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  1. It is a retool not a rebuild

    Gionta is the man.
  2. It's Possible

    Lol I just saw that.. Oh well
  3. It's Possible

    PS all I really care about is knocking Rangers out..
  4. It's Possible

    I heard Kovy might be back Sat... I hear you both about the draft picks.. But I would love to make the playoffs
  5. It's Possible

    Just think if Rangers lose to Buffalo, we beat Florida, then beat Rangers were only 2 points back and we get to play them again... I know it sounds crazy but stranger things have happened.
  6. GDT New Jersey Devils at Leafs 7PM MSG+

    ??? They always joked that Batman's sidekick was gay... Lighten up.. It was a joke saying we need more depth.. And I have plenty of respect.. But thanks for the advice, just take it a little less direct next time..
  7. GDT New Jersey Devils at Leafs 7PM MSG+

    Reverse would be Maab! Haha
  8. GDT New Jersey Devils at Leafs 7PM MSG+

    Kovy is a crucial piece of the pie.. But he wouldn't have helped much during this pathetic run. He needs a partner in crime.. And until that happens this team is doomed.. Depth equals offense and without depth this team will be forever plagued.. Batman would had been nothing without his gay sidekick Robin. Baam!!
  9. GDT: W667 or L8? Boston Bruins @ New Jersey 666 7:30 EST

    I think he was saying instead of going after Kovy originally we should have gotten 3 players. But even that makes no sense salary wise..
  10. GDT: W667 or L8? Boston Bruins @ New Jersey 666 7:30 EST

    Gotta win 7 of the last games .. Pray rangers fall.. Cause islanders look great
  11. Larsson

    The best about Larson is people were talking like he was some Scott Stevens remake... Why because he is on the bigger side?? Sometimes the kid looks like a deer in headlights.. But lets compare him to our captain.. Captain Salvador Hook.. Oh wait he sucks...
  12. Time to wave the white flag?

    Colorado... Even when Marty comes back maybe Larry should put Clemmensen to be on the goal during the shootouts. Can the coach do that ? Switch the goalies 5 seconds to go in overtime? - Most priceless quote ever posted on a message board. someone actually said this... blahhhhhh ..now thats priceless
  13. Time to wave the white flag?

    The organization will never push him out... I think that is understood.. I think Bernier is 24... I want someone who we can have for a long time... But that person has some serious shoes to fill... No pressure!!
  14. Time to wave the white flag?

    I thought we would have went after Jonathan Bernier... Maybe in the offseason.. I am all for Marty playing next year with a new goalie behind him..
  15. Time to wave the white flag?

    You know what... I have been so angry the last 3 weeks that I have attacked a few of you guys... I am new to this forum and hope to add as much as possible to the threads.. Being negative isn't my style, just can't stand the way everything has been managed and executed to this point. I actually enjoyed a few drinks last night and watched Mad Men and Game of Thrones over the ending of the game.. I can watch those shows on demand, chose not to last night.. I am just depressed watching us continuously dominate and not score.. Its the same thing every night.. Just like the shootout this year...