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  1. Muevelos

    It’s Keefe

    Won the offseason, see y'all next year
  2. He'd make a great coach. Always really liked him
  3. That's one hell of a take. You should try and be a little more positive.
  4. All smoke. There's big rumours that Michkov may show up after this year. Apparently the Flyers Org is looking into whether Michkov is able to. DB js just down playing everything going status quo
  5. Don't disagree, Matthews tends to play for the regular season and coast during the playoffs. He needs a ass kicking for sure
  6. No single coach is going to walk into Toronto and fix that culture. It's crazy to think that. Alot of this culture is based around that locker room. Some players will have to go for that culture to switch, regardless of the coach. Their fans also seem to understand this. Potentially Rielly and/or Marner may be or need to go. And having Berube not piss of Matthews and Nylander trying his style will be huge.
  7. Thomas wasn't a fan of him either I believe. Which probably was a catalyst for him not getting the job in Ottawa. He seems like the disciplinarian that doesn't mesh with the locker reason i:e respect. But we'll never fully know.
  8. 23 most likely. Very likely yes. He's not ready. Trotz has said they will do everything they can to resign Saros. The reason being Aska isn't ready. And they don't want to trade aska they basically said that too. The likely scenario is both going to stay on that team. And that would be the right scenario for Nashville. And his age doesn't matter cuz goal is develop a lot slower I mean damn Knight won't be starting full time for Florida until he's at least 25 from the look of it. If Aska was a sure thing and clearly far from it, Nashville wouldn't be in this position.
  9. Nice dream but issue is Askorov isn't ready for NHL minutes. Consensus seems to be he's still 2-3 years out.
  10. Would anyone entertain OEL here for 2-3 years on a reasonable deal? He's obviously had a huge comeback year and I'm assuming the whole league's going to try and get him. If the number is right meaning smaller he could be a good option as a bridge. I'd like Lundell to
  11. Also looks like Savard will be leaving The Blues for Toronto. He ran a great PP, toronto got a good assistant there.
  12. This Mets team looks like a triple A team
  13. Berube is a hard nosed defensive coach who had bad defensive metrics. I'm more for a Keefe/Woodcroft situation. Absolutely will NOT accept Todd Mc as coach, that'd be a failure and Fitz should lose his job if that's who he decides
  14. That isn't wrong. Swayman looked like sh!t last night. Boston is another team that continually sh!ts the bed in the playoffs, their only accomplishment is continually sending the Leafs home
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