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  1. I disagree completely and I'm seeing a lot of people say the same thing. I'm listening to multiple radio stations for other team and they're basically saying the same thing, their team might as well cheat because the punishment is pennies on the dollar in the grand scheme of things. It isn't a great look for baseball.
  2. Docked picks and fines is nothing for cheating.
  3. Not surprise considering Beltran seems to be one of the architects of this whole thing. what I do take from this and what a lot of other people are taken from this, if you want to cheat in the MLB, go ahead they wont bring the hammer down.
  4. Last couple season's, outside of KP, Coleman's been this teams MVP imo. Dude does not take a shift off, plays with his heart. This is the type of player that younger one's look up to.
  5. Think the defense played a part as well. We had no defense before Shero, and still basically the same thing now, we suck still. The development on the defensive side is nill it seems and he's had plenty of time to do his thing. Don't get me wrong I like Ray and definitely see him getting a gig somewhere else within a year or two, but this isn't surprising,tl the timing is but not the move itself
  6. Bet my friend a $100 the Titans would win! He said not in hell, told him there was to much hype around Baltimore. Hell of a game and gratz to the Titans. My prediction is still SF vs KC in the Superbowl.
  7. Brady is not going to sign with another team. It's the Pats or retirement, seems pretty simple to me.
  8. Either way my point stands, Grabner made some sense given where we were at that point in time, Mojo was amazing on WSH until he came here and was derailed due to injuries, most were excited as hell when that trade was made, Mueller is what it is no GM Bats perfect
  9. Disagree on Subban. And I think Palmeri's performance knocks the other three off easily.
  10. Some people here seem to be insiders, seems like some know for a fact thar we has a better offer? We can bash Shero for this all we want, whatever, but we are always praising him for every other trade he makes. All of a sudden he's bad? No, get a grip, I get it, humans are emotional but still. Sheros track record with trades with us tells us this was the best offer he had. He deserves that benefit,
  11. If this is what Shero got, then there wasn't a better offer. Look in the mirror, thankfully you're not the GM.
  12. And yet from what i saw, there was a bigger offer on the table, he chose Philly for a reason.
  13. CarterforPresident


    Add Franzen to that list now
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