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  1. Henrique is such a bust I can't fvcking take it this team is so fvcking aggravated Henrique and Zajac ..busts. @NHLDevils: DeBoer: "We weren't ready to play. That's on me. We have to be ready to go at the start of the game. First period killed us." Oh really Pete? Well good. You're fvcking fired then.
  2. Ok now stop the fvcking puck Cory
  3. LolYep. fvck this franchise. Signing Kovalchuk destroyed this empire and it will never be rebuilt. I'm wondering if I will root for this team when it moves to Quebec....
  4. Ok. I didn't see the game due to a flight to California. What a LOVELY surprise..although it's not a surprise because this team hasn't finished a game since Debour was coach so without even seeing the game I'm going to blame him and also his decision to start Brodeur. Please fire this guy.
  5. Incredible. They can lose as many as they want if they go 6-0 vs the rangers this year I will be content.
  6. I hate Travis Zajac. Not worth the money. Never will be.
  7. Of course. It'll go to a shoutout and well lose.
  8. Brunner needs to be cut not benched
  9. Weird Henrique screwed up again.
  10. Schneider should play against the Rangers when the Devils are away. This coach is an idiot. It's common sense not to start Brodeur anymore in this god damn place they call MSG. He got his one win vs them this year, that's good enough. He should have started last night. The Marty chants are embarrassing to the team.
  11. Ya I didn't call this or anything. Gonna be a long night. Must be nice scoring on the first shot of the game.
  12. Just beat the Rangers and it'll make all this go away and also it will make the Rangers look really bad considering how pathetic the Devils looked tonight. I think Brodeur should have started against Detriot. Debour throws a dart with his eyes closed when choosing which goaltender to go with. He has zero idea of what he is doing and I think it affects the goalies. It's game 30 and there is still no rhythm. You're really going to start Brodeur at MSG tomorrow on a 3 game losing streak? If he lets up one goal the place goes wild with washed up Marty chants and the whole teams moral is done. I'm sorry but the coach HAS to think like that. Schneider deserved a chance to go in there tomorrow to get the win. I just hate this coach, always have. I've hated him since his first year when they were beating the Florida panthers in a game 3-0 and lost in the third period 4-3. He's too laid back in the wrong areas and doesn't know how to handle personnel. Granted this years team has the poorest personnel I've seen in a long time but whatever something needs to change.
  13. Well then..that ref screwed up. He was thinking what I was thinking.It's a rare penalty to begin with. Anyway...the Devils played a team that had two of the best players in the world out with injury and mustered 11 shots. They're a joke. They hung Corey out to dry on every goal that was scored and that's why they lost. Also Debour is an idiot. Really..you would rather start Brodeur tomorrow? He is handling these goalies the way he handles most of the young talent...WRONG.
  14. Oh please Debour shut up. Devils have 10 shots on goal. That's why your team lost not because of a bad penalty call.
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