me to this day. From the second I opened it as a teenager I knew it was all wrong. If it was in decent shape I'd send it to EPS for a stripping
  4. They received my jersey around July 23rd.
  5. Exclusive Pro (to my knowledge) is a warehouse style place in Illinois. They do the official lettering for many NCAA and NHL teams including the Devils. So when you ship your jersey to them you know you're getting the same exact lettering that the Devils players get on their jerseys. They used to also sell jerseys but they don't anymore. Basically you place an order on their website, ship them your jersey with the order form and wait a while. When it's done you'll get an invoice from one of the employees there and you'll pay. They can letter Devils retro jerseys if you ship them one. Jus
  6. Of course I paid immediately I'm guessing it will be here next week. Very excited.
  7. Received an invoice from EPS today. Hopefully my jersey is on it's way!
  8. Stopped by Modells in Hamilton today (poor, poor selection of Devils stuff btw). Anyway I saw what you were saying about the new tees vs old tees. They had an old Zajac size small and a new Henrique size small. Not only are the materials much different but the price 19.99 for the newer vs 24.99 for the old and the length of each shirt was drastically different. The newer ones were much longer. I bought a small Zajac old but was really needing a medium so i'll be returning to the Modells in North Brunswick tomorrow. Hopefully a better selection size wise. Update: Stopped by the North
  9. EPS just posted this on their Facebook page: We're buried here at EPS!!!!! Sorry for the delay to anyone waiting. Please be patient, you know it will be worth the wait! All NCAA is out, NHL Sets shipping this week. Once the NFL and NHL get their seasons under way we should be back to normal. thank you for the orders-EPS Sounds as if they are slammed with getting team orders for the NCAA and NHL out.
  10. Anyone want to tell us how much the tickets are running? Very curious.
  11. Thanks i'll have to check it out. Notice they have "bankers hours" Trying to get back into the card collecting/trading as a hobby and was looking for a good shop.
  12. Sadly the knock-offs might be better quality haha.
  13. Brodeur 25 wins- UNDER Cangialosi 245.5 "sharp angle try"'s
  14. Stone Enjoy by 9.13.13 is out and about for all interested. Already bought 3 bottles. Very good as always. Also had a chance to try Neshaminy Creek Brewing "County Line IPA" and I really liked it. Recommended try for any IPA lover. Hoppier than expected. 6.6 ABV as I recall.
  15. Anyone know of a good sports memorabilia store in central jersey? Cards, photos, jerseys etc.
  16. Any other player Tee's? Did you see a Zajac?
  17. You're right in a sense Daniel, but that was the entirety of the 20 minute-ish interview. It was the hosts asking the same question in different forms trying to illicit a favorable response from O'Neil. By the end you can even tell O'Neil had more than enough of it. At least bring different questions to the table if you have the guy for that long. They sounded uneducated and unprepared. Macnow is nicknamed "The Professor" due to his seemingly endless knowledge of sports but yesterday was not his brightest moment.
  18. Funny you mention Kane, DM. I actually came in here to post about Kane. I may be heading over there tomorrow to pick up a few things for my dad for his birthday. He's a fellow craft beer enthusiast. My question is do they sell 750ml of their beers? If so is Overhead one thats frequently available in that format?
  19. Ridiculous interview. I get it. It's business. Get over it. 15 straight minutes defending his groups investment in the Devils. Nothing else. "What about the Sixer??" Sixers good .Devils bad, I'd rather listen to Francesa interview him. "Ok...so whut impact does dis have on duh Rangizz, ok?"
  20. Host is basically browbeating him saying "you're going to make money with the Sixers and use it to make the Devils better".
  21. Should be interesting. Hopefully more hockey related than Sixers but if I recall the Sixers just hired a head coach... Stream: http://tunein.com/radio/SportsRadio-94WIP-941-s116135/
  22. Harris will be on the Glen Macnow show on 94/610WIP Philly at 3PM today.
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