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  1. I'm still gonna keep mine and wear it, then get a Schneider, Brodeur, Elias one eventually.
  2. I hope I can go to a game here soon, tickets here are CRAZY like ridiculous haha. Thanks man!!
  3. To be honest 50-55 points should be no problem for clowe, as long as hes healed from his concussion and what not.
  4. Clowe is a 45-70 point guy in a healthy season, and 45 points is a bare minimum, hes a guy that can hit and play well without the puck thus like clarkson. Clowe is one of the guys that tons of team want. Now with clarkson signing 7 year near 6 million per season from what I'm hearing, clowe is better bang for the buck. Throw clowe with kovalchuk and he could get some more points and also bump up his productions by creating him some more place. I just wonder how many people bashing him actually know his style of play / previous seasons. Edit: Now that I see Clarky is 5.25m for 7 years. Tha
  5. Like signing clowe, however 4.85m is a tad too much for me but can be lived with.
  6. I LOVE the schneider trade. A 9th overall pick that they used to pick Hovart, the guy is comparable to patrice bergeron / lesser talented jonathan toews from what I have heard. Thats an IF he pans out, its so easy to ruin prospects growth. It makes a ton of sense for the devils to get that transition with the all-mighty brodeur "problem". If we can get a good 8-10 season from Cory, damn we made out like bandits. But I also see why Vancouver made the trade to add some skill to there prospect pool, or lack of for forwards IMO. However Schneider I don't think how everyone praise him as. I've hear
  7. Hey everyone, I'm Taiter from Vancouver. Been a Devils fan somewhat for a long time, always loved Scott Stevens / Scott Niedermayer / Martin Brodeur / Patrik Elias. Once Kovalchuk got traded to the Devils then I really started to heavily follow them more and what not. Just thought i'd semi-introduce myself here. Also 19 years old. Would love to eventually go to a Devils home game but money isn't quite there yet! Also would be better when I am 21 so I can experience everything in the States!! Thanks for stopping by, hopefully I can make a contribution to the forums! Also, I have a youtube c
  8. Ryder can be great or awful. I wouldn't mind seeing him in a Devils uniform for a year or two to see how he does then probably sign him for a lil extension.
  9. I like Cooke, but that comes back from watching the canucks back in the time where they had him Naslund, Bertuzzi, Morrison etc.. Hes a great fan player and character player. A huge asset to any team IMO
  10. Love that we got him back, was hoping for around 4.5-5m just so we can possibly have more money to sign guys. But I'd hate to see Elias anywhere else besides the Devils!
  11. I love Hedberg, we just have no room or no need for him really in our roster. Hes a fantastic back up though! Besides last season.
  12. Taiter32

    Devils Survivor

    Patrik Elias----------- 113 Ilya Kovalchuk------- 112 + Martin Brodeur---------32 Dainius Zubrus------- 14 Andy Greene---------- 4 - Eliminated! Bryce Salvador Anton Volchenkov Krys Barch Johan Hedberg Harri Pesonen Tom Kostopoulos Steve Sullivan Matt D'Agostini Henrik Tallinder Alexander Urbom Alexei Ponikarovsky Peter Harrold Stephen Gionta Marek Zidlicky Jacob Josefson Mark Fayne David Clarkson Steve Bernier Travis Zajac Ryan Carter Andrei Loktionov Adam Larsson Adam Henrique
  13. Boo I can't create a topic/thread yet :(

    1. Devilsfan118


      It's a necessary precaution unfortunately, especially with UFA on the way.

    2. Taiter32


      It's all good! I can completely understand, I ran a GM league forum and too many trolls you gotta do stuff to protect the forums!

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