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  1. If anyone else is looking for it, it’s on 206.
  2. Anyone have any idea if this game is definitely on MSG+? I’m looking on optimum and it’s not showing the devils game scheduled to come on that channel? Hope it’s just a fvck up by cablevision
  3. Sitting around patiently waiting for this to start, hopefully it’s not a complete disappointment.
  4. Wish I was going to this one, instead I’m going to an engagement party, oh joy.
  5. It’s bullsh!t they’re making you buy a subscription to one of these streaming platforms now to watch local sports. Cable is becoming more and more of a joke by the day. Not sure why they’re charging me a sports tax if I can’t even watch local sports anymore. fvcking bullsh!t.
  6. You’re right, if I wasn’t annoyed I’m sure I would’ve picked up on that.
  7. There’s pages of nonsense vaccine talk where most of us come to read and talk about devils hockey. This isn’t the vaccine thread. Or prudential center thread, I thought this was for team discussion.
  8. This also, is laughable. It’s was debunked long ago that you cant or it is highly unlikely you actually catch the virus by things you touch, unless you’re shoving your fingers up your nose immediately after. We can’t use cash because we need to limit hand to hand transactions, but we can use door knobs and such. They use a scanner now and touch it to everyone’s cell phone to scan the tickets electronically… literally put the machine on my phone. But you’re right, this must be the reason for eliminating cash. Also, I’m pretty sure we’re not in the “midst” of this pandemic anymore, so seriously why don’t we just stop already.
  9. Because this is just ridiculous at this point, come on here to read about the devils and upcoming hockey season and it’s pages of vaccine discussion in the season thread. Maybe this forum doesn’t have enough moderators anymore.
  10. Another thread hijacked by the vaccine or else crowd. I don’t see what the big deal is, honestly. If you’re not comfortable going to games then don’t go, sit home in fear and watch as time passes you by. Want the vaccine? Great, go get it. Don’t want it? Don’t get it. If the vaccine is the end all be all go get it and you shouldn’t have to worry about the unvaccinated so much. Have the vaccine still scared? Here’s an idea then you walk around prudential center wearing a mask all night. Some people are just getting to be a bit much with this. Stay home if you’re scared. It’s that simple. More tickets for the rest of us.
  11. Has anyone ever been to the platinum lounge? I’ve been in fire/ ice lounge but I have tickets for thursdays game says that I have access to the platinum lounge underneath or behind the section 19 seats? Never knew there was something down there
  12. I’m definitely with the camp on acquiring sanko, I feel like this is almost a no brainer if it’s not something unreasonable going back to them. 2 years left, if he performs he greatly contributes to getting this team to finally turn the corner. If he’s damaged goods, what have we honestly lost..
  13. Finally landing a big name in FA.. i dont know what to say, we never get to enjoy being “that” team. Fills a major gaping hole that we’ve had for quite some time.. now make a move to bring in a skilled forward, I’ll take sanko with the two years he has left. Well worth the gamble and I don’t gamble…
  14. Anyone think we have any serious interest/ possibility in trying to get tarasenco? ... to add an elite sniper who is now supposedly 100% younger than 30 along with the possibility of getting Hamilton, I can’t help but think between the two of these additions the franchise could possibly become some type of competitive again.
  15. So the devils don’t have a feed on optimum for this game? We have to watch the islanders broadcast?
  16. Pavel zacha eats corona virus
  17. bout time PK now we need one more lets gooo
  18. its understandable, hopefully it doesn't take him long to get his legs going again if he's feeling it
  19. Nico coming off kind of like he can't be bothered there to talk to Erica.. maybe its because he knows she's married now
  20. Nico and change both back, sounds like a nice afternoon for a devils W to continue this winning streak
  21. he came off as a good sport, player pretty damn well id say while he was here and gave us something fun to watch.
  22. lol, still don't get the hate against hall.. nj never even offered him any type of extension from what was reported... let it go! people think he should've been begging to stay here when he never chose to come here to begin with!
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