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  1. Adam Henrique is going to be at Bob's Sports Cards and Memoribilia in Howell on 02/01 from 3:00-4:30pm.



    "To help celebrate two key games on the 2014 NHL Stadium Series schedule, Panini America is bringing New Jersey Devils star Adam Henrique to Bob’s Sports Cards and Memorabilia in Howell, N.J., for a special appearance and free autograph session the day before Super Bowl XLVIII."




  2. My recent beer purchases and likes include: Victory Hop Ranch, Victory Dirt Wolf, Green Flash Palate Wrecker, DC Brau Corruption IPA, Flying Dog Double Dog IPA. Thats all I can remember off the top of my head.  I liked them all but I will say the Palate Wrecker was very expensive at $14.99/4.  Liked the beer but don't think it warrants the high price.  Really liked the DC Brau.  Wasn't expecting much from it but it's a really solid IPA.  Dirt Wolf is an excellent beer and well priced at $8.99/4.


    Was really hoping to try Lagunitas Sucks but the local store sold out of 5 cases in a matter of hours. Blah.  Will keep looking for it. Has anyone here tried it?


    Have a Founders Breakfast in the fridge as well that I'm looking forward to trying for the first time.  Hear great things about this beer.


    As far as Uinta goes I've tried their Oaked Jacked Pumpkin and I liked it.  It's in my once a year pumpkin purchase plan.  I used to live down the street from Great Divide and my favorites there were Hercules, Espresso Yeti and an occassional DPA. They have some solid beers.I also live near Twisted Pine but never got to try any of their stuff.

  3. Cheapest seats we saw in the offer were about $225-45 a seat. Around $500 for two.  On StubHub right now and see Bleachers in the $130 range.  Is anyone here sitting in the Bleachers? I'd imagine if you are sitting there it's not to really see the game but for the experience of being there due to the distance from the surface.

  4. Heres a slightly off-topic question for the resident "loungers":


    A poster above mentioned the notorious empty black seats.  Are these seats empty because everyone is up in the lounge or because they are too expensive and went unpurchased?


    Just curious since I myself have never had one of those seats or been in any of the lounges.

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