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  1. This guy knows whats up.


    For me, if it's an IPA or a pale ale, I'm on it. I don't drink much else, at least I prefer not to. Also stick to the local stuff as much as possible, but the NJ/Philly beer scene isn't the greatest. I always try something new, and like df26, almost never get the same thing twice at a bar. A lot of times I'll get something really awesome and forget what it was. I used to go for the highest alc. % for the sake of cost efficiency, and now I've grown to love high % beers.


    I do have a few favorites, obviously, even if I don't drink them very often. Sierra Nevada's Pale Ale is probably the first one that comes to mind. Their Torpedo is good, too. Yards Philadelphia Pale Ale is solid, but their IPA actually sucks. Shipyard IPA, Long Trail Black Rye IPA a few others. Flying Fish Exit 16 is one of the best, but it can be tough to find. I'm really pissed that the Exit series, which is an awesome idea, was wasted on turnpike exits. Now no one can do anything like that with parkway locations.


    Boston Lager is the only generic beer I can stomach. You gotta find one, we're all dragged to Applebees and Chilis and all that garbage once in a while.


    I agree Yard's IPA lacks.  Have you tried their Cape of Good Hope Epic Ale? It's an IPA and quite good. Should be able to find it in stores now. I picked up a six last week.

  2. Ohh you're killing me mouse. That's a very difficult question.  I'm with df26 in that I like to try beers I haven't had before so you won't see me repeat buying a particular beer too much.  I also keep an eye out for those special tappings and one-off kind of beers like that firkin of Breakfast Stout df26 tried.  All that being said I can try to capitulate and make a list of some of my favorites in certain styles in the best interest of stoking this thread :)


    I'll keep it to around 3 beers per category.


    Refreshing/Lighter Beer (This is a style I don't drink much but as far as "lighter" beers go...)

    Carton Boat Beer

    Odell's Levity Amber Ale

    New Belgium Fat Tire


    Pale Ale

    Oskar Blues Dales

    Deschutes Mirror Pond

    Full Sail Pale Ale


    IPA (IPAs are my favorite so I could easily list 20 "favorite" beers here)

    Ska Brewing Modus Hoperandi,

    Ithaca Flower Power

    Dogfish 75 Minute


    IIPA Bonus

    Firestone Double Jack

    Avery Maharaja

    Stone Enjoy By



    Goose Island Bourbon County Stout

    Dogfish World Wide Stout

    Dogfish Miles Davis Bitches Brew



    These were off the top of my head. Sorry for cheating and adding categories and extra beers but hey I didn't add pumpkin beer although I am obsessed with them ;)

  3. Yeah New Belgium is expanding into the northeast. It's awesome.  Last time I was in Delaware I think I bought about $100 worth of Ranger, Rampant, Fat Tire and Trippel.


    I don't think we'll see them in NJ until their new brewery in Ashville NC is open though.

  4. Oh sh!t, a fellow engineer?  Don't worry gardenstatepkwy, employers love engineers.  Assuming you didn't graduate with a 2.0 (also assuming you're a recent graduate, apologies if I'm off base) you should have a job in no time.

    Although let me just comment on something else you said about people skills - employers REALLY love engineers that aren't socially incompetent.  Sell yourself as an engineer with people skills.


    Haha thanks for the words but I'm not unemployed.  ;)


    I have a good job but was said when I made this thread that if there were an opening with the Devils that was agreeable with me I'd consider jumping ship :dizzy:

  5. maybe theyll be hiring cleaning people... that sounds like it might fit your dream job working for the devils lol


    Real nice dude.


    But seriously, if I were presented with those two options as my only possible career choices with all things being equal (pay, hours) I'd probably take the cleaning over the cold-calling of people all day. Sales is just not for me. 


    I'm an engineer, not a pitchman. As that very affable fellow from Office Space said, "I deal with the goddamn customers so the engineers don't have to! I have people skills! I am good at dealing with people!" 


    Let him be the salesman and deal with the people :thumbsup:

  6. All this baseball talk from Francesa in November is sickening. Who the f cares about baseball in November??


    I listen passively in my office during the day and the sheer amount of baseball today has been nauseating. There's football on tonight. Football this weekend. Hockey is going on. Hell even the NBA is in season. What the hell Zaun.


    God save the King, backaftadis.

  7. The food selection at WoB was very small and fairly basic. I was interested in trying the wings and they had a bratwurst slider which my group also planned to order had it not been for the terrible service.  It did seem like a small space. I expected something a little larger.  Not much personality either but this may change as the bar ages.  I wrote about this in the Beer thread but they really need to get an up to date taplist daily and train their wait staff.  I've been to other beer bars like the Pour House in Westmont and even though they kick kegs pretty quickly they always manage to get the taplist updated, printed and circulated to the staff and patrons.  Very impressive.


    Agree on Tiger's Tale.  More of a local hangout. Like the free popcorn idea.  I could see myself stopping in now and then for a burger and a couple beers but it's not a hang out from 1-6pm Sunday and watch football kind of bar.


    Before I went to World of Beer I stopped by The Stage House Tavern in Somerset to check it out.  It was absolutely jam packed.  Good size bar and a TVs were plenty but not enough high-top tables in the bar area. There was no where to sit so we left for N.B.  They had a nice looking Sunday buffet out which we probably would have gotten had we stayed. $17.95 price.  Cool building too. I'm going to go back to this place when it's less crowded and actually eat. Saw one guy with a bottle of Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin at the bar.  Taps seemed liek the standard MillerCoorsBud stuff though.

  8. Went to World of Beer today with the girlfriend and old man both of which are huge craft beer fans.

    The Good: Tap and bottle list.

    The Bad. Awful awful service. Took us over 20 minutes to get a waitress and another 20 to get a beer. The waitress handed us a tap list dates Nov 2 and said that the date wasn't important because they had a lot of the beers listed there. We went through 4 beers before we asked "well ok, what do you actually have on tap?" Two of us decided on a Kane Overhead and when she came back she told us it wasn't Overhead but Head high. She never checked on us the whole time we had out beer and we intended to order food and more drinks but the service was so terrible we decided that one beer each was enough and we'd go somewhere else.

    So to summerize more of the bad- severely outdated tap list.

    - lack of dark tinting or curtains on upper of windowsade the tables that lines George Street difficult to use at 4pm due to glare.

    I'd give this place another shot in a few months to give te a chance to work out te kinks but today's experience was not good at all. We ended up walking toGeroge Street ale house and had a much better time. Instant seating and service, good food, plenty of TVs and a decent craft selection.

  9. This probably has been discussed a bit before but I'm looking for a good sports bar with lots of TVs an a good craft tap list.  Nothing north of New Brunswick and nothing south of Trenton. Help a guy out!


    I've been to a few spot in Princeton and wasnt impressed. Winberies, Triumph and Tigers Tale in Montgomery. Theres gotta be something better.

  10. On a side note - I HATE when their public address announcer gleefully screams: "ARE YOU READY FOR SOME HOCKEY??!!" before the game starts.  Annoying.


    That whole franchise and everything surrounding it annoys the sh!t out of me. The jerseys, the players, the PA announcer, the owner, the fans, the tv announcers.


    My hate runs deep.

  11. For those in the New Brunswick area, World of Beer just opened up on the corner of George Street and Bayard Street.  According to their facebook page, they have 50 taps and 500 bottles.  You can check out their menu here.


    Nice. Thanks for the tip.  Looks well worth checking out.

  12. The best things about the Flyers right now is the SkateZones :) I love the one in Voorhees. Holmgren lives around the block from me, and seems like a nice enough guy to say "Hi" to, but he has made some enormous mistakes recently. Philly has talent, but they are an absolute mess at the moment.


    Have you ever had the...privilege of playing at the Coliseum in Voorhees? When I played in high school we used to have games there every now and again. What a DUMP. Exposed cement in the ice surface and holes in the rubber walkway to the ice, locker rooms that couldn't fit a whole high school team, old magnet style net posts, cooling systems that didn't work, huge puddles on the ice that lasted well into the period. Ugh. 


    On another note has anyone heard that Giroux left the locker room after last night's game and refused to speak to the media leaving his teammates holding the bag? Nice job, captain.

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