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  1. Kind of curious how low they will dip on the hub in the week leading up to the game. With that many people not expected to show will they give the tickets away, unload the tickets for dirt cheap or eat them altogether.
  2. Came across this old CCM replica USA jersey. Can anyone tell me what year its from/what team? Is it a juniors? Was it even used?
  3. Tortorella challenged the Chiefs!
  4. Exactly my thoughts. After the Sports Minded signing recently I realized this guy can draw. Can;t imagine what the "free" adds on to it.
  5. Adam Henrique is going to be at Bob's Sports Cards and Memoribilia in Howell on 02/01 from 3:00-4:30pm. "To help celebrate two key games on the 2014 NHL Stadium Series schedule, Panini America is bringing New Jersey Devils star Adam Henrique to Bob’s Sports Cards and Memorabilia in Howell, N.J., for a special appearance and free autograph session the day before Super Bowl XLVIII." http://paniniamerica.wordpress.com/2014/01/13/panini-america-honors-nhl-stadium-series-with-adam-henrique-store-appearance/#more-70901
  6. My recent beer purchases and likes include: Victory Hop Ranch, Victory Dirt Wolf, Green Flash Palate Wrecker, DC Brau Corruption IPA, Flying Dog Double Dog IPA. Thats all I can remember off the top of my head. I liked them all but I will say the Palate Wrecker was very expensive at $14.99/4. Liked the beer but don't think it warrants the high price. Really liked the DC Brau. Wasn't expecting much from it but it's a really solid IPA. Dirt Wolf is an excellent beer and well priced at $8.99/4. Was really hoping to try Lagunitas Sucks but the local store sold out of 5 cases in a matter of h
  7. A tradition, unlike any other...
  8. I'd like to see this jacket. Is it a green jacket like the Masters jacket? Or is it a 90s, satin looking green Starter button up jacket?
  9. Has anyone tried the Korean stuff yet? I saw Korean hot dog posters on the concourse but have yet to try. The Devil fries (really just fries with a dipping sauce) were not bad.
  10. Re: private bathrooms I'm gonna get all Larry David here...do the urinals in the private bathrooms have dividers? Or are they so called "on-holers" aka single serve. Or are they just like regular men's rooms in the arena.
  11. Shaq needs a size Chara+
  12. Cheapest seats we saw in the offer were about $225-45 a seat. Around $500 for two. On StubHub right now and see Bleachers in the $130 range. Is anyone here sitting in the Bleachers? I'd imagine if you are sitting there it's not to really see the game but for the experience of being there due to the distance from the surface.
  13. My girlfriend got an email from the Devils saying she won a chance to purchase stadium series tix at the norm box office rate. Wonder how many people got that email.
  14. At least it wasn't a 12 PARTYPOKER jersey Can't the Devils at least make sure Shaq gets a XXXXL devils sweater for the game?
  15. Went to see Theresa Caputo before the game at the PAC she said the Devils would roll tonight. LETS GP DEVILS!
  16. I haven't been reading this thread but I'm ready for the party poker arena takeover tonight! Paaaaaaarty poker! I'm gonna go all-in with a gamblin' Goose Island IPA and an Ace of Spades Sausage and peppers brought to you by Premio!
  17. Heres a slightly off-topic question for the resident "loungers": A poster above mentioned the notorious empty black seats. Are these seats empty because everyone is up in the lounge or because they are too expensive and went unpurchased? Just curious since I myself have never had one of those seats or been in any of the lounges.
  18. The huge announcement is just minutes away. Kind of makes me want a Party Poker Premio sausage powered by PSE&G
  19. This actually looks like a nice jacket nut not sure how much I'd wear it though. $110 is not unreasonable for a coat either. I'm assuming the logos are embroidered? Is it warm?
  20. Hey Mike first time, long time. Just wanted to get your opinion on the Devils claiming Alex Urbom off waivers and sending Jacob Josefson to the IR? Waitaeckin...who claiming who and who? Dis waited on da line foah two howas folks, ok. Don't you have something bettah to do than make up names and pretend youah GM??
  21. I wonder what Mike Francesa's reaction will be to this waiver claim. Reaction coming up at 1 on da FAN...
  22. Does this also mean more annoying online gambling commercials on MSG during Devils games?
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