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  1. Happens all the time in the NBA, I mean, some can say the All Stars in the NBA hold more power over a team then the actual GM half the time.
  2. Florida wins, seconds before a 5th OT. They're all probably running to bed right now😅
  3. Going into the 4th OT, great game
  4. This Tempe deal would have been fully private funded to. Sucks to be a Yotes fan. Maybe they'll go to SLC
  5. Dude has 3 teams in the same division basically, in 3 different leagues 🤣
  6. This is embarrassing, Mercer, Bratt Nico are irrelevant, which is a liability. Something needs to change.
  7. Team is so bad with an extra skater against this team.
  8. Hopefully these playoffs knocks Bratts price down.
  9. My bad. I ment forward lines but you are correct, Bahl hasn't been bad, but Sevs is rarely a positive anymore unfortunately.
  10. Bottom 2 parings are our most effective, not going to win like that.
  11. It does, but let's remember. We don't want a PowerPlay against the Canes, there's no such thing, they always score a shorthanded goal or spend the entire time in our zone. We're better off killing a penalty then a PowerPlay
  12. This, the entire team is trying for to much. Just shoot.
  13. Yeah i know, even the wins, the puck and stick handling has been low quality. They aren't making anything happen, to many passes ir trying for extra stuff. Jack looks like a ballerina, he needs to simplfy. They all need to simplify. Vancek got undressed 3 times and luckily circumstances or Marino prevented a goal.
  14. The team looks a lot worse than they did against the rangers. Nico and Mercer still invisible. Bratt looks like a liability, good luck getting 8mill. Marino should be getting paid 10mill a year it feels like, he does everything right.
  15. That article is from 2019.. but he does have PK's Places i believe
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