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  1. CarterforPresident

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    Seeing that Toronto is finally starting to see that Babcook isn't the answer.
  2. CarterforPresident

    2018 Miami Dolphins thread

    He isn't going anywhere until he wins it in Michigan. He's pretty much said so himself. Every. Year. He should have won it by now but he won't adapt, good coach but he's his own worst enemy. Kind of similar to his brother. We'll see, i would stop holding my breath though.
  3. CarterforPresident

    2018 Miami Dolphins thread

    I get wishfutl thinking and all, but let's stop, Jim Harbaugh is not coming over. He is not. And I am sure if he even wanted to be back in the NFL, it would be with another team then just Miami. He would be sought out.
  4. CarterforPresident

    2018 NFL Season

    Chargers win. Goodbye Harbaugh. For the sake of Baltimore.
  5. CarterforPresident

    2018 NFL Season

    Harbaugh should be fired. Literally the moment this is over. Incompetent
  6. CarterforPresident

    John Hynes Signs Extension - Star Ledger

    I wonder, if this is the move in maybe 2 years that leads to Shero not being the GM.
  7. CarterforPresident

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    We all know how some fans can be. From what I read, McDavid gave his Blessing on the trade, and was one of the first, if not first, to call Manning himself.
  8. CarterforPresident

    2018 JETS

    Bowles most definitely will. Teams have interest already from what I saw.
  9. CarterforPresident

    The Devils defense has been really good this year.

  10. CarterforPresident

    2018 NFL Season

    Same here. I don't think he's a bad coach, just at this time, the team needs a change. Well, a couple years to late, but at least it's happening.
  11. CarterforPresident

    2018 NFL Season

    GB gives MM the boot. About time to. Was always extremely over rated. Seems the fans have started feeling that the last few years themselves from what I have been reading.
  12. CarterforPresident

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    They're gonna sign Jq and we'll be stuck with Hynes. fvck me man
  13. CarterforPresident

    Fire Hynes

    This has to be it. A shakeup is needed big time.
  14. CarterforPresident

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    5 goals for Laine. Nuff said.
  15. CarterforPresident

    Schneider: done or finished?

    Not a starter. Which sucks to. Seems like a great dude

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