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  1. I wanna see Zetterlund,Foote and Bahl around more with the team next year, full time sure. Rid of Subban, Johnson and Mcleod. Vesey is a great PK guy, keep him, sure. Extend Bratt and Severson. Sev is also the longest tenured Devil correct if wrong, he's not perfect but he also one of the biggest leader system has and another team would give him the contract he wants in a heartbeat. The current state of the team we are better with him not without.
  2. Blackwood is trash, literal trash in net.
  3. Other way around, Ian reported the rumour is the Niners turned down #10 and more. Don't believe there was anyone left in the top 10 the Niners wanted over Deebo
  4. It's unlikely Deebo gets moved, he has no leverage. And this isn't about money cuz he would be paid by the 49ers, they've said it before. I believe he just had a kid and his family is located somewhere in the Carolinas. So he has few options for teams. And again he holds no leverage.
  5. Bastian's playing well, surprised with him. Hope he keeps it up.
  6. No Blackwood means we have a chance. We got this. 3-1 NJ
  7. Bratt-Mercer-Johnsson right. Without them we're a 2 win team if that.
  8. We were literally a better team before Hughes came back. How does that happen
  9. Thought it was me and I'm currently sick, i thought it was my time.
  10. I'll take Mercer and everyone else is up for auction
  11. Blackwood just isn't the answer in net for us.
  12. Sucks for you, get a lowered platform bed then.
  13. I'm not to down on Fitzgerald myself but I'm personally, not sold on Ruff, any of the staff and importantly I'm extremely unimpressed with Blackwood.
  14. Thankfully it's on ESPN+ and not impossible to get NHL Network. ESPN at least made getting Access to the NHL cheaper then buying center ice.
  15. I'll take a black Jersey personally. I know it's tough and I know a lot of people, just in general have a hard time accepting change. Change can be a good thing. If you don't like it don't buy it.
  16. No one's arguing that. What's being argued is your first sentence right there is completely irrelevant to the tweet. You brought it up when it wasn't brought up in the first place you made it a topic not the tweet. That wasn't necessary. That's the facts aswell.
  17. Or you could have, you know not said anything at all. Stating whether he was or wasn't vaccinated would have been the better thing to do. But, you made sure everyone else knew that he wasn't. Your comment wasn't exactly needed.
  18. Eh, oh well. My uncle has issues aswell and he got it.
  19. Lou was horrid his last few years here but he's been doing really well for himself and I'm happy he is.
  20. Over the past few seasons, Kuemper has been pretty good. Definitely above average
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