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  1. Hey guys, longtime Devils fan here. Hate that my first post is a gripe. Actually found this forum searching for info about seating at the Coliseum for Saturday's game.

    Anyway, the fact the Devils had months to come up with something to show the fans we were not forgotten, to reward us for years of loyalty and presumably coming back this year and the best they could come up with was a ridiculous ad campaign dubbed "Drop the Puck" is a complete joke. The Penguins and Sabres released a detailed apology letter to their fans and rewarded them with 50% off merchandise at the first 3-4 home games, concession freebies and discounted ticket prices. The Devils not only did none of this, they RAISED ticket prices! Either my team's PR/Corporate offices are out of touch with it's fan base or just doesn't give a damn and in either case that's very disappointing to me.

    I love the Devils. In fact one of the reasons I moved back to New Jersey, and northern NJ was because I missed my team. I had full intentions of purchasing season tickets before that absurd lockout happened. And while I decided not to purchase season tickets this year I still intend to go to the first few games at least including driving out to Uniondale on the 19th.

    I'm not someone who will not go to games because of this, but I will certainly go to less. I wish the Devils would really reach out to the fans on this. How about you Drop the Puck on ticket prices instead of off the Rock's roof, in the shower, in the office...

    Okay, enough complaining. I'm ready for the season to start. See you all at the Mausoleum.

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