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  1. Do they still have the stuff pretzels? I want to try the cream cheese and apple pretzel.
  2. If opening night was 16,624, does that mean the attendance was over capacity? Also, I dont see a lot of people sitting in the terrace tables in the upper level.
  3. I thought I saw the pretzel stand on the lower concourse but I'll have to keep my eyes open. I highly recommend the Shorty's cheesesteak that recently opened.
  4. Can I trade Section 128 and 129 for my season ticket seat: Section 122, Row 4, Seat 12 and the Pork Sandwich for Shorty's Cheesesteaks that opened up? Does Michael Ryder have a keeper?
  5. First game was Minnesota North Stars vs the Devils at Brendan Byrne Arena. 5-1 Devils win with 2 goals by Alexander Semak and a win by Chris Terreri. I think John MacLean took over the most games played as a Devil.
  6. I wish I can actually have a Devils mancave as opposed to having most of my stuff in boxes.
  7. Maybe some new carpeting and maybe new pictures but the Fire Lounge seems more dull then the Ice Lounge.
  8. I have the lower row in 122 and my tickets went up to $24. Not a big hike but I'm still renewing.
  9. I did the Cheer Now, Pay Later. I just got to talk to my ticket rep. about the renewal benefits for next season.
  10. I want to extend a special thank you to Jaime and the Devils Army Generals. My first road game that I saw was a 6-1 Devils win over the Rangers at MSG in 2006 and Saturday's game blew that one away. I had so much fun and I hope we can all do it again sometime next year.
  11. I wish they would show more AHL games and not the usual AHL games from Toronto and Hamilton.
  12. What was last years STH gift?
  13. I met him and Tommy Albelin at Shannon Rose in Clifton, of course I shooked hands and introduced myself. Not sure if I said my name or not, it was happy hour at the time.
  14. I saw him and Tommy Albelin at Shannon Rose bar in Clifton. Cool guy, made me feel jaded about wanting him fired.
  15. I went to 2001 and it was a lot of fun. Wish they would bring this back.
  16. With all due respect, I'm tired of hearing about 'Yotes problems. I'll believe it when I see it. Hopefully they will have one more season so I can say that I've seen all 30 teams.
  17. I'm for it. It would bring more revenue to the Rock and hopefully one of the 23 NBA teams that lost money last year can see that the arena is top notch and is a great NBA arena.
  18. I was just inquiring if anyone has a extra Devils retro night puck from last night. The one I'm looking for is a souvenir puck from the 2011 game against the Capitals and not a game puck like the ones sold at the Devils Den before the 2010 retro night.
  19. Not to be off subject with the #9 topic but where is the #10 thread??
  20. My first regular season game since April against the B's (not including the preseason games) and I'm very pumped. I'll be in Section 14 tonight. The Philly fans are going to be in a bad mood tonight.
  21. Any chance of having a event in the Nutley or Belleville area? Primarly, Nutley is becoming a hockeytown.
  22. I'll definetly come out to a couple games when the Devs are on the road.
  23. Some of my memorablila is just about every media guide from the Devils. Numerous amounts of jerseys, pucks, ECC & SC stuff and also 2 pairs of 2004-05 Devils season tickets.
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