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  1. what time would you say to get there for wednesdays game if i do decide to try this?
  2. wow... this is starting to sound alot more miserable then what its worth
  3. Sorry if this is a repeat, i know ive heard about this somewhere but couldnt remember where i had seen it. I remember hearing something about being able to go to the box office at the arena the day of a game and being able to get tickets for $10 a piece? Does anyone happen to know a little more information about doing this? is it reliable? i would be coming from an hour away and it seems a little risky to do so i figured id see if anyone has done this before and if it is indeed worth trying. Was thinking about doing this for either this wednesday 3/13 against philly or this saturday 3/16 against the canadians. any information on this would be awsome!
  4. starting to look better thank god! hopefully we can pull out another win wednesday night against philly
  5. wow i can see how much salvador is truely liked over here... personally i think the C should be on elias.
  6. To those of you that do have season tickets.. do you guys find it difficult to dump them when need be and make your money back?.. i was also considering that to take advantage of the lower prices just buying a full season and only using about half but i was concerned about not being able to dump them on stub hub or ticket exchange and it being an exspensive problem.
  7. 2ELIAS6


    im betting on a henrique fight tonight, after the way the last game ended with an exchange of words... and besides i feel like henrique has just been getting more rowdy in the past handful of games then i remember him being.
  8. Anyone wana help make me a signature? please! haha new to the forum and dont know what im doing il toss up a pic in here if anyone wants to be a bud and help me out and make me a sig that would be awsome! i took this off one of the walls at the arena, if its not a good one for a signature let me know id be more then happy with providing a different one or if someone wants to choose a different one for me!
  9. Looking to buy half season tickets for next season, i would consider a full season but apart from the pricing and living an hour away from the arena it would be to much to attend every home game. If anyone is looking for a half season as well and may have an interest in possibly splitting a full season to still get the best possible pricing and all of the "benefits" that come along with it either reply in here so we can discuss it or shoot me a PM!
  10. Looking to sell my marty brodeur goalie stick which is autographed and does come with a certificate of authenticity. $200 for it.
  11. Oh my mistake he's in section 122 which is a balcony end and makes sense
  12. Geez with some of those prices better off not buying them and just using all of the discount promo deals that are available for most of the games. I don't understand how 100 section seats are $45 per seat this year but one of my buddy's has two seats in the 100s for $25 a seat
  13. . Thanks for the response.. How ever buying only half season I won't get the same pricing as the STH's correct? I know I can call and talk to a rep but being that I'm not looking to do this until next season I figured I would check to see if anyone here knew about doing a half season and pricing.
  14. I'm really interested in getting like a half season ticket plan for next year I usually go to about ten games a year and next year I think I want to step it up. Anyone have any information on what pricing may look like to get a half season in the center ice 100's area? im going to want two seats in the first row. I would think about opting for full seasons but i dont know if its going to be too much for me to make that big of a commitment living in NY an hour away from the arena. any information would be appreciated. thanks in advance guys!
  15. would definently hate to see clarky go i think he has shown this team what he has to offer. But at the same time im praying a deal is made with henrique and patty as well.
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