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  1. Really wish I could have gone to this game. Was at te last PHL game in Jan and always love seeing them getting spanked. Add the 95 Cup te stuff ugh. Anyone get a Terreri misery pick they'd like to part with :)

  2. Haven't posted here in some time. Here are a few thoughts on some recent beer purchases:


    Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin - Really hesitant to pick this up at $15/6 but glad I did. It's a really good beer. I was already a fan of the regular Sculpin but usually opted for Ballast Point Big Eye over it due to the price difference $10 vs $15. The grapefruit adds a really nice citrus flavor and the smell of this beer is incredible.  If you like a citrusy kind of IPA I think it's worth your $15. May not be a frequent buy due to price and limited availability but it's something to try.


    Flying Dog Bloodline Ale - I have been looking for this beer since it was released down in MD. I was even told it would not make it up to NJ by Flying Dog over the summer. I was walking around Canals and behold - there it was. About the closest thing to a 'whale' I've ever encountered. Immediately grabbed a 6 pack. Just like the Grapefruit Sculpin this has that citrusy smell to it that I personally really enjoy. It's not as hoppy as the Sculpin but overall a fine beer that i'll purchase as long as I see it. I really hope this is still around in the summer. Seems like a perfect BBQ/outside beer.


    Spellbound IPA - Mount Holly's own. Was surprised how good this beer was. Saw a couple people compare it to Heady Topper over on BA. While I wouldn't say it comes close to the complexity of Heady I would say that this is a really good IPA. I think a closer comparison would be something like Avery's IPA. If you like IPAs I think this is a must try. Found at Canals. 6 pack cans.


    Some brews I have in the fridge I have yet to try - Southern Tier 2xpresso, Boulevard Oatmeal Stout, Long Trail Stand Out, Sierra Nevada Coffee Stout

  3. This commercial infuriates me.  The fact that a company could pay an ad agency to produce this steaming pile of dogsh1t is beyond ridiculous.  I can see a bunch of people sitting around the ad agency table kicking around ideas.


    Well the commercial is going to air in the New York metro area.

    New York, eh? Brooklyn. Hip. New York.

    Let's get the most Lena Dunham looking annoying hispter clowns we can find and put them on the screen. They are going to just shout edgy stuff. Well mostly random stuff.

    Ok! Lets do it!


    Fuking horrible.  This commercial boils my blood and the fact I see it seemingly every single commercial break makes me want to throw my TV against the wall.  For every instance I see this commercial I am going to make a mark on a notepad.  Every time I want a hamburger I am going to go to Five Guys and scribble one of those marks off the notepad.  This commercial makes me never want to eat another Smashburger ever again.  Not that I ate there more than a few times before but Jesus H. Christ. JOY JOY JOY JOY SHUT THE FUK UP! 


    I'd rather watch 50 Hyundai Christmas carol commercials in a row than a single one of these.Leave the gate open, you want it you got it Freehold Hyundai, look for the next best thing, woo hoo Action Chevy come on down! Take care of your business, your family and your whatever. Give me all of them all night but please leave this garbage out of my life.


    Edit: I came back because I'm still thinking about it and steaming. Hey let's get this fat hipster broad with glasses to tell us how she likes her men. She'd be lucky to get a date with that greasy ass burger shes eating no one wants to hear your nonsensical line about how you like your men. I hope everyone you know gives you sh!t about this commercial and hounds you for the rest of your life. Let's get this other guy and put a hipster hat on him and make him say other dumb crap. You know what we need? Two random women going back and forth spouting so much random drivel you think they have a mild case of tourettes or are having a seizure. THIS IS NOT HOW YOU SELL HAMBURGERS YOU IDIOTS.


    Edit 2: Also the production quality of this commercial is mind boggling for 2014. Every time it comes on I get transported back to 1996. You may have wanted to use a bunch of hipsters for your ad but you didn't have to use the vintage (1990s) cameras they carry around to shoot this turd. Ray Catena's commercials have better quality and he's been airing the same one for 10 years it seems. 

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  4. Thanks dude!


    I was thinking the same about the sizing. Very odd to see one currently on MeiGray as a 56G and this one a 48 XL. Didn't compute for me.  Doesn't look big enough to fit goalie gear, even from that era on a smaller guy like Terreri.


    With all that said if I can get it for $100 it would still be a nice gift to myself being authentic and of my favorite Devil.


    Really appreciate your feedback!

  5. I need the expert jersey opinions on this item:  http://www.ebay.com/itm/Chris-Terreri-Authentic-New-Jersey-Devils-CCM-ON-ICE-Game-Worn-Used-Jersey-48-XL-/251627622887?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a962cd1e7


    From first glance it looks like it could be legit but I'm not an expert by far.  The fact this guy doesnt seem to have any paperwork with it scares me.  As well as taking a look through his recent feedback I don't see any other gamers.  Would a 48 XL be a common size for a goalie from this era?  


    I never had an opportunity (aide from 1 listed on MeiGray that was in rough shape and seemed overpriced) to grab a Terreri game-used jersey.  If real this is a really really awesome opportunity for me.

  6. According to a report I am reading in the NY Post, InBev (anheuser Busch) is buying Blue Point Brewing.


    Yep saw this yesterday. Sad.  Honestly never went out of my way to buy Blue Point products but now will certainly go out of my way not to buy.


    In other news I purchased a case of Nugget Nectar a couple days ago.  Love that stuff.

  7. Does anyone know where I can get a 2010 Czech Olympic Jersey? It would be good if I could customize it with Elias or Jagr, but a blank one would be good too because I could send it to IceJerseys and have them customize it. Thanks in advance for the help.







    This one? ^

    Thinking about tracking down that 1988 Team USA barber pole jersey and getting Terreri customized on it.  May need a photograph of the customization for EPS to reference but am having no luck.  Anyone able to give me a hand? Only photo I can find is the team shot.

  8. Devils played well last night other than Sal waving his ass in Corey's face on the goal that tied it. Also, oh my those Dallas Stars ice girls/cheer leaders. I am pretty sure Mike Modano married one, I can see why.


     Mo! Favorite player ever. Not sure why but always liked him,.  Maybe it was seeing the flapping of his jersey while he was streaking down the wing as a youngster. 


    Not sure he married a Stars cheerleader but know he was married to a singer and they have since divorced.  Heres a photo.  Way to go Mike!



    I think hes now hitched to a pro golfer. Could be wrong though. Think it's Joe Micheletti's daughter.

  9. Looking at the bidding history it has shill bidding written all over it.  Someone is getting suckered by the seller.


    The same seller is offering another one for $1000 or best offer.  Yeah lol he can keep dreaming.


    That seller is a prick.  I'm all for a fair auction, make what you can but come on.  Don't artifically drive the price up and don't list one for $1,000. It's a snow hat for christs sake.  If I find any around my area i'll let you guys know. To hell with this $100+ snow hat garbage.

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