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    STH question

    Thanks for the input, that gives me a little basis for what I plan on asking about when I end up talking to my rep.
  2. Namelesz

    STH question

    Quick question on what the average cost is per season to be in sections in the 100s. Most likely looking into the corner in the "attack twice" side, i.e. Sec 132,133,134,109,108, etc. I just did the Flex Plan this season but thinking about a change and wondering the cost difference. I know I can ask my rep but want to have some info before I get into that convo. Thanks in advance. (yes I know there is a 1% markup for next season for renewing)
  3. I did the Flex plan this year but I'm on the fence to do it again. I liked getting early seats guaranteed for Rangers games and the chance for events (even though the signing event was over xmas break and I was away visiting family and missed it), but seeing what I could save going via StubHub is a major argument point against renewing.
  4. Thank you for that, I practically spit out my coffee just now reading this! I am officially stealing that phrase to use in future conversations LOL!!!!
  5. but that was the final score I believe that last time the Blues were at the Rock....the infamous blizzard game of the 13-14 season. I was one of the crazy brave few that made it out to Newark that night for a helluva game. Lets hope for a similar thrashing for St.Louis tonight! LGD!!!
  6. I'm predicting game winning goal scored by Larsson from a nice pass via Brunner. LGD!!!
  7. Namelesz

    Club Seats

    Yes, someone who has knowledge of the Platinum lounge please fill us in, I have had a change to buy a ticket that had access to that lounge but didnt bite as it was pricey. I heard that if you are on the lounge side with the penalty boxes and sit in the first 3 or 4 rows then you had access.....true?
  8. I wanted to try out some of the new food too, went to the Villa italian stand on the lower concourse and wanted to try the Chicken Parm hero but they were already out of them before even the warmups started....so I tried the Meatball Parm hero instead and it was actually really good. So at least there was that bright spot. But I did see some of the other stands as I walk by them and they looked poorly stocked as well. Not a great opening as far as that was concerned but with a new vendor and the hurried setup for them I am not too surprised and hope for quick improvement in the next few games.
  9. I recently found some promo codes to use through TM via the HFBoards Devils section. Got some lower levels for cheap. Go check them out and see if they still are available.
  10. I thought he has looked great so far, but its early so I am holding initial judgement till maybe November. And on those 2 penalties he had, the first was him trying to swipe at the puck and the opposing player ran into his stick. The ref coulda called that either way. The second one he just got edged out so it was more of a good play on the forward going against him rather than a mistake that Severson made himself.
  11. There was a point in the 3rd where he layed into one of the Flyers into the boards close to the benches twice within the same defensive zone play. The crowd went nuts for him that minute. It was shortly after he got nailed in the offensive zone attack in the corner, so it looked like some sweet revenge.
  12. Oh yea on the issue of Larsson and Gelly. Larsson def skates better and breaks out OK, but I saw nothing physical from him at all. He actually got rolled over once or twice by some Flyers forwards. Gelly did get physical though, I saw him even throw a punch out there during once of the few big scrums the 2 teams got into last night. No actual fights although Tootoo I thought was trying to get in one. Its Gelly's slapshot that is his saving grace. He has tightened up a little since last season though so we'll see how he develops over the season. Larsson needs to get more physical though if he gonna be a solid defenseman in this league, not just on this team.
  13. I was there last night and I am trying to convince myself it was preseason so the Rock wasn't in top form as the whole atmosphere was quite different. I know they get bashed for being strippers or degrading or whatever other reason....but no dancers there made it feel something was missing. Maybe in time it won't feel so. The food vendors are definitely in a transition period. The ones between sections 14-17 barely had any signs but I will say the chicken fingers were slightly better than last year. There was a few more beer choices that I noticed, perhaps they were there before but I caught them this time around. The female PA they got to talk between periods or during what might be commercial breaks is hot but the voice is sharp, she needs to tone it down a bit and it might work. Goal song is the same (7 Nation army) and there was no PSEG Power Play but those 2 I expect might change by the reg season. I didn't go to the upper levels but I heard there was still some construction going on up there. Confirmed that the Smoking Balcony was closed off. Also, seeing people in the Club/Lounge seats paying for their food/snacks was weird to see too. Not sure that will put more bodies in those seats since they are all waiting on long lines to pay for their concessions... There were some boos for Gomer but he did actually look good. Brunner as well, he totally was the reason that second goal even had a chance of happening as he made a nice move towards goal to set that up. Matteau is also setting himself up to be a bruiser, had some really good hits against a chippy Flyers squad. Tootoo also was feisty but I still don't see him making the opening night squad. The top line of Camm-Zajac-Jagr was moving the puck around and got close to some goals, but the Philly AHL goalie was shutting alot of stuff down. They need to keep him around if they smart. Overall the team itself looked OK, still preseason form though as there were rough spots as well, i.e. Gelinas and Zids almost colliding behind the net before a breakout, some lazy skating I noticed on a few players, and some "new" plays during the PP they still need to iron out. I might be going to Saturday's game too so we'll see if anything else changes.. LGD!
  14. Anyone have video of the Kreider clothesline at the end? I wanna rewatch Josefson do that again as it made me howl! LOL! Also to show a Rangers fan here at work as well. hehe
  15. Wow, that was broken down like the guy was in the practices and inside Deboer's head....scary.
  16. Namelesz

    Flex Plans Q

    Damn that sucks, looks like I'll have to suck up to the same STH friends again, haha! Thanks for the answer.
  17. Namelesz

    Flex Plans Q

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I saw recently they also are offering a Flex Plan for tickets this season where you pick 6 or more games you want to go to. My main question is, as these are kind of like season tickets (since they give you playoff game early access) do these Flex Plans also allow you to go to some of the events like the Team Skate, etc.? Seeing as this was the more economical of the plans they are offering and the wallet is kinda tight at the moment, I was thinking this might be a better route to take for playoff access and events as well. I went to the Team Skate last season as a guest of a STH and it was a blast and would love to go again.
  18. This is really great news! I always like getting to the games a little early usually to see warm ups but now I have another reason.
  19. I'm fairly confident that Schneider and Jagr will both put up the same type of numbers this season as the last (hopefully with more W for #35) I'm also hoping for big pushes forward with our younger defensemen, they have the ability but they just have to prove it now. I did vote for Cammalleri as I want to see how he produces in this system. I really want this to payoff and make Lou look like the old Lou we remember.
  20. Wiki, NHL and Capgeek all list him as RW.
  21. Agreed. When they were both on and working well together it was such a great thing to see. I can see something like this happening: Green-Merril Zids-Sal Larsson- Gelly Harrold rotates Its not ideal but that can probably work.
  22. Just heard this on the NHL Network coverage. Didn't see anything official yet but that was the word they got and reported. "Its official the Brodeur era is over in NJ" TG saying its a one year, two-way contract....maybe this means backup duties can be rotated between him and Kinkaid ?
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