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  1. 11 hours ago, slasher72 said:

    If Fitz keeps things status quo and doesn't follow through on his "big game hunting", then hires a coach to please the analytics geeks, and the Devils don't improve drastically, then he should be sh!tcanned.

    Without a doubt. If he fvcks up this coaching hire and the team is worthless yet again, absolutely fired, no questions asked, good riddance. 

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  2. Just now, njbuff said:


    Assuming the Devils stay at 10, would you trade the 10th pick in the 2024 draft to Nashville for top prospect G Yaroslav Askarov?

    Without a doubt, but that’s not getting it done by itself. 

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  3. 18 minutes ago, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

    Emotionally, I’m 100% with you, even though I knew a game was coming like this at some point, this one killed any remaining passion that I might have had for this year’s team.

    Said it already, but I feel so much for Allen.  This guy stepped it up as much as he possibly could have.  And his team hung him out to dry time and time again, while he bailed THEM out.  If I’m him I’m plenty pissed.

    None of my anger is towards him, he gave us every single chance and alot more than I think most of expected from him. Every single other player on this team absolutely let every single one of us down tonight. It’s finally over. 

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  4. I waited to come here, but, I’m absofvckinglutely down right disgusted.. blowing a 2-0 lead to 4 unanswered goals in a game against a bum opponent when our season literally rode on it. Disappointed, embarrassed, I don’t know how else to express it, you fvcking losers, you don’t deserve to go any further than just finishing off the rest of your games. I’m done with this season. 

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  5. 10 hours ago, NJDfan1711 said:

    Really can't ask for anything else - the three teams ahead of you all lost. Too bad the Isles won and leap is temporarily, but if any team had to win, we wanted it to be them. 

    Devils need to bring their A game tomorrow, and with a win, things could get extremely interesting, being only 4 points out. 

    With a win tonight we would be 3 points out, don’t make our hill any steeper to climb lol. 

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  6. 11 hours ago, Have Another Donut said:

    Wow what happened to the Jets?  Fell off a cliff this week.  They looked unbeatable a few weeks ago.

    Was wondering the same thing, they’re getting plowed by a bunch of sh!t teams, us being one of them 🤣

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