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  1. Lou was horrid his last few years here but he's been doing really well for himself and I'm happy he is.
  2. Over the past few seasons, Kuemper has been pretty good. Definitely above average
  3. Saleh is a great motivater. He'll attract talent on the defense. Lafluer will be a HC soon aswell, it was best for him to get up under Shanahan since it's his show. Good day for the Jets.
  4. Dadonov signing with Ottawa and having a 10 team no trade list, imo is kind of insulting to those teams
  5. Lou traded Toews to Col for two, 2nd picks. Great trade there
  6. If he gets hurt again, this master plan of his is all fcked though. Ha.
  7. Toronto fans are not happy, so that equals a win.
  8. Yeah, I believe Dreger brought up that sentiment with no putting a claim in for TJ.
  9. Believe they'd have to unload MAF and Schmidt to fit him in, no? If so, give us Schmidt easily.
  10. Would believe most teams are somewhat interested in Hall, that's not surprising. The rest is up to Hall.
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