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  1. Just saw a photo of the Stepan breakaway and he has Zajacs stick in his hand. Devils obviously played embarrassingly awful but refs weren't much better today
  2. Reminds me of that D street band the Devils roll out in championship plaza during playoffs. But surprisingly worse
  3. I heard Doc mention Kevin Clark so I'm guessing he's doing the game. I hope he urges fans to welcome to the ice YOUR NEW JERSEEEEEY DEVILSSSS!
  4. 16 buck tix now on hub. Gotta be an error
  5. You can still purchase on the hub. The pickup location is Brooklyn Terminal I think which stubhub claims is a ten min walk from the stadium. Tix are in the 80s now.
  6. Love these caps unis. Devils lookin great so far.
  7. Thats an awesome photo, 7. Hilarious. LETS GO DEVILS!!
  8. Free food and soda and access to an indoor area thats heated may be worth a few extra bucks if thats what Legends offer for this game.
  9. Out of curiosity, anyone familiar with Yankee Stadium: what do the Legends Suite tickets give you? And would those amenities apply to this game?
  10. This is one of the factors making me balk at the moment. On one hand I know I may never get to see another spectacle like this involving the Devils, on the other hand I have to make the trip from central Jersey into the Bronx, pick up my tickets and sit in a seat where I probably won't be able to see much in 20 degree weather. The once in a lifetime aspect still has me checking tickets though. I'm going back and forth on it.
  11. Tickets on the Hub now tanking as sellers try to get anything they can for them. Pickup only now. "Pick up your tickets before the event at the designated StubHub Last Minute Service Center (we'll give you the pickup location and time before you place your order)" Edit: The pickup location is the Bronx Terminal Market which the Hub says is a 10 minute walk from the stadium. Devils selling tickets for $225 each you can buy now on the Hub for $85. Too too funny.
  12. Yikes. Didn't mean for this to devolve into a debate on weather prognostications. Just noticed the number of available tickets on the Hub has gone from around 5k to 1600 give or take. I'm guessing some of the listings expired??
  13. Just saw over on accuweather.com that potential exists for another snowstorm sunday into monday just like the one we just went through. so keep an eye on the forecasts as the weekend approaches!
  14. Flyers postponed tonight. We'll see if the Devils keep it goin. LETS GO DEVILS
  15. Thanks man! Cool site too. I really like the font used on the front of the 68 jerseys.
  16. Right on man. Already have dropped to $113 since posting.
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