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  1. That Redskins day is when he got some of his best prank calls and Francesa moments in. A caller compared the Syracuse Orangemen to the Redskins and said Orangemen was offensive. Mike said - "waitaseckin...waitaseckin...offensive? offensive to who? offensive to da orange people? to da pumpkins? jack-o-lanterns? I mean...come on now!!" That day was mongo gold.
  2. Waitaseckin, waitaseckin... That Zaun 1776 is hilarious. God save the King, back afta dis.
  3. Tom Gulitti ‏@TGfireandice 17s Bryce Salvador had death in family. Returned to Lethbridge this morning. Designated as non-roster player, Lamoriello said.
  4. Rich Chere ‏@Ledger_NJDevils 4m Lou Lamoriello will speak with the media shortly. LOOOOOOU
  5. $102 order processing fee? Jesus Fckin Christ. These kinds of fees shouldn't be legal. Outrageous.
  6. Took a trip out to rural PA this past weekend and stopped at Victory on the way home. Tried a DirtWolf IIPA for the first time and have to say it was very good. Also had a Hop Wallop and liked the DirtWolf much better. Will add to my permanent rotation.
  7. R&R2 is a goal song. It just fits for whatever reason. Seven Nation Army is a song thousands of brosefs can fist pump a Bud Light and yell "ohhh ohh oh oh ohh ohhh!" to. It's played at almost every situation in a football or basketball game. 1st down, 3rd down, 0:30 seconds left no timeouts and on and on. It just doesn't fit as a goal song. R&R2 is hardly ever heard outside of a post-scoring situation whereas SNA is everywhere all the time. I think you can tell I'm a lil anti-SNA
  8. This. Seven Nation Army has been played to death. You can hear it in the background of every college football and basketball game. Played. Lame.
  9. With the Devils struggles this season the board has become quite the negative place (and understandably so). But this thread takes it to a new level. The bull was already angry and you sir not only waved the red towel in its face you kicked it in the nuts too.
  10. Tis the season I'd give it a try. Although I think you're right about the heft part. If I did like it I'd only drink about 8oz of it before moving to something lighter. They even push it as more of a dessert offering: "The result is a really balanced yet spicy dark beer which will work very well as a dessert beer and still pair nicely with your favorite fall foods."
  11. Weyerbacher Aries is making it's rounds through the area. Seems like something I would like. Aries is the 3rd installment in the latest round of Brewers’ Select Series beers! Aries breaks the mold of preceding Brewers’ Select beers in that it is NOT a new beer—rather, it is a blend of two existing beers which have been being mixed by Weyerbacher employees for a few years now. In perfect timing for October / Halloween, Aries is a delicious blend of Old Heathen Imperial Stout and Imperial Pumpkin Ale! http://weyerbacher.com/blog/2013/10/aries/
  12. Greg Wyshynski ‏@wyshynski 5m He even moves to the IR slowly. MT @KatieStrangESPN Devils place Ryane Clowe on injured reserve, retroactive to Oct. 13
  13. We interrupt the goal song controversy to bring you an injury update brought to you by the good folks over at Barnabas Health System - "Everyday, extraordinary": NHLDevilsPR ‏@NHLDevilsPR 3m #njdevils place Ryane Clowe on IR retroactive to Oct. 13, per Lou Lamoriello. Clowe will not travel to Ott. for Thursday game vs Sens. #NHL According to TG he took an elbow to the dome last game and has been experiencing headaches. Here we go. Teddy in?
  14. I wonder if they are going to have a group of employees listening to each heavily voted entry over and over trying to figure out if there is any way the fans can chant "you suck" along to the music. They should have included that in the PowerPlay e-mail: Please note: any songs submitted that include the word "suck" in any form will be immediately disqualified. Furthermore, any entry that encourages fans to chant the phrase "you suck" by either lyrics, tone, beat or otherwise shall be disqualified. And finally, anyone who submits a song in violation of this policy will not be qualifie
  15. How would Joe Thornton celebrate a 4 goal game? http://deadspin.com/joe-thornton-on-the-proper-explicit-way-to-celebrate-a-1443563064?utm_campaign=socialflow_deadspin_twitter&utm_source=deadspin_twitter&utm_medium=socialflow
  16. Awesome growler lineup alert! Joe Canals Lawrenceville has some pretty tasty/rare stuff at the growler station right now: Dogfish Head 120 (girlfriend bought the last growlers worth - apparently a 2 year old keg) Dogfish Head World Wide Stout Oskar Blues Ten Fiddy Riverhorse Firkin Pumpkin Vanilla Bourbon Stone R&R Coconut IPA
  17. Gregory Peck begs to differ, Having Audrey Hepburn on the back doesn't hurt either though.
  18. Don't think I've seen this thread here. American Express "Carrie Brownstein". A woman who is talking on the phone while dressed like the Six Flags guy, eating a record, playing an odd musical instrument and on and on. Hate it. Obligatory "Somebody left the gate open". USAA Insurance. FORT BENNING GEORGIA IN NINE-TEEN NINETY NINE! I lunge for the remote when I see this come on. I'm sure I'll have many, many more.
  19. I'm inclined to agree with this. It would never work. Can you imagine the fan trying to abide by this rule and the fan next to him chanting it. I mean what are you gonna do nudge the guy and say "Hey man! Can you stop that? You're gonna ruin it for all of us!"
  20. I preferred the Clarkson one to the Schneider one myself but not by very much. Both suck. Couldn't they find Schneider some red or black goalie pants? I mean aren't they the largest hockey superstore in the tri state something something. Edit: That being said I'd still dip the broad in this.
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