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  1. The Official Devils GAME WORN Jersey Thread

    Also i dont see your Carter jersey on the table anymore haha. Does it need a new home? haha
  2. The Official Devils GAME WORN Jersey Thread

    JWomp & DevsMan84, you both have amazing collections. Glad you were there to show them off. Lots of awesome Devils history on both your tables. Hope you guys were able to add to those collections at the expo!
  3. The Official Devils GAME WORN Jersey Thread

    That's crazy. Also helps that a lot more teams have easier ways to purchase them. I think I've only overpaid for one of my pucks. I have Rico's last minute goal puck to tie the game and his overtime winner from Nashville 2 years ago. Hands down one of my favorite things i own. But i agree that prices for most pucks are crazy.
  4. The Official Devils GAME WORN Jersey Thread

    Thanks. I'm really happy with it. It probably has the most wear of anything i have. I totally understand. Goal pucks are really tough to get your money back on unless its a milestone or memorable goal. I have a few goal pucks from the last few season of the Devils games here in Nashville. I know i would be lucky to get 75% of what i paid for some of them. I just have them because they were from games that i went to that ended up being awesome. All OT Devils wins. But you getting back almost what you paid is really good.
  5. The Official Devils GAME WORN Jersey Thread

    Hey my Brylin was from Meigray. It’s a 01-02 White set 1. The thing is destroyed. It is so nice and I had been wanting one of his for a while so it was nice. Same to you on the Boyle. He was just a great story his year. Hard not to root for him. The wear on mine was light as well. It doesn’t have any repairs but it has a bunch of good marks that were easy to photomatch to the playoffs. Ive always been a big pick kid ever since I was a kid. I have a ton of autographed pucks and when I got into the game worn hobby it was something I picked up here and there. Only have pucks from games I went to. And my Boyle goal puck is the only goal he scored in that jersey and I was at the game so it was cool to add. But it was a lot less than a Hall puck haha. I can def understand your side of it for sure.
  6. The Official Devils GAME WORN Jersey Thread

    He is def a hard one to get. Hopefully at some point I’ll be able to add one to the collection. I have been able to snag an Arnott, Brylin(which is ripped to shreds), and a Boyle lately. The Boyle is from the game I saw him play in Florida and Nashville this past year. Also got the goal puck from the Nashville game.
  7. The Official Devils GAME WORN Jersey Thread

    Great collection! It’s on my bucket list to attend the expo of these years. It would be great seeing everyone’s collection and the history in that room. Especially see the jerseys I’ll never be able to afford haha. Also love the Holik. My favorite Devil of all time!
  8. The Official Devils GAME WORN Jersey Thread

    I got the Schneider 14-15 white set 2. 3 nice repairs on the front and tons of marks. One of my new favorites in the collection.
  9. The Official Devils GAME WORN Jersey Thread

    Not a bad haul DevsMan!! Great additions to an already nice collection!
  10. The Official Devils GAME WORN Jersey Thread

    JWomp great jersey! Rupp was favorite of mine as well. Cool jersey with a cool story! I picked up a Rod Pelley w A and a Nick Palmieri Lowell Devils jersey in the Meigray sale. Couldn't pass up that deal. Also have a beauty coming in the mail later this week! Photomatched to over 2 dozen photos! Can't wait!!
  11. Kinkaid Re-Signed to 2 year extension

    Love having Kinky back! Can't wait for another 5-4 win in Nashville with him between the pipes again!!
  12. Hey you suck Nashville Version

    If you go to section303.com it list all the chants at predators games!! Living here and going to games it takes a while to learn them all ha!
  13. The Official Devils GAME WORN Jersey Thread

    Looking for Albany River Rats gamers. Please let me know if anyone has one available or can point me in the right direction. Thank you!
  14. Game Day Poster - Collection

    Would anyone by chance have an extra poster from the Canadians game they would sell and ship to me? Thank you in advance!!
  15. The Official Devils GAME WORN Jersey Thread

    Amazing collection Jordan! I wanna be like you when I grow up!! Haha