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  1. have to wonder how many empty seats there are going to be.. but oh well its their own fault for trying to hold tickets to get people to buy seasons for one game it obviously didnt work.. reality check.. its also going to be a high of like 18degrees ... im sure that alone will turn a lot of peoples interest away from sitting out there


    This is one of the factors making me balk at the moment.  On one hand I know I may never get to see another spectacle like this involving the Devils, on the other hand I have to make the trip from central Jersey into the Bronx, pick up my tickets and sit in a seat where I probably won't be able to see much in 20 degree weather.  The once in a lifetime aspect still has me checking tickets though.  I'm going back and forth on it. 

  2. Tickets on the Hub now tanking as sellers try to get anything they can for them.  Pickup only now.



    "Pick up your tickets before the event at the designated StubHub Last Minute Service Center (we'll give you the pickup location and time before you place your order)"
    Edit: The pickup location is the Bronx Terminal Market which the Hub says is a 10 minute walk from the stadium.
    Devils selling tickets for $225 each you can buy now on the Hub for $85. Too too funny.
  3. At this point I have seen in the past 24 hours predicting temps for sunday from the mid 20's to possibly 40.  I have also seen anywhere from cloudy to snow saturday into sunday and now snow sunday into monday.


    At this point I will wake up Sunday morning, see how it is outside and just take it from there.  Screw the weather a$$holes.


    Hahaha couldn't agree more. :thumbsup:

  4. Just remember most if not all the tickets are hard tickets for this game. That said nearly all the listing expire tomorrow 1/22, so prices may fall sharply over the next 24 hours.


    Right on man.


    Already have dropped to $113 since posting.

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