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  1. Tom Gulitti‏@TGfireandicenow Devils have placed Jacob Josefson on IR. Not sure what the ailment would be since he hasn't been playing. That is all.
  2. Mike Sielski‏@MikeSielskinow Can also confirm that #Sixers-#Devils presser isn't about on-court/on-ice matters. Sixers aren't playing any games in Newark, for instance. Mike Sielski‏@MikeSielski18m Can confirm the #Sixers-#Devils press conference tomorrow is NOT about any potential relocation of either franchise. This guy is a writer for the Philly Inquirer. I'm leaning towards a gaming partnership/advertising thing.
  3. Too funny. Nope we were in section 5.
  4. Was finally able to get out to my first game of the season last night with my old man. Maybe its just me but the overall atmosphere at the Rock seemed better last year. Not sure I can put my finger on it but I remember the games I went to last year vs PHI were pretty wild crowd-wise. It seemed more rowdy last year. Last nights game seem tame. I'd also like to say that as several people have noted there is certainly a hige difference in music selection this season - in between plays, when the Devils come out before periods and the goal song and all for the worse. A ton of classic rock last
  5. Ill be in Section 5 thanks to my sister's Christmas gift. Nothing I like better than seeing the Flyers beaten down in person. LETS GO DEVILS!
  6. New Jersey Devils‏@NHLDevilsnow RT @NHLDevilsPR: #NJDevils have placed Patrik Elias on injured reserve retroactive to Dec. 31 and recalled Eric Gelinas from
  7. Will be down the street in Newark before the game and thought of sticking around for the game that night. Looking for cheap seats. Any season ticket holders unloading at face?
  8. NHL on TSN‏@NHLonTSNnow The Chicago Blackhawks are 22-0-5 when scoring first. They play the Devils tonight. #TSN #NHL First ones gonna be a biggie. Lets go Devils!!!
  9. Prefer lower bowl but would consider 100 level. Found section 15 for $45ish on StubHub. If you can put me in thw lower level for around the same price I'd be interested.
  10. Nope I'm at the office as well. Will be streaming it on the FAN as much as I can though.
  11. Afternoon Delight over at the Rock! Jersey's Team (16-16-8, 40 Pts) vs. Pittsburgh Penguins (29-11-1, 59 Pts) Time: 1:00PM ET Where: Prudential Center, Newark, NJ USA TV: MSG+ HD, NHLN-CA Radio: The flagship station for New Jersey Devils hockey, Sportsradio 66/101.9 FM WFAN Starting Netminders brought to you by Modell's: Pittsburgh: M.A. Fleury? (22-9-1, 2.16 GAA) New Jersey: Martin Brodeur (11-8-3, 2.31 GAA) Holy Name Medical Center Injury Report: Pittsburgh IR: Tomas Vokoun (blood clot), Kris Letang (elbow), Paul
  12. I know sikgt was thinking about selling his. You should PM him.
  13. I went to the Henrique signing at Sports Minded on Sunday and I never expected so many people! I arrived around 1:30 and there must have already been 200 people in line. When I got my ticket it said #367. The line wrapped around the building and even up a set of stairs and back down to snake the people a little bit inside during the rain. Once Henrique sat down (about 15 minutes early) and got to signing the line moved pretty quick and I was out of there around 3:15. Seemed like a cool dude. Little shy but can't blame him. His support crew was also relaxed and had a good attitude. Joking a
  14. I agree with starting to pick 3 random players for the shootout. At this point it doesn't even matter. Find the hot guy and go with it. Use 3 guys no one studies shootout moves for.
  15. Perfect! My GF got me an 8x10 of "the goal" and was kicking herself she didnt get the autographed one so I told her I'd keep my eyes peeled for any Henrique signings. This works out well. Although she wont be pleased shes missing it as Henrique is her favorite Devil. Too bad shes working. I'll be sure to get a photo of me and him for her Edit: I just looked at SMU's site and a past Henrique signing and saw huge line out the door. What time should I get there to be one of the first people in line and not halfway into the parking lot?
  16. Anyone know if Henrique does signings? Don't really frequent this thread too much so if this was covered recently I apologize!
  17. 1-877 KARS 4 KIDS K-A-R-S KARS 4 KIDS 1-877-KARS 4 KIDS DONATE YOUR CAR TODAY Agreed. VERY annoying.
  18. I have a new one thats been really pissing me off lately. Its the Infiniti commercial with the family thats driving someplace in the snow and a 60ish year old man smugly blurts out "I hope we make it. Have a 40 year old tradition to keep." What tradition must they keep you may ask. Whats so important that this middle aged man with his annoying graphite pseudo wrap-around eye glasses and cab driver cap is lamenting over in the back seat of this car?? At the end of this commercial theres a kid putting an ornament on a tree and then someone hits a button and the tree lights up. Wait. I may
  19. I'm 5'11 and 175. By all accounts an avg build. I got a medium Premier replica and it's a bit loose (sleeves down about an inch or so past my wrists and back flap past my rear end) and I actually wish I had tried on a small. If your old man is 5'9 a small may be the way to go. My advice would be to get to a place like the NHL store that you'd know would have small premiers and try one on.
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