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  1. He honestly deserved it. He charged up his stick swing like it was a final fantasy heavy attack
  2. I feel like Smith takes a penalty, every single game. And it's always something boneheaded.
  3. fvck it, send Mercer, a 2nd and VV for Hart. Won't happen but i wish
  4. knew we had it😅. But seriously the team plays different with Schmid, dating back to the playoffs. Have no reason to not let him start a number of games.
  5. We need to trade for a netminder or something. Maybe last year's playoffs broke VV mentally but we can't keep him as a starter like this
  6. Muevelos

    Fitz’s Choice

    I know Ruff isn't going anywhere right now. But we all know and have acknowledged, for the most part, that he isn't the coach of the future for this team ultimately. Would a shakeup there help?? I get Blackwood vibes from Vancek to, he's completely falling off a cliff and can barely stop a beach ball.
  7. Muevelos

    Weekes on Hughes

    It sucks but, Meier, Bratt and Mercer are enough star talent to make up for it, it's amazing how much star talent we've accumulated in the past few years.
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