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  1. Taylor Hall you can leave, the governor said we still got Taylor Ham so we good
  2. And yet from what i saw, there was a bigger offer on the table, he chose Philly for a reason.
  3. CarterforPresident


    Add Franzen to that list now
  4. CarterforPresident

    Fire Hynes

    Hynes will be Shero's undoing. And sadly, he has himself to blame, he's been here before..
  5. Starting to think that Cory Schneider is an extremely overrated goaltender and shouldn't be on any NHL team right now at least in the way he's playing, he doesn't deserve to
  6. CarterforPresident

    Fire Hynes

    Not saying he's our best player, he isn't, but he isn't close to the list of problems we have. We have probably 99 problems and he ain't one
  7. CarterforPresident

    Fire Hynes

    you do realize Rooney is the only player in the league with over 100 minutes logged and hasn't given up a goal. Yeah he doesn't score but he's doing something else better than pretty much anyone else on the team
  8. CarterforPresident

    Fire Hynes

    It's time for Hynes to go. Plain and simple, he may be good somewhere else and learn from here but this team is not for him.
  9. Roberto has been one of the best goalies these past 20 years in the NHL. He deserves this and then HOF. This isn't something to be ashamed of.
  10. No. While I really like Ehlers and think WPG fans need to cut him slack, he isn't needed imo. The way this time is shaping up, we have more ?'s on D then offense. Trading our current 2 best isn't making us much better imo.
  11. Well I see alot of people who say they are form Central Jersey Because they don't wanna say they are from South Jersey. Central Jersey.. this debate will live forever.. I mean there is no "official definition " of such a place.
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