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  1. PuckDon't Lie

    We Got Rutuu

    I agree that Ruutu is a 3rd liner, but he's a winger and Lokti is a center. We're going to do some major realignment to fit him in, which I'm not sure is beneficial to this team with this few games left in the season.
  2. Are there any updates on whether or not this feature will be turned back on? I completely understand if it's too difficult to turn it back on; I was just curious.
  3. My men's league team. We have trouble gaining the offensive zone.
  4. PuckDon't Lie

    We Got Rutuu

    Simply, where does he fit on this team? Is he going to push Zubrus to center?
  5. So if Avery is on the show, who is the former NHL star going to be? It'll be cool to have two hockey players on the show.
  6. Does anyone know where I can get a 2010 Czech Olympic Jersey? It would be good if I could customize it with Elias or Jagr, but a blank one would be good too because I could send it to IceJerseys and have them customize it. Thanks in advance for the help.
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