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  1. RECAP The game ending in a tie is appropriate as it was a very evenly played game, but I'm glad the Devils got the extra point. This was probably the worst officiated Devils game all season. Taylor Hall is awesome, but he can't be the offense EVERY night. Ray should definitely try hard to get him some help. Overall Kinkaid was pretty solid with the exception of the first goal. GOALIE RECAP Goal 1: Absolutely is goal that needs to be stopped. Goal 2: Hard to blame Kinkaid, but it could have been stopped as it was just a trickler. Goal 3: Again, can't really blame Kinkaid, but still could have been stopped it had he been set. Goal 4: Just a weird shot, can't blame him here. POSSESSION ES CF: 57 to 50 ES FF: 45 to 43 ES SF: 30 to 28 ES SCF: 22 to 29 ES HDCF: 11 to 12 All CF: 68 to 65 All FF: 54 to 52 All SF: 36 to 35 All SCF: 27 to 38 All HDCF: 14 to 15
  2. I can see this as a possibility. BTW, it's essentially a fact that a lot of low danger chances does lead to more and more high danger chances. As I've been saying, allowing teams to just to keep the puck along the perimeter is actually NOT a good thing.
  3. Let me just say Hynes is a great coach. He's absolutely one of the best player management coaches in the league. He knows how to get the most out of his players, and does a fantastic job at getting his team to compete night in and night out. But this is concerning right here. OCT: 18-8-3 NOV: 18-14-8 DEC: 19-18-7 JAN: 16-17-4 FEB: 11-14-5 MAR: 9-18-3 The italics mean that it's in progress.
  4. I'm not doubting the ref, but I do find it strange the ref reviewed it. If the puck was over the line, and it was seen by the ref in real time, there's no need to take it to review.
  5. What I mean by "acceptable" is that it would difficult to really kill Lack for those goals. BTW, Deb just tweeted this pic.
  6. RECAP This game is a perfect example why passive systems do not work The only reason the Devils outshot the Bruins is because they out competed the Bruins, but the coach's system is why all that effort ultimately led to a loss. The less time the puck stays on a player's stick, the better. This game should have been a win as the Bruins looked completely flat all game long. The fluky goals that were scored on the Devils was a direct result of the coach's system. The "careless plays" were a result of the Bruins forcing those mistakes, and because for whatever reason this coaching staff seems to keep preaching puck control over puck management. In order to beat the Bruins, you need to play a true north south game of dumping it in, retrieving and getting pucks on net. The Bruins are not a fast team, and playing a simple north south game forces the Bruins players to skate. Fancy plays do not work in this league especially against a team like the Bruins. The Devils outplayed the Bruins in all 3 games, and have one point to show for it. Hynes is a GREAT player coach, and overall he's a good coach, but he's a bad system coach. There's a reason why his teams always fall off in January because his system is so easy to learn to play against. Everything I disliked about Deboer, I like about Hynes. Everything I liked about Deboer, I hate about Hynes. If we combine Hynes's ability to manage players with the system Deboer ran, this team would be legit great. 5-11-3 since the 5 game unbeaten streak is certainly not a death sentence, but it needs to turn around QUICKLY! GOALIE RECAP Goal 1: Acceptable, nothing Lack could do. Goal 2: Acceptable, maybe could have gotten to the post quicker, but really shouldn't be faulted on Lack. Goal 3: Acceptable, nice shot albeit still was stoppable Goal 4: Acceptable, absolutely nothing Lack could have done. POSSESSION ES CF: 46 to 29 ES FF: 33 to 21 ES SF: 26 to 16 ES SCF: 33 to 19 ES HDCF: 11 to 6 All CF: 66 to 44 All FF: 50 to 36 All SF: 38 to 27 All SCF: 43 to 30 All HDCF: 15 to 9
  7. RECAP We're officially at Rock Bottom. This game was so bad, there's no point in trying to break it down. POSSESSION ES CF: 73 to 59 ES FF: 57 to 45 ES SF: 36 to 37 ES SCF: 33 to 34 ES HDCF: 14 to 14 All CF: 75 to 84 All FF: 57 to 62 All SF: 36 to 50 All SCF: 34 to 49 All HDCF: 14 to 21
  8. All good points. No disagreement from me. I mean if you say so...
  9. Wait, are you telling me Donald Trump really is our president, and everything shown on CNN isn't just some fake sketch as a ruse!? MOTHER fvckER! I'm torn because it happened completely away from the play and was completely uneccessary, but then again, Clutterbuck sold that to high heaven.
  10. Why do you find it ironic? I've been preaching every year since joining this forum that following the standings day by day is not something for fans to care about. One, what seed you are going into the playoffs means nothing under this format. Two, there's better ways to evaluate a team other than by seeing where you are in the standings. As I've been saying, all this team has to do is play .500 hockey the rest of the way to give themselves a good chance to make the playoffs.
  11. I never said you couldn't worry. I'm just simply telling you where to focus your worry. The OOT scoreboard is not something you should be worrying about this early in the season. If you want to worry about the Devils, go ahead. Focus just on the Devils, and what they need to do which is play .500 hockey. When you follow the standings day by day, you're gonna lose your mind, although I'm sure you already did. I never said we had the best defense in the history of modern hockey. I simply said that as a team, the Devils are one of the best teams defensively this year.
  12. Bro if the Devils play just .500 hockey the rest of the way, they'll have an 87.8% chance at making it. RELAX! There's too much season left to scoreboard watch.
  13. It's gonna take more than 62 points to make the playoffs bro. THERE IS TOO MUCH SEASON LEFT TO WORRY ABOUT THE DAMN STANDINGS RIGHT NOW! With everything that went wrong scoreboard wise tonight, guess what, our playoff chances dropped a whopping 1.8% assuming my math is correct.
  14. Again this EXACTLY why you don't scoreboard watch with a third of the season remaining. STILL WAY TOO EARLY for anyone to really worry about this. If you watch the standings day by day, you'll drive yourself crazy. Just worry about the Devils. This isn't musical chairs where you don't know when the music is gonna stop. And don't worry about Schneider. He'll be back.
  15. Again this EXACTLY why you don't scoreboard watch with a third of the season remaining. STILL WAY TOO EARLY for anyone to really worry about this. If you watch the standings day by day, you'll drive yourself crazy. Just worry about the Devils. This isn't musical chairs where you don't know when the music is gonna stop.
  16. RECAP Goal by goal analysis CGY goal 1: Way too passive by Zajac. He needs to do a better job at pressuring the point men, and especially Hamilton. Allowing that shot is what led to that rebound chance, and Vatanen not tying Monohan up properly in front caused that goal. Kinkaid did nothing wrong except maybe not doing a good enough job at controlling the rebound. CGY goal 2: Inexcusable by Kinkaid. Breakaway or not, that was a weak backhand shot that beat him 5-hole that had no business going in. CGY goal 3: Nobody's fault, just an unlucky goal. Overall effort was good, although they were too flat in the 1st. This team needs more shooters. They go for that redirect play way too much. Hall needs to shoot the puck on that 2 on 1. They need to learn to shoot for rebounds. They need to take away the boards in the defensive zone. It's way too damn easy for opposing teams to maintain possession just by using the boards to move the puck around. POSSESSION ES CF: 55 TO 46 ES FF: 44 TO 38 ES SF: 30 TO 25 ES SCF: 29 TO 28 ES HDCF: 12 TO 9 All CF: 58 to 46 All FF: 47 to 38 All SF: 32 to 25 All SCF: 31 to 28 All HDCF: 13 to 9
  17. I never said you said anything about the date. But you did use the term "arbitrary" which means you seem to think cherry picked a starting point to start gathering data from.
  18. We got Zajac back on November 16th. That's why I use that "arbitrary" date. Also you basically just confirmed my point that the biggest issue GA wise has been the goaltending.
  19. He's been bad this year for sure. However he's still a quality backup. This is just a down year for him. Schneider hasn't been bad, but he hasn't been great either. He's definitely capable of being better, and we need him to be.
  20. GOALIES WITH 900 MINUTES OR MORE (47 Goalies) SV% Schneider: 27th Kinkaid: 43rd dSV% Schneider: 13th Kinkaid: 44th LDSV% Schneider: 29th Kinkaid: 25th MDSV% Schneider: 17th Kinkaid: 45th HDSV% Schneider: 13th Kinkaid: 32nd The weird thing is, you'd think I was killing the goalies. I'm not. I have as much confidence in this tandem as in years past. They just haven't gotten it done this year. This is a fact. Another fact is that they have an ES SV% of .907 which is 21st in the league.
  21. 1. I said the TEAM is elite defensively, and said nothing about the team blue liners. 2. They can. Vatanen, Moore, and Severson have all played like top 4 d-men this year. The only thing they're lacking is a true number 1. Yes I do. Goalie play is taken into account for expected goals against depending on the model you use. Regardless, it doesn't change the fact that all the numbers I presented are raw numbers. It also doesn't change the fact our goalies have the worst HDSV% since the middle of November.
  22. It's when we got Zajac back. That's a huge pickup. It's not just some random date. We were also playing with a non healthy lineup for the first month and a half.
  23. Since November 16th aka when we got Zajac back CA/60: 8th FA/60: 7th SA/60: 4th GA/60: 26th due to subpar goaltending SCA/60: 7th HDCA/60: 5th Since December 1st aka the Vatanen trade CA/60: 7th FA/60: 6th SA/60: 4th GA/60: 28th due to subpar goaltending SCA/60: 11th HDCA/60: 9th
  24. Nope. All of the defensive metrics since the middle of November have us top 5-10 in defense. Look at the ranks since the middle of November. Any goal related metric is misleading because the goalies have been sub par.
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