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  1. Another great pickup. You have added a lot. Do you need me to take that Ryan Carter jersey off your hands to make room for all of those pickups? HAHA
  2. Those are some great pickups! Only pick up so far this year is the Coleman 19-20 Red Set 1. Just got it in last week. Amazing wear to it!
  3. I think the HHOF and Marty jerseys will be similar to Global Series jerseys or maybe a little less because it is on Meigray and not as promoted as NHL Auctions. I haven't even looked the military jerseys in a while but no surprise they are already high. I don't hate 1 game wonders but I'm really particular about the patch. I really wanted a retro jersey a few years ago so i was willing to pay for the one game wonder but i feel like there are so many patches these days it kinda dilutes it for me. I would love to get the white retro this year but i know those will go for crazy amounts of money. I totally get the Elias thing for you and that is how i feel. If its something I'm really all in for then you gotta. Photo-matching is a nice thing for me just for how i display and organize my collection. Its not a deal breaker for me but a really nice bonus if i can find a good picture or hockey card. Great pickup on the Gionta. That was a really nice jersey with really good wear. He will always be a favorite of mine for how hard he played for being smaller and being from upstate NY like myself.
  4. I'm right there with you. I am not a warm up jersey fan so the Military and HFC don't do anything for me. I'm a huge Marty fan but i don't think the patch is worth what those will go for. I do like the HHOF jerseys for some reason so I have my eye on a couple of those to see what they go for. I'm just curious with so many things ending so close together what prices will look like. I would think most people would have to pick and choose what they want. Might bring prices down on something things and we might see a few good bargains out there. I always have a hard time paying the same or more for a 1 game jersey than i would a regular season jersey. Is anyone else like that? Especially when its a game we got crushed in like the HHOF jersey and most of the time its hard to photo-match a 1 game jersey.
  5. So many jerseys available and closing within the next 3 weeks. What is everyone going after?
  6. And the rich get richer haha! Amazing collection as always. Super jealous of your Lemieux. Its a great shirt!
  7. That's awesome! I think everyone gets into the hobby for different reasons but i think your first jersey is always special. Mine was a Colin White GW jersey almost 6 years ago. I had no idea that collecting game worn jerseys was a thing. i saw a post on here from a member selling it and White has always been one of my all time favorites. Once i got it in and saw the wear and realized that it was used on the ice, in action, i just got sucked in. I have collected quite a few different jerseys for all different reasons but they all are awesome in their own way. The McMullen jerseys are so nice and I've kept my eye on the Quincey one. it would be nice to have in the collection. Meigray is awesome to work with and they have worked out a few deals with me to get a couple that i have really wanted. if those jerseys make it stick around after the summer sale and to the winter sale you might be able to grab one on a good deal.
  8. That was the game. He scored with 38 seconds left in the third to win in on the PP in OT. Just one of the best games I have ever been to and just happy the jersey is finally coming home haha. I already photo-matched it as well. I was pretty much the same. I used to be more into finding steals and deals and staying under a dollar limit but as I've continued collecting sometimes you have to pay to get something you want. I don't know if this is the smart thing to do but I go with first instinct on a jersey. If something is offered to me or for sale and I jump on it the second i see it then its meant to be. If i hesitate then I probably shouldn't buy it right then. Sometimes it will come back around at a lower price or sometimes someone else picks it up and i forget about it by the end of the week. I never buy a jersey with the intention to sell it. There are times where i change my mindset on my collection after a while and i have sold a couple of jerseys in the past that i don't appreciate as much but it is never my initial intention. I have a Clarkson that is beat up that i love and a Volchenkov that is the same. Even though they may not be great Devils players and they are gone now I still enjoy having them in my collection.
  9. I picked up the 15-16 Henrique from the game in Nashville where he scored the game tying goal with 38 seconds and then the overtime winner. I was at that game and i own both those goal pucks. He has always been a favorite of mine and I've always had my eye on this jersey. Its something that will never leave the collection. I agree on that. I have overpaid for multiple things because they are something I truly want in my collection and i know they will never leave my hands. I also believe that i have grabbed some jerseys at crazy low prices so in all I like to think it balances out in the end. Helps me sleep at night when i look at some prices I've paid ha. But a jersey is worth however much someone values it in the end.
  10. Yeah I wasn't expecting the jerseys to be shipped like they were. Very happy that nothing was damaged and it turned out perfect in the end. I've been very lucky where I haven't had a bad experience with shipping other then some sellers taking longer than I would like getting then out haha. Mine collecting seems to come in spurts. A lot of the year I cant make my mind up on something or just cant get the price to where I want it to be. But then all of a sudden 4 or 5 jerseys will all pop up at once and I go nuts. I'm being a little more cautious right now as i am in the process of getting married and building a house all within the next few months. However, i did finally pull the trigger on a jersey I have had my eye on for a couple years. Worked out a fair price and i really cant wait to get it in this week. I do believe the hobby most of the time works out. If you pass on something. most of the time something better will come along down the road. Just like the Odelin & Thomas in your case. Both were something you were looking for and in the end you got better jerseys for less money.
  11. Thanks. Really happy to get it in. Heard of a lot of bad experiences with the seller. Very thankful mine was flawless and it was shipped a lot faster than what i thought it would be. This is the first jersey i've bought in a few months. Been having the itch for a while but nothing out there i really had to have. Thought once i got this one in my itch for a new jersey would go away but just made it stronger haha. Hobby is addicting for sure haha.
  12. Got my Albelin in today. Very light wear but some good stick marks on the sleeves and one mark right through the crest. Very excited to add this to the collection.
  13. That’s how I feel. Always a solid player for us. Same with Colin White. He is one of my favorites and always played hard for us. Always thought it was weird how his jerseys got for less than authentics. I was always in the same mindset as well. Never thought I’d pay what I’ve paid for some of my jerseys but it’s a great hobby and it’s just cool to me to own a piece of the team kinda. Im sure those Palms and Hall jerseys were so worth it. Both great guys that should be with the team for a long time. Totally worth the money. Ive been trying to focus more on the “older” guys from my youth growing up. Would love a Holik, Zelepukin, & Guerin at some point as well as some others. Hope to get a Marty some day!
  14. Great pickups. I missed out at the Odelein last minute. Lost out on McKay as well. Picked up the Albelin. You have had a pretty solid 4 months with those pickups. Awesome collection. I did the same thing picking up a lot of bigger pieces for my collection as well with an Arnott, Brylin, and Boyle. I'm trying to be more selective. I had a hard time passing on the White and Sykora but i didn't have the "must have" feelings as they were closing. Gonna keep holding out until some jerseys on my want list pop up.
  15. Some really good deals there. I think if there were better pictures and descriptions some of the prices could have been higher. Did anyone pick one up?
  16. Also i dont see your Carter jersey on the table anymore haha. Does it need a new home? haha
  17. JWomp & DevsMan84, you both have amazing collections. Glad you were there to show them off. Lots of awesome Devils history on both your tables. Hope you guys were able to add to those collections at the expo!
  18. That's crazy. Also helps that a lot more teams have easier ways to purchase them. I think I've only overpaid for one of my pucks. I have Rico's last minute goal puck to tie the game and his overtime winner from Nashville 2 years ago. Hands down one of my favorite things i own. But i agree that prices for most pucks are crazy.
  19. Thanks. I'm really happy with it. It probably has the most wear of anything i have. I totally understand. Goal pucks are really tough to get your money back on unless its a milestone or memorable goal. I have a few goal pucks from the last few season of the Devils games here in Nashville. I know i would be lucky to get 75% of what i paid for some of them. I just have them because they were from games that i went to that ended up being awesome. All OT Devils wins. But you getting back almost what you paid is really good.
  20. Hey my Brylin was from Meigray. It’s a 01-02 White set 1. The thing is destroyed. It is so nice and I had been wanting one of his for a while so it was nice. Same to you on the Boyle. He was just a great story his year. Hard not to root for him. The wear on mine was light as well. It doesn’t have any repairs but it has a bunch of good marks that were easy to photomatch to the playoffs. Ive always been a big pick kid ever since I was a kid. I have a ton of autographed pucks and when I got into the game worn hobby it was something I picked up here and there. Only have pucks from games I went to. And my Boyle goal puck is the only goal he scored in that jersey and I was at the game so it was cool to add. But it was a lot less than a Hall puck haha. I can def understand your side of it for sure.
  21. He is def a hard one to get. Hopefully at some point I’ll be able to add one to the collection. I have been able to snag an Arnott, Brylin(which is ripped to shreds), and a Boyle lately. The Boyle is from the game I saw him play in Florida and Nashville this past year. Also got the goal puck from the Nashville game.
  22. Great collection! It’s on my bucket list to attend the expo of these years. It would be great seeing everyone’s collection and the history in that room. Especially see the jerseys I’ll never be able to afford haha. Also love the Holik. My favorite Devil of all time!
  23. I got the Schneider 14-15 white set 2. 3 nice repairs on the front and tons of marks. One of my new favorites in the collection.
  24. Not a bad haul DevsMan!! Great additions to an already nice collection!
  25. JWomp great jersey! Rupp was favorite of mine as well. Cool jersey with a cool story! I picked up a Rod Pelley w A and a Nick Palmieri Lowell Devils jersey in the Meigray sale. Couldn't pass up that deal. Also have a beauty coming in the mail later this week! Photomatched to over 2 dozen photos! Can't wait!!
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