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  1. Ugh, not for nothing, but Clowe has been one of our better players lately
  2. To be fair, everyone was raging at that point of the season. We didn't look like an NHL team and Deboer wouldn't change the lineup. And well, what do we have here, the lineup is forced to change by injury and wa-la! We learn how to score! I may have overreacted just a weeee bit at that point. In conclusion, I'm a college kid who paid good money to go to the kings game with the inclination that i would actually be able to watch two games for the price of one. Im just a broke college kid looking for a deal
  3. Who said i'm quitting on the team? You make me sound like a Rangers fan when they lose 2 games in a row. I just think that these owners aren't putting in the effort like Vanderbeek did. Even when Vanderbeek didn't have money, you could still tell that he cared deeply for the fans
  4. Why are you questioning whether or not this makes me a "fan"? As far as I'm concerned most "fans" aren't going to the games, which is a reflection of how most people feel about your buds up there
  5. So ticketmaster isn't recognizing my voucher code. And apparently, the twitterverse is having the same problem. Sigh, doesn't surprise me at this point
  6. id like to know too. ill be at this game
  7. Nobody put one up so I thought what the heck. First time for everything... 7:30 PM Eastern on the road once again JUST WIN! LETS GO DEVILS!!!
  8. I haven't posted in a while. Here is my take on the situation: The Devils have always been the team that isn't supposed to go far. They are always projected to be in the bottom of the standings cause they have washed up players, or they're getting old, or Marty isn't the same or blah blah blah. Look at it this way, we took that to heart. Looking at this team we are starting realizing we have old, slow, awful defenseman (sal, volch) and a penalty machine in Zid combined with the always "ok" harrold and the constant mystery of Adam Larsson, not to mention the old, average, non-playmaking forwards we have combined with the young, under-performing small forwards we have that never seem to show up. Now, back to the fact that we are always projected to be sh!t. We are. It always happens and we always overperform. But the writing has been on the wall the past 3 years. Yes, we made it to the finals 2 years ago, i know, but it was a great run and it is starting to feel like its holding this team's future back. We are clinging on to our past too long. We cling on to the fact that "we will be ok because we are the Devils and no matter what anyone projects us or says about us, we will make the playoffs." But we haven't. We didn't last season and maybe it was the short season, but we weren't concerned very much. Now this season starts and we are all pumped up even though we just lost two key guys in clarkie and kovy and replaced them with a bunch of guys who have good track records, but it obviously isn't meshing right now and it isn't pretty. OUR DEFENSE IS HORRID. We need to use this season as a learning curve. Realize we aren't invincible. Try out our young guys and bring in some excitement. Have a fire sale with these old guys like volch and sal. Bring in new coaches, especially get stevens out. He obviously isn't working out. We can do so much to have some good things happen this season. Play Josefson, Olesz, Fayne and Gelinas. The kids are faster, younger, and hungrier. They get mad and play with heart. I know josefson does. I love him for that. We don't have that right now. Deboer has jokes at practice and his job is too safe. It's unbearable to watch these sh!t games and wonder what the fuvk is going on. I might be overreacting here, but i'm just fed up. I'm fine if we tank this season because I believe in the philosophy that you have to hit rock bottom to make it all the way to the top. The reason why the Devils have been good for so long is that we had legends for a bunch of years. Our teams were stacked cause we've been excellent at drafting and just retool the 3rd and 4th lines each year to get back to being good. But this year we have 2 2nd lines and 2 4th lines. We cannot win like this. It's a patchwork team that has no future, not to mention we won't be able to get a good pick this year cause of Kovalchuk. Im done for a while. I watched the first period of tonights game and just switched to the cowboys game. The game was still tied at the end of the 1st, but i saw nothing in their play that told me they were gonna win this game. Alas, I watch the highlights after and i was right. Our powerplay is sad. Schneider bails us out on every fuvkin breakaway and we are just slow as f. I see nothing that gives me excitement about this team this season. They don't give me the feeling that other Devils teams have given me. This sucks and I can't take it anymore. When they start trying to play hockey again and play with some passion, mine will come back.
  9. henrique 50 pts over Brodeur 25 wins
  10. yes, we would retain his rights, but only if all 30 teams agreed to him returning, or he sat out an entire year of hockey and returned, either way, he is still ours
  11. I think Raymond and Boyes wouldn't be amazing options, but they're the ONLY solid options. Raymond has nice hands and is a possible 20-goal scorer. Boyes can fit in with the Zajac Elias line well, I believe, and contribute for very cheap. Jagr- too old and I don't like him as a player. Brunner- too young and I can't see him producing through a full season especially if Detroit doesn't want him. Grabovski- center which we have too much of, and not to mention the attitude of calling out coaches isn't professional, and I'd prefer to stay away from NON-professional players (cough cough kovy). Penner- funny. Cleary- 3rd line with jj/henrique and zubrus? Interesting to say the least, but still unsure Poni- sorry, I've seen enough Gerbe- Upgrade to tedenby, but thats about it Pandolfo- I'm sure Lou would do this in a heartbeat To conclude... sign at least Boyes and Raymond and I'll be happy with what we got, but not Jagr, please
  12. Woops, delete this topic, didn't realize its being discussed in the rfa/ufa thread
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