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  1. Rags have 7 picks in the first three rounds.
  2. McDonagh to Tampa is not surprising at all.
  3. I must have missed it, and I think it would have been awkward not to mention him with him being an Isles coach and all.
  4. We also could have used McKay badly in 2001 because I remember the PP went to sh!t. McKay was a huge part of the PP. But we also need to remember COL was without Forsberg.
  5. I wonder if she knows what it actually means. She was also married to a guy who played for the Devils, and is a NJ native herself. She could be a closet Devils fan for all we know.
  6. There's just so much player turnover and roster turnover, that friends are always playing against each other.
  7. Rivalries are dead. This is a good pickup for the Leafs.
  8. Nash is still a force. He still has great speed, he's still very strong on the puck, and still has that great shot. He's still a threat every time he has the puck. It's definitely a risky trade by Sweeney, and a lot to give up, but it's a risk worth taking if you're the Bruins.
  9. Extremely ballsy trade by Sweeney. It's a lot to give up for Nash, but it's also very worth it for the Bruins. Rangers made out nicely unfortunately, and while I don't know a ton about Lindgren, I can tell you Spooner is really good.
  10. Exactly, and we won't know until the end of the season. Point is, this win was one of the most emotional, spirit lifting, most intense wins of the year.
  11. The "2" bothered me the most. And all of the numbers and stats I post actually confirm what my eyes see. Unfortunately, there are people who still think Vatanen, Lovejoy, Moore, and Severson all suck. Yet my eyes and the numbers say otherwise. I have no idea what you mean.
  12. RECAP Out of all the great things that happened tonight, the one that was the most important is the fact they finally fixed the "2" on Niedermayer's banner. Just a tremendous night, and a tremendous win! Palmieri took the game over, and was flying all game long. This may or may not be the most important win of the season. GOALIE RECAP Goal 1: Nothing Kinkaid could do POSSESSION ES CF: 47 to 47 ES FF: 33 to 39 ES SF: 29 to 28 ES SCF: 22 to 20 ES HDCF: 10 to 3 All CF: 52 to 51 All FF: 37 to 42 All SF: 33 to 31 All SCF: 24 to 22 All HDCF: 10 to 4 SCORE AND VENUE ADJUSTED POSSESSION 5 ON 5 CF: 44.09 to 44.66 FF: 31 to 39.13 SF: 27.45 to 28.63 SCF: 20.33 to 19.23 HDCF: 9.01 to 3.27
  13. Value wise it's a good trade. He'll fit right in with our speed game. Giving up Rykov and a 2nd though is a bit pricey, but if he re-signs it'd be well worth the trade. Overall, I like it.
  14. RECAP Overall, the effort was actually very good, and this game should have been a win. A slight lapse in play for a 5 minute stretch is what did this team in tonight. Hynes probably should have used his timeout after the 2nd goal. This loss is not on the coaches, however it is up to the coaches to make sure this kind of thing doesn't happen more frequently. This team needs another pure goal scorer plus we need Johansson back. GOALIE RECAP Goal 1: Nothing Lack could do Goal 2: Nothing Lack could do, Severson needs to tie up the stick there. Goal 3: One that needs to be stopped, and ended up being a back breaker much like the 2nd goal Kinkaid allowed on Tuesday. POSSESSION ES CF: 58 to 40 ES FF: 48 to 30 ES SF: 32 to 22 ES SCF: 22 to 16 ES HDCF: 5 to 5 All CF: 73 to 45 All FF: 60 to 35 All SF: 40 to 25 All SCF: 28 to 19 All HDCF: 6 to 6 SCORE AND VENUE ADJUSTED POSSESSION 5 ON 5 CF: 51.71 to 40.72 FF: 43.93 to 30.32 SF: 30.37 to 21.73 SCF: 18.89 to 17.31 HDCF: 4.67 to 5.33
  15. RECAP Strong game but Bobrovsky was too good. Face-offs are killing this team. It's not just the centermen, but the team is not strong enough on the puck to take control of the puck off the draw. Tampa can overcome their face-off deficiencies because of how fast, skilled, and strong they are. Despite that, they still walk a fine line, and it's definitely something they need to improve on as well, because you never know when it's gonna really burn you. This team is just too soft on the puck to where we can afford to lose face-offs SHOOT THE fvckING PUCK, ESPECIALLY ON THE POWER PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If all their defense is giving you is the perimeter, then you take it and fire away from the perimeter. Don't just hold onto the puck waiting for something to open up. Just setup one time blasts from the perimeter if you have to, and the middle will open up more and it causes chaos for the defenders. You don't need Stamkos or Faulk to make shooting the puck from every where to be an effective power play strategy. Plus most goalies don't really expect those shots, and maybe you can catch them sleeping. CONSTANTLY TRYING TO FORCE PUCKS TO THE SLOT DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! FORCING THE DEFENDERS TO BLOCK SHOTS IS ACTUALLY DOES ACCOMPLISH SOMETHING! EVEN IF THERE IS NO SHOOTING LANE, IT'S STILL A GOOD THING TO SHOOT BECAUSE IT FORCES THE DEFENDERS OUT OF POSITION IN ORDER TO BLOCK THE SHOT The fact Hynes tries to say shots can be deceiving really aggravates me, and shows how out of touch he is sometimes. GOALIE RECAP Goal 1: Nothing Kinkaid could do except maybe stop the initial shot that went off the post. Goal 2: Bad goal that Kinkaid needs to stop, unless it was deflected. POSSESSION ES CF: 49 to 33 ES FF: 39 to 23 ES SF: 29 to 15 ES SCF: 27 to 14 ES HDCF: 11 to 7 All CF: 54 to 39 All FF: 43 to 29 All SF: 31 to 19 All SCF: 27 to 18 All HDCF: 11 to 11 SCORE AND VENUE ADJUSTED POSSESSION 5 on 5 CF: 42.79 to 33.79 FF: 33.85 to 24.93 SF: 24.7 to 16.19 SCF: 23.34 to 13.2 HDCF: 9.69 to 7.79
  16. RECAP Another gutsy win where it wasn't pretty, but they simply got the job done. Kinkaid stole the game like Lack did last night. Hall is pretty good. Nice to see Zacha score in back to back nights. The 5 on 6 system in the d-zone is horrific. Collapsing to the net, and allowing point men to walk in and shoot is bad. Pressure on the puck is still needed, especially the point men! Also, hopefully the coaches learn something from these past two games Just shoot the damn puck when on the powerplay! Tampa has all the talent in the world, and even THEY don't try fancy stuff. They just rip it on net any chance they get Carolina doesn't have the talent Tampa has, but you still saw how effective they were just by shooting the puck from everywhere!. GOALIE RECAP Goal 1: Nothing Kinkaid could do Goal 2: Nothing Kinkaid could do. POSSESSION ES CF: 34 to 68 ES FF: 27 to 52 ES SF: 19 to 34 ES SCF: 14 to 37 ES HDCF: 7 to 20 All CF: 41 to 79 All FF: 31 to 61 All SF: 21 to 42 All SCF: 17 to 44 All HDCF: 9 to 23 SCORE AND VENUE ADJUSTED POSSESSION 5 on 5 CF: 29.17 to 54.98 FF: 23.63 to 41.44 SF: 15.92 to 26.98 SCF: 11.18 to 30.64 HDCF: 6.72 to 15.09
  17. Come on bro. This was totally suspendable. He practically goes full boar onto a dude with the numbers showing. He had plenty of time to let up, and he didn't. It should have been a 5 minute penalty imo, but thankfully it wasn't seeing how his goal was the GWG.
  18. RECAP Eddie Lack outplayed Vasilevskiy. Great effort overall even though this was not a pretty game by any means. We were due for a game like this. Wood is lucky he didn't get 5 minutes for that hit, and he's probably gonna get supplemental discipline. This team's ability to battle through adversity is tremendous. Tampa is so successful because despite having all that talent, they still keep it very simple. GOALIE RECAP Goal 1: Stoppable, but just a filthy shot Goal 2: Needs to be stopped Goal 3: Stoppable, but it's Stamkos after all POSSESSION ES CF: 28 to 55 ES FF: 27 to 44 ES SF: 20 to 34 ES SCF: 17 to 31 ES HDCF: 8 to 10 All CF: 39 to 80 All FF: 36 to 64 All SF: 28 to 51 All SCF: 19 to 44 All HDCF: 8 to 12 SCORE AND VENUE ADJUSTED POSSESSION (5 on 5) CF: 30.32 to 43.63 FF: 29.1 to 35.7 SF: 21.44 to 27.68 SCF: 18.62 to 25.02 HDCF: 8.92 to 7.99
  19. A couple of things here. Scott Darling let in two bad goals. Severson's and Nico's goals were both shots an NHL goalie should stop. Also, the Devils did in fact outplay the Canes in the first 2 periods. However, in the 3rd due to the fact the Canes were trailing going into the 3rd, they had no choice but to really pick up their play and be aggressive on the puck. So your eyes didn't deceive you. POSSESSION THROUGH 2 PERIODS ES CF: 30 to 22 ES FF: 24 to 17 ES SF: 18 to 13 ES SCF: 12 to 6 ES HDCF: 7 to 2 All CF: 30 to 32 All FF: 24 to 22 All SF: 18 to 17 All SCF: 12 to 10 All HDCF: 7 to 3
  20. RECAP Great win GOALIE AND DEFENSE RECAP Goal 1 Just a great effort by Skinner No fault of Kinkaid No fault of the defenders. Goal 2 Bad defense Nothing Kinkaid could really do POSSESSION ES CF: 37 to 41 ES FF: 31 to 30 ES SF: 22 to 24 ES SCF: 16 to 12 ES HDCF: 9 to 5 All CF: 37 to 53 All FF: 31 to 36 All SF: 29 to 22 All SCF: 16 to 17 All HDCF: 9 to 6
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