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  1. Agreed, i dont think he’s who we thought he was when he came in here. Not the answer to the head coaching job imo
  2. Tomorrow is going to be another ruff one
  3. Schmid is absolutely unbelievable
  4. And great idea, in a game where were lucky to be up by 2 and clearly getting out played, lets start taking stupid fvcking penalties!
  5. This is the look of “ I smell sh!t, not sure if it’s on my own shoe”
  6. They are completely flat, I mean beyond frustrating to watch at this point. Making poor schmid play like a goddamn all star, they need to get it together and now!
  7. Yea maybe, I mean I wasn’t really going at him, was just adding a thought to the page… sometimes it’s tough to pick up sarcasm through text, especially with the amount of beauties I’ve seen on here over the years and now the devils fb page.. forget it
  8. There’s one way to think about it, on the other hand, if you’re constantly getting bounced all over town how are you supposed to get settled in to learn with line mates.. consistency, there isn’t any
  9. Speaking of miles wood…. ( on the live game tv feed) any chance on getting rid of this bum in any way shape or form
  10. Unfortunately, yea i think you’re right. My optimism has gone out the window
  11. Jesus fvcking christ. And right before a penalty
  12. I mean… i just read that ( knowing obviously before hand thats what it is)… my god
  13. Easy papa… lots of game left.. i just threw down on devs money line.
  14. After that solid surge… just like that. We really have to hope VV can be super solid if we want to make a solid run.
  15. The short handed goal is what it is, the team is playing well.. these things happen, let’s give credit where credit is due. Although, i will say, id like to see a bit more out of Meier.. i know it takes time to get settled in and gel. Him colliding with Hughes last game and turning over the puck shows that.. i hate to say this but i dont see the crazy hype yet.
  16. Right, also im curious how the refunding will work if its a short post season.. if they pull that well refund it to your account sh!t im going to be pissed and that would really be sh!tty. Laying out a lot of extra money in general being that we aren’t going to have 4 home games a round..theres only a possible 7 games per round. I understand how they’re doing it i get it, just saying
  17. Thanks for this.. reads like they are only going to sell all 16 game packages. Can’t just buy a couple games each round?
  18. Negative, bastian is reported dealing with some type of injury or discomfort.
  19. Thanks for the reply, a friend and I are looking to buy full strips when they go up.. but kind of dreading calling them for obvious reasons
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