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  1. Lou Lamoriello Appreciation Thread

    I cannot and will not acknowledge this team going forward. Not after how they treated Lou. The man should have been given the choice to be GM until he was ready to retire. 3 Stanley Cups and a decade and a half of ongoing success have earned him that!
  2. Lou Lamoriello Appreciation Thread

    The man's powers have been stripped. How is that showing him respect!!?? Lou was poised to turn everything around, starting with this upcoming draft and free agency period. But he gets cast aside right before he has the chance to do so. Fvck these owners and fvck this team.
  3. Lou Lamoriello Appreciation Thread

    Simply the best. Ever. But in all honesty, we shouldn't even be having this discussion. The fact that Lou was forced out of the GM position on this team is a travesty. I'm sorry, but I'm just finding it very difficult to like this team going forward after the disrespectful stunt these owners pulled. I may just follow another sport until they leave or Lou is reinstated. At least show some respect for Lou and bring his son Chris into the fold as Assistant GM under Shero. It's the least they could do. Just pathetic.
  4. Josh Harris is clearly calling the shots now for the Devils

    I wish someone like Dr. McMullen was our owner. At least he recognized genius when he saw it and didn't meddle. Lou had a plan to get us back to greatness but these 2 stooges will ruin and dismantle everything and cause us to be a laughingstock. I seriously will not and cannot watch another game. I won't root for another team because I bleed red & black. But I will just refuse to watch. Lou being forced upstairs was the ultimate disrespect. What a joke.
  5. Ray Shero: Pros and Cons

    I agree. The owners absolutely suck. Telling Lou to lose his GM responsibiities is the ultimate disrespect. What the hell do they know in comparison? Lou is a legendary GM and is the smartest man in the business. He built this franchise into what it is today and is responsible for their 3 Cups, take it or leave but that's the truth. But these two buffoons buy the team and cast him aside like he's irrelevant. I can't watch this team anymore. I'm done.
  6. 2015 Draft Thread

    I hope Lou picks Travis Konecny. He's Brian/Steven Gionta but with more upside. He fits a Lou mold to a 'T' and I think could do well in this system.
  7. Devils 2014-2015 Off Season Thread

    Getting back Oduya would be gold!
  8. GDT: 2015 NHL Draft Lottery- 8PM, NBC

    Whatever, I'm not concerned. Lou will get us a great player at #6, whether a trade or a draft pick. I never lose faith in Lou. If you bleed red & black, there's no reason to.
  9. GDT: 2015 NHL Draft Lottery- 8PM, NBC

    Lou and Conte will surprise everyone and pick Travis Konecny. Which I think would be brazen, but cool.
  10. Lou's Future

    He always does. Honestly, from what I've read Sylvain Turgeon wasn't exactly a bad playe, he could score, so I wouldn't say Lou got fleeced. Getting Claude Lemiuex from Montreal in return for Turgeon though was an epic move, that's why Lou is a hockey genius. As for Verbeek, he quickly learned that if you even think about challenging Lou you're going to get bitchslapped pretty damn quick. Lou sent him to the armpit of the NHL to teach him a lesson. Lol.
  11. Lou's Future

    I read a story about how Pat Verbeek tried to negotiate his salary with Lou after a breakout season and Lou would have none of it. He basically shut down Verbeek and traded him to Hartford for trying to challenge his authority. No matter what you think of Lou, that is just badass and that is why Lou rules.
  12. Lou's Future

    Parise walked out on the Devils, Lou didn't even have a chance to have a meaningful discussion with him, yet alone talk salary. Parise is a quitter in my eyes. Sorry. As for patchwork free-agents: Carter worked out well, Bernier has been great, Jagr was very good, and unlike most I do like when he signs former Devils because they know the system. It's smart. Every ex-Devil worked out pretty well, so I really don't get all the hate people have for Lou when he signs former players. The man knows what he's doing and is an expert. So let him do his damn job and stop the whining.
  13. Summarize the season: In one word

  14. Does Elias get traded?

    Instead of trading Patty why dont we show the man some respect and try to build a winner around him?? Patty has 3, maybe 4, good years left in him, build a team around him now that can compete instead of sending him off to win a Cup for another franchise.
  15. Lou's Future

    I agree with that. This mess should fall squarely on the shoulders of Conte, and to a lesser extent on the shoulders of Parise for showing zero loyalty to this franchise and leaving for Minnesota. Lou has done everything he could to make this team a perennial winner. His name should be the last mentioned when looking for culprits...