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  1. Probably better off if BB stops playing the GM role as well and just simply coaches.
  2. BB confirmed he'll be back in NE next season.
  3. Yegor and Mercer have the tools, it also took Bratt a number of seasons before he got it all going. He looked Ehh for a few seasons himself.
  4. Sling tv is the only one i believe to have NHL network. I'm in South Jersey and have YouTube TV so I'm unfortunately screwed from watching this..
  5. Wilson looks like he's never even played the position before. I heard Wentz will be available after seasons end!
  6. Don't disagree, the added playoff spots got them in. On paper they are one of the best teams in the league, getting it going at the right time. And yes the bye is supposed to help, it didn't hamper HOU or NYY, the others just sh!t the bed, and it's not exactly unlike the Mets to piss it away.
  7. Not wrong at all. I would say out of all the professional sports a first round bye, in baseball isn't that big of a swing towards the opposing teams as it is and say the other sports though. Think it's a bit overstated and more of an excuse in baseball as opposed to others.
  8. I mean 2 of the final 4 were 100 plus win teams, no? The difference being the Mets just don't have it when it mattered. But either way, so what, this is every major sport and happens every season.
  9. Wilson or Fields, both suck and kinda cancel each other out.
  10. Bahl seemed really solid at the end of last season aswell. He definitely deserves a full time spot I think.
  11. Hulu Live TV, gives you the entire Hulu library included. Would be cheaper. The real honest thing you need to ask yourself is, how many of the other streaming apps do you need cuz that's where the cost goes up. That's why I chose Hulu Live TV, 2 birds one stone The moment you decide you wanna add HBO Max, Apple TV Netflix, and others it gets high if you decide you really need live sports.
  12. Mets, Braves, Philly. This should be a fun watch tbh. Believe all 3 are gonna make the playoffs ultimately. Braves are faltering, Mets are steady, Phillies are getting better and better. They have somehow, done all of this without the MVP in Harper. Can't control schedules, just win. But then both the Mets and Phillies are prone to late season collapses. I don't get that feeling from either club but who knows. It'll be interesting to watch though it's been fun
  13. I understand the rules, I'm just saying wish they were slightly different, Brady was a big part of this machine and has been sketch for a bit now that's somewhat but the rules help him. Oh well. Bad look for everyone. Is what it is
  14. I don't think Brady is innocent in any of this by any stretch.
  15. True. The league won't, but Brady should be cracked down on aswell.
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