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  1. This. Needs to be heard even though some will disregard clearly.
  2. No. He has one year left. There are more important things to do then pissing off the locker room.
  3. Only overpaid by a mill or so, hopefully he stays healthy.
  4. They should, I think they're more equipped this year then last. Fun playoffs so far this year.
  5. Gratz to Lou! Not getting past Washington though. No one is imo.
  6. Looking at History here I see CBJ. Good Job, ballsy and working. Congrats. Next up, Lou's turn!
  7. Watching what might be one of, if not the biggest upset in NHL history happen in front of us. Tampa looks like little kids right now.
  8. We talk about how will Toronto pay Marner and Nylander and forget this insane defensemen named Rielly. He's gonna get himself a 8yr contract to. Man is a machine.
  9. We suck. But on the bright side, Coleman is turning into one hellofa player.
  10. Looks like Miami fighting hard for Teddy.
  11. The thing is, the Giants don't draft well. Especially the Oline. Can't respect a GM that consistently lies to his fans almost every day it seems. Bad day for Giant fans.
  12. Not a bad contract. Good luck Bell. Jets should be interesting this season.
  13. Now KC trades Dee Ford for what looks like a mere 2nd next year. The returns on trades aren't as much as one would think.
  14. While OBJ may be a headcase at times, he is no Antonio Brown. OBJ is very passionate, something that people confuses and undervalue. Giants lost themselves alot of fans today I would assume, after reading over the comments. On the bright side, look at Mayfield's offense.. holy jeezus
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