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  1. Perfect timing for the start of the season. I don't mind the wait knowing that the lettering is the same as the on-ice stuff. I was impressed with the work they did stripping an old jersey and relettering for me.
  2. Awesome thanks for the info. They got my jersey on July 29. I know I probably still have a couple more weeks to go but I'm itching to get it back. I know what kind of work they do. As long as it's before the season starts!
  3. EPS questions- Does Josh send you an e-mail once he receives your jersey or no? It's been a few years since I sent one to them so I do not recall.
  4. This offseason has been brutally long. Jesus H. Christ.
  5. I only drink Goose Island when I'm at the Rock or if there's nothing else I like available. It's not horrible but I wouldn't buy it.
  6. Today is actually "National IPA Day" apparently. I don't know who made that up but I'm game. Need to head over to the store after work to stock up for the celebration.
  7. Nothin gets you drunk like a 4 pack of Firestone Double Jack
  8. How's Fuddruckers stack up against Red Robin?
  9. If this was April I'd say there's no way this is real... ugh. Those dogs are almost as scary as
  10. I'm going to need photographs to confirm. "Pics or it didn't happen."
  11. Ugh. He also screws up every cliche that exists. A wordsmith he is not. And yes he is the one that found the extensive art trove. Hester was my favorite along with Barry. I feel like those guys had a good personality for TV. I can't stand Darrell and his chip off the block son, Ivy, and Jarrod - although I enjoy looking at his wife. The fat german guy is also a dolt.
  12. I don't think anyone here mentioned Jack in the Box. When I lived in Colorado I was known to enjoy a Jack Sirlion burger from time to time. Everyone talks about the Jumbo Jack but the Sirloin line is killer. Esp for a fast food burger. Add a couple of tacos and a curly fry and you got yourself a nice meal.
  13. Saw Steve Miller at Red Rocks in Morrison, CO. Never smelled so much grass in my life. And that includes the time I was dragged to Dave Matthews at Hershey Park while I was still in college. Steve puts on a good show though. He's still got something left in the tank. He plays a lot of newer blues-ier stuff too.
  14. Bastards. I just went to 5 Napkins website to see what the fuss was about and looked at the photos. I want one right now. It looks glorious.
  15. Anyone want to trade an autographed 8x10 for my Kovalchuk Lokomotiv Relief autographed 8x10? I wouldn't feel right trying to sell it seeing as it's a charity type thing. My GF and I have a wall full of mostly family photos but we each had one 8x10 to kind of break it up and be random. Hers is Jeter and mine was Kovalchuk. Now Kovalchuk is sitting in my bedroom closet and Jeter occupies the wall as the lone sports figure. I'll trade for many different Devils: Terreri, Clarkson, Zajac, Elias, Sykora, Niedermayer, heck I'd probably even trade it for a Langenbrunner...Just throwing it out th
  16. http://instagram.com/p/cKDIEJy8Ip/ Jagr jersey in the DEvils Den
  17. Sept 28th Doors 6:00PM Starland Ballroom http://www.starlandballroom.com/events/detail/242343 Saves the Day Geoff Rickley (formerly of Thursday) Into it. Over It. Hostage Calm
  18. Interesting SI article on the Jagr signing. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/nhl/news/20130723/jaromir-jagr-new-jersey-devils/ Brought back memories of Esa Tikkanen. All 9 games of him.
  19. In 2007 I was in Colorado at the time and came home to see my family over Christmas and drove up to Modells on Rt 1 in North Brunswick for a Devils jersey. I ended up just grabbing a Marty off the shelf and going home since I was in a hurry/ I basically just saw the 30 on the sleeves and grabbed one. By the time I realized how awful the lettering and everything was it was too late. The numbers were glued and crooked, the wrong material. I think I wore the thing once. What a waste of $160ish. Don't waste your cash on Modell's customized jerseys. That being said I will buy some player t's th
  20. I like the original California one for the characters. I like to see some of them go in the red on the units they buy. Other than that I can't really get into the Texas or NY/NJ one.
  21. I have to agree with DevsMan84. The food at the Rock is lacking in selection and quality. It's at the very bottom of all the other sporting venues I've been to including the Pepsi Center in Denver and the Wells Fargo Center in Philly. I can't really compare the outdoor venues because I agree it's not apples to apples. The space is different and the atmosphere of an outdoor venue/event is different. But if I did compare the of the stadiums I've been to with the rock I'd say the Rock comes in near the bottom of that as well. Love the Rock, hate the beer and food selection. Oh well. Not a
  22. I hope the home opener is against Philly. The last 2 seasons of that has been fun. Well, this last one more so than the previous but still a good time. I hope it's not against CBJ or Carolina. The actual rivalry games just give it a little something extra.
  23. Got home yesterday to a Southern Tier "Super Pack". A nice surprise from the GF. It's a 12 pack made up of 2X IPA, Unearthly and Iniquity Imperial Black. Unearthly and Iniquity are only available in 12oz bottles in this Super Pack to my knowledge. A pretty awesome, high ABV mix.
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