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  1. The goaltending fiasco here, its ridiculous. Zero fvckin luck with the goaltending. Blackwood constantly has a problem..about done with that experiment
  2. Definitely seems like hall is not what he once was. As badly as we wanted to keep him here maybe it was best that we did what we did. Obviously with how our returns are starting to pan out
  3. There’s always one … in all seriousness, I’m cautiously very optimistic at the moment, they’ve come out swinging to start the season before and a month from now we’re drowning in the toilet. However, this right here, what we’ve had the absolute pleasure of enjoying so far is something different. It just feels different, if this team can stay mostly healthy, they’re showing they can throw it down with the best of them. Now is not the time to start having doubts, believe in this team, they deserve it at the moment and they’re showing they can hang with anyone. Let’s hope this keeps going as of right now I think they’re showing they can be legitimate contenders if they can keep this going. Devils hockey seems like it’s back.
  4. I guess this is where “ misery loves company” comes from
  5. Why does it feel like we always have to be the helper and not the winner. We’re the DUFF (designated ugly fat friend) to the slamming blonde piece of ass.
  6. although we do deserve him, we’ve been in pain around here long enough at this point. Hockey gods, please send an answer
  7. He’s a damn bum I tell you! A bum of this doesn’t get done! Not even his own nephew likes him!
  8. Yes his uncle, which makes this rumor seem even more possible that there is a connection. Have to wonder what is going on behind the scenes right now if anything at all
  9. I like bratt, but I think I’d rather move him, a prospect and pick(s) over both severson and Mercer. I think Mercer has a lot of potential, but he may also fit there timeline better if they are looking to go through a full rebuild. We shall see.
  10. Who is taking those two rocks off our hands??? Highly doubt this happens. Although, if we’re able to use severson ina. Trade scenario over bratt I’d love it, just don’t think it’s the likely scenario.
  11. If we get tkachuk we better not be in the running for bedard… if we are, than I just don’t know.
  12. I could most definitely see bratt or severson going the other way.. it’s going to take one of them. They can’t afford both bratt and tkachuk. Plus it will be a top end prospect and I’d have to imagine a first round pick. If it looks something like bratt(who I like but just broke out last year as opposed to a sure thing year after year with tkachuk), holtz, and the 2024 1st round pick(I’d hate to move the 2023 pick with it being a deep draft).. sign me right up.. as long as he comes with an extension obviously.. nothing gets done without an extension.
  13. The more and more I think about it and read up the more and more I truly am starting to think we have a serious chance to grab tkachuk. Everything happens for a reason, maybe this johnny Ohio business was a blessing having him go elsewhere, I think the majority of us here all agree tkachuk would be a much better fit that JG. Now I’m just realizing that Tom Fitzgerald is this guys uncle?! Well, that can only be positive things I have to imagine.
  14. There’s a dream, unfortunately probably a pipe dream. If he and Calgary decide they’re going to move on from one another and it’s going to be a trade, I’d have to think that whoever is trading for him is going to want him to commit to a new deal as soon as the transaction is on paper. He and Calgary will compile a list of destinations he’d be happy with im sure, or he will be traded and bounce at the end of the season. This, leaving Calgary not getting as large a return and some team that’s not the devils using him as a last minute pushed to the next step of the post season
  15. There seems to be less and less filtering here, feel free to say whatever you want
  16. I like the palat signing, is it a slight over payment, yea but that’s the deal in these situations. Really hope there can still be a deal made for an impact player somewhere.
  17. With these things i do agree, however, when the surrounding teams are making moves in an already very tough and talented division to continuously improve, we cant sit on our hand and sign a couple guys that make 1mm that nearly no one has heard of.. see Damien Brunner. Amongst other bums in the past handful of years.
  18. Glad is an understatement buddy, im fvckin over the top thrilled that we literally missed out on every single quality FA today because we once again put all of our eggs in one guys basket. There is no way to make this team better now without a trade. Palat ain’t moving the needle either
  19. All in all this entire day fvcking blows… checking the phone like a crackhead because every rumor has us linked to this guy, just to get pissed on. What the fvck. This team has not really gotten any better from last year. It’s going to be the exact same story, and dont tell me “ but oh we got a goalie” no what we got was an offloaded goalie that a winning team didnt see a good use for and they needed to dump him to go after kuemper who is the goalie we should’ve been making a push for. Not taking someone else’s scraps. “But Blackwood will be back and fits says he’s our guy” oh what a fvcking joy. Da fvck outta here. This organization is becoming one big well known dumpster fire and players are seeing it. “ but wait Hamilton signed here “ big fvckin deal, he ain’t pushing the needle and we probably offered him the biggest lump of money. We will blow his best most productive seasons the way we sit right now. See Cory Schneider if you need. fvck
  20. Have to hope Calgary will tear it down and rebuild with the loss of JG, their fans will be crazy if they trade him away.
  21. People are getting antsy, either way I wish he would make a decision (the right one of course sooner than later)
  22. thinking to himself, do I want to play for the devils in Newark where I may get car jacked or the islanders and be known as a fish stick and work for a man who still doesn’t allow beards in 2022
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