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  1. I've seen two separate interviews with ZP in which he stated the Devs financial uncertainty factored into his decision. He also reaffirmed his desire to go home. Given the timeframe of his dad's death, you have to believe he may have known his dad was sick when he decided to leave. Stop trying to find reasons to bury Lou. He's done too much for our organization and U.S. Fans, and doesn't deserve it.
  2. Don't know if you saw this yet, but Kovy stirred some controversy at the Worlds. http://prohockeytalk.nbcsports.com/2015/05/18/russia-to-be-punished-for-completely-out-of-order-actions-after-worlds-final-loss-to-canada/
  3. jerseysteve

    Lou's Future

    This type of thread has popped up in a few different areas, and I keep saying the same thing: Unless you can name a successor who improves our organization, then don't write how we need to get rid of him. Keep in mind the challenges he was saddled with the last few years. This organization was on the verge of bankruptcy. Parise even stated that the financial state of the Devs played a part in his decision. It wasn't too long ago that we were in the finals, and please don't make bs excuses about how that was a fluke. It is what it is, and it was what it was. Further, consider if you will, the completely unfair penalty we paid for signing Kovy. There were several players throughout the league signed to similiar deals, but only Jersey was penalized. That cost us a top 10 pick. But you know what, this could be a blessing in disguise. We have a new goal tending tandem that is arguably among the best in the league---when losing Marty, did you expect such a seamless transition or were you one of those screaming because we didn't re-sign Marty? Our defense is young---YOUNG and good. With Scott Stevens' tuteledge, the sky's the limit. Now we have to address offense. We'll certainly have cap space, although the FA market is slim pickings. We do have great defensive depth, and that will help land a forward or two, and then nthe draft. Finally, to the person who posted Glen Sather's name in the conversation...you've got to be kidding. How long has it taken to get where they are today? Let's not lose sight that as good as they look now, they still haven't won a thing since '94. Is THAT the "success" you want???
  4. First, the Devils no longer hold the rights to Kovalchuck. He was released free and clear when he left. Second, he must sit out a full season of ALL league hockey, whether it's NHL or KHL. Lastly, he can only reenter the NHL if the NHL gms vote their approval. It's highly unlikely we'll ever see Kovy in the NHL again.
  5. Threads like these make me long for the days when Devils fans were an exclusive group. We've begun to sound like the typical Rags fans. 1. Lemaire isn't coming back. Move on already. The game is different, and our team is different. 2. How come we didn't see this thread when we were 3-0? Ebbs and flows...That's why the game is played. 3. We didn't play poorly last night. If not for the freak delay of game call on Cammalerie, this could well have ended very differently. 4. The last two seasons, the team was impacted by the poor financial state of the owners. Why don't we wait a bit, and see how things develop this season? 5. Salvador does look like he's lost something out there. On the other side, the kids on defense look great. For all the talk about how old we are, the kids we do have, have been quite impressive.
  6. Thinking of going. Anyone else going to be there?
  7. jerseysteve

    Tix resale

    Not sure if this is the proper place to post this, but is there a concerted effort to increase the price of tix available on Stub Hub? I can't commit to season plans anymore, and the past couple of years I've enjoyed nice seats in section 12-15. The prices now are 2-3x + what I'm used to paying. I understand why ST holders like that, but I'm just curious. Surely we don't sell out. Are these seats going to go empty?
  8. We're two years removed from an appearance in the finals--Again. We have new ownership and a boatload of kids. The overreaction here is crazy.
  9. Under no circumstances will Lou trade Schneider. Anyone who has followed this team for any period of time understands that's not how the Devils do business.
  10. jerseysteve

    Lou speculation

    Except that all indications are that Lou's role will remain the same or even grow. IMHO you really need to throw this season out, and get ready for next year. Knowing what we know now about how bad the Devs finances have been the last two years, I just don't see how people can be so down on this team. Now that our finances are straight, I look for Lou to make a couple of moves to bring in scoring, and work some draft magic. I just can't get so down on this team as some people. In fact, I think the reality is that we over achieved on many levels.
  11. They don't use diaries anymore. They use "people meters."
  12. As someone who spent a lot of time in the broadcasting business, I will share this: putting ratings in the hands of someone not trained in interpreting them is a dangerous thing. Having not seen the actual numbers, I can't presume to analyze them. I will point out that there are many unusual nuances about this market that work against us in the ratings world.
  13. Man, I don't know how old most of you are, or when you started watching the Devils, but Marty deserves much more from this fan base. Maybe Marty is done, but he has earned better than what I'm reading. How quickly we forget what he has meant to this team, how he gave a significant hometown discount at the dismay of the NHLPA, so that he could stay in Jersey. Sometimes I read this stuff, and it sounds just like the Rags' board. Really sad.
  14. Ok, repeat after me: there is no way in hell that Marty goes to Colorado. Zero chance. Now, if you were to say Montreal, then I'd say it's a possibility. But he is not going to Colorado.
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