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  1. I know this isn't really relevant to evaluating Andy Greene as a player, but I just wanted to share one of my favorite Greene memories. Maybe this sticks out to me more because I was lucky enough to be at the game, but the way it quieted the crowd was amazing.



  2. You've completely misread what Triumph said: "The Devils are not operating as if they are two forwards away, because they're not."


    You've completely misread what I said. My comment wasn't directed at Triumph, I was agreeing with him. Why do you think I included titans04's post?

  3. Yes addition by subtraction seems to be a plus. Excited to read a guy like Gionta still has a spot can't have enough of those guys. Sorry for not getting excited about anything they've done this off season up until now. I would think as part of the rebuilding, which remember we were only two forwards short according to some we would have shot a little higher than signing some relatively older AHL guys who will compete.

    I did overlook Palmieri, I think he's a decent role players secondary scorer.



    They're starting from near zero.  The best move is doing nothing.  The Devils are not operating as if they are two forwards away, because they're not.  So yeah, I am excited about this move in that it is an almost zero risk move with some upside.


    Yeah if you think the Devils are two forwards away from being contenders this year, you are going to be very disappointed with what they do in the next few months.

  4. Lou wasn't going to bail out on the team after they hit rock bottom during the home finale last year, but by the same token that probably was the last straw to prod management to make changes.


    I was perfectly willing to give Lou another year, but if you were at the home finale (and at the majority of the sad sack games last year) you can't really argue against not giving him another year.

    The issue is that fixing this team will take more than one year. Lou is 72 and will be 73 the first month of the season. Any GM we go into this season with not only has to be willing to be here for the next 3-5 years, but also willing to endure a few really bad seasons in the next couple of years. Even if Lou were doing a great job, maybe he just wasn't willing to take on that assignment at this point in his career.

  5. He's such a douche bag. He said Tampa has slim to none and slim just left town in reference to Tampa being able to win the cup.

    "When Valiquette made his playing debut in 2000, he was the tallest goaltender to ever play a game in the NHL at 6-foot-6. Ben Bishop, standing 6-foot-7, has since surpassed Valiquette as the tallest NHL goaltender."


    Now he has nothing..

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  6. I wish someone like Dr. McMullen was our owner. At least he recognized genius when he saw it and didn't meddle. Lou had a plan to get us back to greatness but these 2 stooges will ruin and dismantle everything and cause us to be a laughingstock. I seriously will not and cannot watch another game. I won't root for another team because I bleed red & black. But I will just refuse to watch.

    Lou being forced upstairs was the ultimate disrespect. What a joke.

    What plan was that?

  7. I think Hossa has a lot of talent left in the tank, but unfortunately, no, just no. Hossa hasn't played a full 82 game season since Atlanta. We'd have to trade something significant for him and when he undoubtedly gets injured we're going to see more Tim Sestitos in the lineup. Too much risk involved. It may still be possible for old men to win an NBA championship, but that hasn't worked in hockey since 1967.


    The Red Wings of the 2000s were some of the oldest teams ever put together, and did some serious damage; they won the Presidents' Trophy 4 times and the Cup twice. In fact, the two times the Wings won the the cup, they were the oldest team in the league.

  8. I guess, but it's clearly the case for our team. We don't get slammed every game, we play solid defense and on a good game, outshoot the opposition by like 10 shots, but we can almost never finish our chances. Add one top 6 guy who can finish on his, and you get his goal production, and maybe even increased production from your other forwards because of things falling in place. Like the only thing this team lacks is scoring, how does adding a scorer not help that?


    Ruutu is a scorer?

  9. So 3rd line automatically equals grind line? I hardly call playing with the likes of Ryder, Zubrus, Brunner, and Jagr, his 4 most common linemates, as playing with guys that aren't skilled.


    I have no problem with his new linemates, but is it too late in the season to make such a dramatic change?

  10. Ruutu can play center.  But he is more suited for the wing.  Regarding breaking up the lines, I think the only line we shouldn't touch is the 2nd line of Henrique - Elias - Brunner.  I think the way Clowe is playing, he deserves a shot on the first line with Zajac and Jagr.  For the 3rd line, go with Ruutu - Zubrus - Ryder.


    I'm skeptical about Zubs at center. I liked Zubs-Zajs-Jags. They had excellent zone possession. Clowe and Ryder seem to match up well together; I wouldn't want to break them up. I'd rather slide Yayo into the center role. That's why I don't really get really get where Ruutu fits. Pete will never change the 4th line. And I think the top 3 lines are set if Yayo replaces Lokti.

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