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  1. well agree to disagree, at this point in his career I don't see 7M ... he was given that to get a deal done and retain him with the hope that he would end up earning that... Hall is on a 6M deal, Nico is not a 7M player. Inflated contract to keep the player.
  2. he is not a 7mm player.. so if you ask me, he still has some developing to do. lets put the love affairs for our own toys aside and call a spade a spade.
  3. You hope they are set down the middle for years to come, as do I as well. However the truth of the matter is, neither of those players have proven to be anything yet. Both obviously still young and developing especially Hughes but we don’t really know what we have, at this point everything is a question mark.
  4. This really feels sh!tty, although we all knew it was coming. Be worst part about it all is I don’t think anyone ever thought with the team we came out of the gate with that we were ever going to be in this position again. There is no light at the end of the tunnel right now and it continues to be a dark time to be a fan of this team.
  5. wonder what teams are said to be involved and who could be coming back the other way. Wood hasn't done anything this year either so ship them both out and find someone who knows how to stop a hockey puck. I hate to move Hall but its clear as day that no matter what he was never going to be a part of this teams future.
  6. some positivity around here is always nice for a change, string together some wins and let fvcking turn the ship around.. every game this coming week is winnable. Plus I have a group of 12 people going to the game on Saturday most of which are ranger fans so we better beat those sloths.
  7. his response is understandable, really. Normally I would have the same response as you here but if you watched this game you know the only reason they even had a relative chance was because of 29. The players know it as well by the responses they gave during the post game. I still can't help but to look at this roster and just not understand why they are having such a hard time.. on paper it sounds like something to finally be excited about but on ice... I don't need to say anymore.
  8. Have to start Blackwood tomorrow as long as he feels up to it. Starting Cory is a guaranteed loss no doubt, the team has 0 confidence playing in front of him and rightfully so. It’s mid November and he hasn’t logged a W since last season
  9. There’s 1... I’m sure the 2nd and 3rd goals are not far behind now. If this is going to happen let’s get it over with so I can watch something else
  10. Everyone have your popcorn out for the big third period melt down?
  11. Anybody else just catch Salvador say Subban is “being a prick today” during the intermission report lol
  12. sounds like half the sense line up is out with injuries, which only means one thing.. prepare to get smoked. Just kidding, need to keep collecting points if we want a chance to become relevant. LGD!
  13. I think to the public this situation is still so up in the air, obviously a lot of speculation constantly going around but theres only three people that really know what this guy is thinking and we know who they are. I would prefer to find some closure to this situation sooner than later though. If we have to shop him lets see what we are going to be able to replace him with and bring that player in here to start gelling with the rest of the team.
  14. hoping for a nice solid performance, hope the goaltending continues to hold up and play well. Would be great to tack on another one and really get some momentum going with this group
  15. find a way to win this game, if only we had the goose for the shootout last night maybe we wouldve had a chance
  16. move Cory for a breakfast at Dennys and make this guy blackwoods back up
  17. fans are taking this a little far, obviously we as a fan base are all beyond aggranavated, it seems like season after season no matter what changes or how much improvement there seems to have been were still back in the bottom of the basement. Don't you think that this is even more frustrating for the players? Im sure a guy like Hall was just as excited to roll out of the gate with all of these new talented guys to play alongside and then they have a start like this. These guys get paid big money to play this game, but you should remember too that most of them want to win more then anything, they train their whole lives for a chance to win the Stanley cup. So yea I'm sure some of them find it even more disheartening when they are going out there and giving it what they have as a team and the fans are booing them while the game is still close enough to win. Fans seem to have this feeling over entitlement, like they own these people. Its aggravating I agree, but give it a break we don't need to over analyze every single word or action thats said or displayed while they themselves are extremely frustrated.
  18. So with a few injuries taking place last night, you’re saying there’s a chance?
  19. congratulations, you just jinxed the team.
  20. yotes coming off of a game last night, have to take advantage of that to try catching back up.
  21. this game is going to set the league record for most amount of penalty minutes
  22. and Blackwood pulls the ol' kinkaid
  23. what a perfect game for him to net his first one. awesome man!
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