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  1. Another RFA trade...pretty big return
  2. According to CapFriendly, years 2-5 have a NMC and years 6-8 have a 15 team modified NTC/NMC
  3. Was wondering the same thing and came across this on the devils site: https://www.nhl.com/devils/tickets/playoff-tickets No date yet but, there is a pricing structure for members and general public that is more reasonable than those $300 listings.
  4. Also over the weekend Mich advanced . Luke with 2 assists and Casey scored with the assist from Ethan Edwards.
  5. signed a 3yr @ 1M AAV this summer so should be around for foreseeable future and someone else will not
  6. Wow another solid trade by NSH and they can still move Barrie
  7. Yeah think I read it was for TOR 23' 3rd round...would've liked to be in on that
  8. now let’s get a clear answer of what it cost
  9. I agree, while he can be a pest and has put up some points this year I think he has like 20 total hits on the year. We need someone who can clean up and bring some physicality
  10. Tanner Jeannot could be a cheaper Tom Wilson to consider if Nashville becomes a seller. Hasn't matched his 24 goals from last year but is still cheap and an RFA. Would be an upgrade over anyone on our 4th line
  11. Yeah Wilson signed through next year at 5.1667AAV. He does have a 7-team NTC but would be a great addition depending on his health.
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