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  1. That Palo Santo beer is aged in some gnarly ass wood tanks. That wood is no joke. It's bullet proof.
  2. Bob McKenzie ‏@TSNBobMcKenzie 1m NJ puts Rostislav Olesz on waivers; CAR's Brett Sutter clears waivers.
  3. You and me both. Always used to bitch when Marty got the start over Terreri.
  4. Dude love your avatar. Terreri is my favorite Devil. He was my avatar before I had a creative moment of rage. Welcome aboard.
  5. That didn't look good. We got a gusher.
  6. Hahah thats awesome. Nothing like sayin F it to the sh!ty game and going to the can to get a leg up.
  7. Harrold placed on IR retro to Oct 28 Corey Schneider activated Keith Kinkaid returned to Albany @NHLFREEAGENTS: New Jersey Devils recalled (D) Jon Merrill from Albany & assigned (G) Keith Kinkaid to the Albany Devils #NHL #AHL NHLDevilsPR ‏@NHLDevilsPR3mDefenseman Peter Harrold placed on injured reserve, retroactive to Oct. 28. D Jon Merrill recalled from @AlbanyDevils. #NJDevils NHLDevilsPR ‏@NHLDevilsPR6m#NJDevils assign G Keith Kinkaid to @AlbanyDevils. G Cory Schneider activated off injured reserve.
  8. Too funny. And by funny I mean annoying. I refuse to sit in 122 because of this. If I'm in the 100s I dont want to be within 3 sections on either side of them haha.
  9. What cable provider doesnt broadcast the game in HD? I have HD. Comcast
  10. Schlafly T-IPA Also Cape May Brewery 6 packs soon! http://newjerseycraftbeer.com/cape-may-brewing-co-6-packs-new-beers-and-more/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=New%20Jersey%20Craft%20Beer&utm_content=Cape%20May%20Brewing%20Co%206%20packs,%20new%20beers%20and%20more&utm_campaign=coschedule Very good news. Awesome for them.
  11. I think if Clarkson is on the ice for the Caps and Emery is doing that to Holtby I don't think theres much doubt he jumps in there for Holtby and pulls Emery off. Have to protect your goalie - who cares about fines and suspensions. In the long run if your starting goalie gets concussed as a result of the jumping its a bigger deal. Not sure what was going on on the ice at the time that was going on - probably a bunch of tied up pairs but someone has to jump in there.
  12. 7:00 PM | Prudential Center, Newark NJ TV: MSG+2 HD Radio: The flagship station for New Jersey Devils hockey, Sportsradio 66/101.9 WFAN vs. New Jersey: 3-4-3 Philadelphia: 3-9-0 Tonight's projected starting goaltenders brought to you by Modell's: New Jersey: Brodeur Philadelphia: Ogie Oglethorpe LETS GO DEVILS!! OLD TIME HOCKEY!
  13. They challenged the Chiefs!
  14. I'm gonna whip it out and everybody with the exception of my wife is gonna be runnin for the exit!!
  15. 100%. I'm glad the Devils don't have third jerseys. I HATE black for the sake of black. By any chance do you read Paul Lukas Uniwatch blog? I think it would be up your alley.
  16. I really enjoyed the Dogfish American Beauty. I also like the 75 Minute on cask, Burton Baton, and Sixty-one off the top of my head. But they also have many beers that just aren't for me. My girlfriend enjoys their Sah'Tea. Agree their 750s are pretty expensive.
  17. WTF. Song 2 now? At least let us have that after wins. Holy moly.
  18. Song is awful. Reminds me of a seven nation remix. Ohh oh oh oh ohh. Also makes me think of credit card or car insurance commercials.
  19. Islanders just dealt moulson for vanek
  20. Is it just me or are car designs looking increasing pissed off year after year? Seems like every car on the road has an indignant look on it's front side.
  21. Some terrible QBs getting the start this week. Talk about a thin position in the NFL. Poor Tim Tebow, seeing teams reportedly reach out to geriatric Brett Farve for help and passing over him.
  22. I didn't see the whole game but liked what I saw from Gelinas. He's a bright spot in an otherwise gloomy season thus far.
  23. The one in Princeton was no dice on the uniforms. Called Joes in Howell and they seemed to have vintage and current issue stuff. Sounds promising. I'll check it out on Saturday probably. Have a party that night. Bought an awesome vintage WWII era sailor dress blue uniform on ebay and the damn thing didn't fit. Now I'm scrambling. Rather spend $30-50 on a real uniform than $30-40 on a low grade costume from one of those pop-up shops.
  24. Need help with finding a good Army/Navy store that actually carries surplus stuff. Looking for uniforms. Anyone know of a place like this? My searches are returning slim results and most stores just carry outdoorsy type items and not surplus.
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